MUST HAVE 14” & 16” MacBook Pro Accessories for 2022!

After two months of use, these are the top accessories worth buying for your new 14″ or 16″ MacBook Pro!
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Moft laptop sleeve and stand ➡
$15 Budget Mouse ➡
Laptop Vertical Stand ➡
$15 USB-A Dongle ➡
$30 USB-C Dongle ➡
$85 High-end Hub ➡
OWC Thunderbolt 4 hub ➡
External SSD Drive ➡
Power Bank 100W ➡

Thunderbolt 3 external SSD for MacBooks ➡

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In this video, we compare everything between the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, 14″ MacBook Pro and 2021 16″ MacBook Pro including the speakers, the design, microphones, webcams, keyboards, displays, performance, and much more!

We also talk about things like Battery Life, Performance for simple talks as well as productivity, Photo editing, Video editing, 3D animation, gaming, and more! We also talk about the best amount of RAM to buy and SSD Storage options.

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  1. Here is the full list of must have accessories!
    MOFT laptop sleeve and stand ➡
    $15 Budget Mouse ➡
    Laptop Vertical Stand ➡
    $15 USB-A Dongle ➡
    $30 USB-C Dongle ➡
    $85 High-end Hub ➡
    OWC Thunderbolt 4 hub ➡
    External SSD Drive ➡
    Power Bank 100W ➡

  2. MacBook Pro 16" 2021 user here….
    I DONT USE ANY DONGLE/HUB! (and Im fine with it)
    Except for one hub, but this is only mounted on my telescope as a 1 wire solution to the Mac
    What I miss the most by not using a dongle is the LAN port, sometimes proper Gigabit Ethernet would have been helpful where the WLAN connection is bad. Very very rarely I miss at least a single USB type A port if the cheap USB C to A adapter isn't in reach.

  3. Just got a MBP 14”10C and needed to see this. Great tips, thank you. And I subbed , add 1 to your million!

  4. Buyers beware, Apples magic keyboard with touch ID is nice, but the keys are a hard tactile feel, not soft. Feels similar to the terrible butterfly keys from the MacBook Pro 2020. I make so many typos on mine that I hate using it. Only the Touch ID make it worth keeping around. Hopefully a 3rd party comes out with Touch ID keyboards soon.

  5. Steve-o Gonzalez

    Watch this with the subtitles on.

  6. I came for the tech but stayed for the closed captions! 😂 hilarious!!

  7. Rex Ramos Studio

    Buy buy buy! 😂

  8. Lol that’s a lot to carry around

  9. Magic Mouse is garbage, are you kidding recommending that?

  10. Awesome video! Thanks so much!! Do you have a recommendation for a screen protector?

  11. wow 900K earlier this morning it was at 899K here we go 1M subs 🤜🏼

  12. The bookarch you recommended says it's NOT recommended for the new macbook pro/max

  13. Our Travel Vacations

    Are there any budget storage drive for MacBook Pro 2021?

  14. Sunrise Water Media

    Are there any issues with plugging in two external hard drives into the hub? I've used a hub in the past when I was transferring between two external hard drives. They both disconnected, apparently due to USB power overload, and I lost data I was copying.

  15. Great video – but just be aware, the closed captions are wildly wrong, wow, haha!

  16. thank you so much 🐱

  17. I hear a lot of issues when using a dongle for hdmi support. Can you test out the best dongles for long running hdmi support? Thanks!

  18. "I can literally set it up like this…" Is there a figurative way to set it up?

  19. 7 must have useless accessoires nobody needs. chris pratt, stick to dinosaurs

  20. lol my mac 14 inch ssd wont event read