Loren Allred Britain's Got Talent Audition – ShowBiz Coach Reaction and Analysis – BGT 2022 – Ep 1

WARNING! This is not a warm and fuzzy Loren Allred reaction video. DO NOT WATCH IT if you’re looking for the real, positive, upbeat, and joyful reaction and analysis video that Loren Allred so richly deserves.


I’m a huge fan of Loren Allred, but this reaction and analysis video of Loren’s BGT audition turned out to be entirely inappropriate for an international audience. It was originally recorded entirely with a UK audience in mind who would be completely familiar with the British, cultural sensitivities discussed and raised in this video, and it was entirely unexpected that this video would be seen by such a large international audience. After two weeks of this video reaching a much larger audience than I ever imagined, I re-recorded it for an international audience and decided to quietly tuck this one away for reference. If you’ve found it here, feel free to watch it, but please be aware that it is representative of a perspective that many will find “cynical” and overly critical. This wasn’t the intention, as I’m actually a fan of Loren’s amazing talents and wish to create content that more clearly represents that support.

I’m Haydn Rushworth, an Entertainment Analyst, and ShowBiz Coach, and in these reaction and analysis videos, I pick apart some of the very best (and sometimes worst) entertainment in the world, to illustrate the patterns and principles that, if you master, you too, could work into your own entertainment offering to build a successful career in the entertainment industry.

0:00 Coming Up…
0:23 Introduction
0:39 How the Shocks & Feelers review works
2:08 Let’s get into it – Reaction to Loren Allred
10:47 Analysis and Loren’s Shocks & Feelers score
14:44 Bonus score for Britain’s Got Talent


Shocks & Feelers ShowBiz Academy aims to create videos that help entertainers at every level of their careers to dazzle their audiences far more effectively by helping them to improve their focus on creating surprise and emotion, the two, core pillars of great, world-class entertainment.

This video is intended for entertainment only and the views represented are my own, personal opinions.

The video clips used from Britain’s Got Talent are reused under the YouTube fair use policy as part of a reaction and analysis presentation.

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  1. Kathleen Killingsworth


  2. Daniel Kadeřávek

    Well here is the thing. Once she revealed herself, I still was totally surprised and amazed by her performance. I do not think she need to launch her career. I think she came there to claim and enjoy the TOP of her career. It doesn't matter if AGT or BGT. Once she has got a golden buzzer, she is famous worldwide. There is actually no bigger or more known stage in the world than BGT/AGT. From now everyone will recognize her name, face and voice and I think it was given to her, because she deserves it. Judges love songs from Greatest Showman. She will come to AGT champions anyway.

  3. I think your analysis is logical and on point. It shouldn't be seen negatively and I hope Loren tune in on this as well and take some advice from your analysis and incorporate them in her upcoming performances. Afterall, this is a competition, she is here to win it.

  4. You give too much credit to the shows surprise factor compared with her own, you show obvious noted bias because she's American and has tried to break out in other shows in the past.

  5. theres always a troll making trouble for things that are enjoyable

  6. The chance of her career being derailed had happened earlier in her musical life before the Greatest Showman. In a video of her interview she mentioned about meeting predatory musical producers who wanted "something" from her to be able to continue in her pursuit of a successful career.
    Remember KESHA's story?
    You should be able to find the interview here on YouTube.

  7. Stop you stupid review!!! The bottom line is that she is amazing!!! And she deserve all her glory!!

  8. Who is this donut?

  9. Unfortunately your a belter mate get a life she is as the matrix states the one just look at Simon's reaction the only judge that matters.

  10. Loren is amazing she is one of the most talented singer of this time. You are a dick leave her alone get a life.

  11. I loved her performance. I could watch that again and again…Her talent is timeless. Your criticism of her ability to surprise is belittling her talent.

  12. The surprise level for those who have never heard of her is at least another 8. Allred was not the first singer who already had a career in music before appearing on BGT or AGT. Brian Justin Crum is a perfect example.

  13. She sang thx song 2 years ago with David Foster. It’s a much better version than this one.
    David announced at the concert that Loren is the true voice behind the song.
    Therefore I don’t understand why they present it as the big reveal on BGT.

  14. Usually I appreciate contrarian critiques/points of view. But, this felt like a 'sweaty, try hard' contrarian take. The surprise factor of putting a face to the song was more than enough. In fact, I don't recall ever seeing a surprise like that on any talent show. It was uniquely surprising, which is even better.

    The debate comes in about the fairness of having someone as established as her talent wise participating. This will depend on why viewers watch the show to begin with. We all like to see a person as and before they become 'famous'. This is a little different, but not entirely. I don't think most knew she was the one who sang this song originally. So it is new for many viewers and the increased fame/exposure is new for her.

    My next curiosity is how she tops this performance?

  15. Pretty sure lots of people in the room were surprised. Hearing someone sing in person and being in that room is very different than hearing it on YouTube. I also think choosing the song is strategic. Plenty of room for surprises in the next round. As someone who rooted for her when she was on The Voice (in America), choosing BGT over AGT makes sense to me. It’s possible she felt that the American audience would be less receptive after her short stint on the Voice

  16. This guy coudnt be more wrong…….she writes her own songs which are great. She was signed up by record label at young age but suffered sexual harrasment and was eventuallt fired by them. Her last hope was to go on this show and you can see Cowells eyes light up! She will now get a record deal through him and the rest of the world will now see her talent

  17. In my view it's typicaly American. Win at all costs attitude even if it means cheating a little. It's in their culture. In Britain we favour the underdog, It's the taking part, not winning that's more important.

  18. eihcrachie adegarg

    just admit it she is one of the greatest singer of all time,just give jer the recognition she deserves just stop,who do toi think you are,just give her the benefit she deserve just stop it,

  19. I think this will backfire on you not Loren as your comments will put an egg on your face!! No matter what the result is, Loren already captured the hearts of the judges and the audience evidenced by the golden buzzer and the tremendous standing ovation Loren received during and after her performance! I strongly disagree when you said she should have auditioned in America's Got Talent instead of BGT.

  20. It was publicity stunt to say the least because she knew that there is a unbelievably MAGNIFICENT young ARTIST from the Philippines who actually took that song to another LEVEL, whether it is her song or not, MORISSETTE AMON LAMAR performed the greatest LIVE performance of this song, EVER, especially the live stage performance, so if anyone deserves to get the recognition she more than anyone deserves its MORISSETTE AMON LAMAR, she is quite frankly streets ahead of any FEMALE ARTIST out there 🇬🇧🔥👌❤️.

  21. Lauren's appearance on BGT will definitely be good for Lauren. She is a sure-fire winner all the way around. Too much over critiquing here.

  22. Phillip Gonzalez

    The US has people from other countries on the show. Maybe don't be so mad shes probably better than the talent in Britain lol

  23. Just stuff it! My gawd that was an awful critique. Allred has a world class voice. No one cares about your attempt to put shade on her.

  24. She wants to get there via her talent not sympathy.

  25. Thanks for the reaction and analysis of Loren's audition on BGT. I fully agree with you that the secret to success on these shows is surprise, emotion, and repeatability. And as you say, there are benefits for both the performer and the show to wring out the most that they can from the situation. If you're up to it, I would really like to hear your analysis of Angelica Hale's journey through season 12 of AGT where she was the youngest runner-up in AGT history. Her vocal coach, Tara Simon, said that they had a plan for approaching each successive round and the network definitely took full advantage of the cute kid opportunities. Unfortunately, there isn't a single video that covers her journey that includes the network introduction films so here are my suggested videos if you want to do an analysis. First audition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1NVOsatpF0&t=280s Judges Cuts (Golden Buzzer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGahIBbj-wg First Live Show Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yL-HxjgXEY Quarterfinals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3giyyrgZvE4 Semifinals Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oigQ85U-leo&t=1s Semifinals; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7YdHU7rm3c Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyvmR7BYNTo&t=67s Finale Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzjEDPMRhTs Looking forward to seeing your analysis. Also, she says that AGT helped to launch her career. She's performed all over the world; she's doing voiceovers for Disney; she's performed many times with David Foster; and her first feature film, a musical comedy titled "American Reject" was just released. Oh, and she's still only 14 years old.

  26. Simon totally knew who she was. I don’t buy his surprise for a second.


    Congratulation for starting the chanel, by reading all the comments here, seems like people don't really like your point of view in this video sir…i'm just curious, is it the respond you want from your audience or you think they just miss understood you? your video looks, imho have the potential to be liked & subscribed, but if the issue you bring are against most trends, i'm worry it will be a backfire.

  28. Fredderick Collado


  29. Raymond Foxworth

    She was also on the Voice in the US. People that get paid to talk about others aren't good enough to be on that stage and have nothing better to do than talk shit

  30. Life Is For Breakthroughs

    Not sure if you've seen this video; a live broadcast on a Manila radio station (in a bus). I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too (if not more). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjn7X6ywq90

  31. Its her management team or studio that failed to launch her in full stardom.We (on line) or some of us already recognized the face behind the song.But, American (some) market loves the crappy & cute packaging even they can't sing well & with a crappy voice!I think the British music fans are more appreciative to the individual's talent.

  32. I'm done to you!!!

  33. Typical Brit, killjoy

  34. Have never heard about her until her performance. She didn't jump the queue, but performed on BGT. It was the judge's decision to grant her the golden buzzer. I for one do not see a controversy, but one contestant, like many others who has a career before appearing on BGT.

  35. O shut up

  36. I’m so glad I watched your analysis, when I saw this audition, don’t get me wrong her performance was outstanding, but I thought it was staged because I know she was on a special with David Foster, probably the biggest music producer in the United States so why hasn’t her career progressed

  37. Waiting for your love

    wow 😯😯😳 nice…

  38. How is exposure a bad thing? The controversy is created and comes from negative and jealous opinions…… Loren is not the first known singer to compete in these types of shows….

  39. IT really doesn't matter if she wins or not. She sings it ALL. AND there is SOMETHING in this performance than all the others put together. I Can HEAR it in her voice. She does NOT sing like this in any other performance she gives. This WAS and IS For HER, Herself. And she did it.

  40. I’m sorry but WHO ARE YOU? And what the hell are you going on about with your rather simplistic view of the entertainment industry? 17 mins of talking nonsense. She was amazing and the audience loved it hence why she got the golden buzzer. BGT always has contestants from other countries and many also have a ‘past’ with regards to their talent. So why don’t you retract your vicious nonsensical claws and allow this beautiful woman/singer/human to have just 3 minutes, her moment. And stop with your negative bullcrap, projecting your insecure unfounded opinions on the rest of us.

  41. She just gave a face to the song for the world to know.

  42. Please please she did well by showing her face of the song

  43. How do you have so few subscribers? This was awesome and your production value is amazing! 😍