What's on my M1 MacBook Pro

The best Mac apps for photos, video and productivity
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  1. Thanks for the great video. I just got mine a week ago and that’s my first laptop in my life. I am learning Final Cut Pro and loving it. Would you do more videos about how to edit in Final Cut Pro ? Like how to cut clips to make it a smooth transition between them? Thanks. Mary

  2. Hey Tyler, could you by any chance link the wallpaper?

  3. would you recommend to upgrade to it from 16-inch MacBook Pro – Space Gray (2020)?

  4. Thanks for these videos, Tyler! As someone who just recently came back to a MacBook, you've helped save me a lot of time 👌

  5. Hey, Tyler.

    I recently discovered ur youtube channel. VERY informative. Question: why won’t images load/displsy in gmail?

    Alsi, what’s the BEST& EASIEST way to correct this particular problem?

    As an FYI: i’m using a Mac book pro.

    Thxs for any feedback u might be able to provide me.

    All the best,

  6. That shirt is sick!

  7. I got NordVPN from your recommendation and it actually slowed my devices down dramatically. I don’t recommend nord at all.

  8. Have you tried brave over safari, seems to use less battery than chrome, similar to safari

  9. Awesome, thank you.

  10. Foolcat looks really interesting – but can you apply a LUT to the thumbnails/framegrabs it generates?

  11. Utilities
    0:26 Bartender
    0:54 Top Notch
    1:12 1Password
    1:27 DropBox
    2:01 iStat Menu
    2:34 Chronosync
    3:07 Daisydisk
    3:48 Cleanmymac
    4:11 NordVPN(Sponsor)

    5:05 Safari
    5:10 Chrome
    5:19 Apple Calendar
    5:22 Apple Notes
    5:24 Apple Music

    5:24 Adobe Lightroom
    6:42 Adobe Photoshop
    6:55 Final Cut Pro
    FCPX Plugins
    7:06 Add Motion
    7:24 Motion VFX
    7:41 DaVinci Resolve
    8:00 Adobe Audition
    8:33 Izotope RX 8

    8:58 Forecast
    9:44 Hedge
    9:36 Foolcat
    9:57 Downie

  12. Love your content as always! <3

  13. I Dloaded topnotch and want to delete it. Which i have done.. However my notch is still blacked out!! WTF i just wanna go back to default on my macbook pro. Please help!

  14. Where did you get the shirt?

  15. Great video, can you do one for free equivalent apps. I love the tools and features but not ready to spend the money yet.

  16. Hello Tyler. Thanks for the video. This video has been helpful for me. I'm a new mac user . I moved from windows to mac with my recent purchase of M1 Max based on your recommendations. I'm a photographer / Videographer who does event work. I would like to know is there any video for first time Mac users like me. I also would love to see any of your videos focused on how to setup a new mac for photographers/videographers with some best practices on how to setup lightroom catalog(internal or keep it external), how to manage your video edits(keep files external or internal). I would love to see your video on this. I love all your video contents & production quality. Thank you for your help.

  17. this is an advert. nothing more nothing less. the checks cleared.

  18. Amazing plugin recommendations for FCP – just purchased Add Motion and mTutorial. Psyched to use both in next week's video. Thank you Tyler!!!

  19. Credibility was lost at clean my mac, that stuff will mess up hour computer…

  20. What I want to know is, how do you lock the media buttons to a specific app? Tried bearded spice but don't see apple music on the list. Only iTunes which is no longer around.

  21. is it just me or you mentioned all this app before! will be nice if you come with something frsh!

  22. Panagiotis Giannakopoulos

    Some YouTubers end up being so stupid wearing all these t-shirts with m1 pro or max logo!

  23. The price tag on Capture One is insane 😱. Pixelmator remains my go-to coz I’m no Pro.

  24. Robert Rodrigues

    Where are the links to these apps? I can't find Forecast

  25. 3年の上に石

    Watching from my 16" M1Pro 32GB 2TB

  26. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    Great recommendations, and love that shirt design 👌

  27. Plz reply i wait

  28. Helo tyler gra8 videos uploded

  29. I gotta hate it but I gotta have a mac some day.

  30. 8:07 : What LUFS would you recommend for YT stuff? Also can you make a video on RTX audio ( since you’ve been using it ) a little break down from your end would e great.

  31. Such a great video! My inner nerd was the happiest!

  32. See Through Different Lens

    I got my first ever apple product and that was M1 MacBook Air last August for my birthday and then also got Apple iPhone 12 , I am really happy with my purchase, only after using apple products I really understood why people were so crazy about Apple products

  33. Lotta Siracusa on this video 😉

  34. How did you make your Bartender show all the items below, as opposed to where the icons would usually go?

  35. How did you get Bartender to drop down? Thats amazing and I cant seem to figure it out haha

  36. I love "Top Notch" on my MBP 16

  37. 0:26 Bartender
    0:57 Topnotch
    1:15 Password mgmt
    1:30 dropbox
    2:00 istatviewer
    2:33 chronosync
    3:06 daisy disk
    3:44 clean my mac
    5:03 Safari
    5:24 Apple Music
    5:41 Lr
    5:52 CaptureOne
    6:52 FCPX
    7:06 Add Motion plugin
    7:25 Motion VFX plugin
    7:40 Davinci Resolve
    8:00 Audition
    8:29 Isotope RX8
    8:56 Forecast
    9:13 Hedge for Video
    9:33 Foolcat
    9:55 Downie

  38. Hey Tyler, great video. Is there any software you’d recommend on cleaning duplicate files? I’ve tried a few and never really liked any of them. I’ve bought a new MBP 14” + a 4K monitor for my dad to try and organize his iMac and old MBP 15” files, combine them into a single new machine with external hard drives backed up by Backblaze, but I’m sure there’s not only 1 copy of the same file, but probably like 2 to 5, since he’d download the photos he took on his Canon 5D Mk3 either into his iMac or MBP.

    Any members of your community are also welcome to leave any inputs on how to make this process easier! Thanks, man!

  39. What about the screen recording software you use? I know you mentioned it on the podcast recently but I forgot to write it down.