Why I Bought the "Cheapest" MacBook Pro 14! Why Pay MORE?!

There are a ton of options with the latest MacBook Pro’s. They have chips that can potentially rival actual custom built PC’s and no kidding that’s some impressive stuff.

But its also super expensive and I felt the need to buy the “cheapest” version of the MacBook Pro 14.

So why is that?

Lets find out!

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———————What Gear I Recommend!——————————

First Mac ( M1 Mac Mini)

Best Macbook (MacBook Pro 13)

Best Travel Professional Windows Laptop (XPS 15)

Best Thunderbolt 3 Dock (cal digit TS3 Plus)

Best Beginner YouTube Camera (Sony A6100)

Best Overall YouTube Camera (Lumix S5)

—————What Gear I Use!————————————————

Main Camera (I own 3 of these)

Main Lens

Secondary Lens

Main Computer

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  1. Goran Klintenheim

    Great video! Love your down to earth content man 👍 But I have a few thoughts on this video 😊

    First of all, I also use my MacBook Pro M1 (16gb ram) for video editing. 4K video in Final Cut Pro. Sure, my videos are a bit longer (approx 20 minutes) and I have soma added music, some 3d-text and stuff. But sometimes I run in to the famous loading ball… And that’s only editing 4K-video…

    So even though I agree with you, most people will never use the power to its full potential. But for us content creators, we’re not buying these machines to just last us a year or two. If you want to have the power for like five years, then I think it’s better going a little bigger and spending some more, just to future-proof things. Who knows, in two years we might see 8k being the standard. And then we’d wish we spent some more when buying a MacBook 😊

    Furthermore, if you wanted to have the most battery power, wouldn’t the 16” Pro (not Max) be the safest bet? I mean, the have confirmed that the 16” body has a larger battery and better thermals, so wouldn’t that be the better choice? Same configuration that you have there, but with the bigger body = larger battery 🔋😊

  2. Just wanted to say i really like the tone and flow of your videos! keep it up!

  3. I found your video very helpful! So does that mean you also didn't upgrade to the higher storage options like the 1 or 2 terabyte option, just stayed with the 512GB SSD Storage? Don't think it's necessary or needed?

  4. I have the ’17 MBP that’s giving battery and keyboard troubles. I couldn’t decide since weeks on what to get but I am sold.

  5. So, base M1 MacBook Pro versus base M1 MacBook Air versus M1 MacBook Air w 16 gigs of ram and 512 gig drive. Thoughts?

  6. I like how Gary talks about himself in the third person…"wow Gary, that went all the way to left field in a hurry…"

  7. This video serves the point. Mainly, getting the right device you need and then some. Factoring each use case and budget.

  8. Have the base model in hand – it's awesome. The screen is so amazing though that I really tempted by 16" – it's the first laptop I really want to USE the screen on (not just deal with the screen when I can't plug into my ultrawide at home). 14 inch is perfect for on the go – but for actually USING to be productive, the 16" looks bomb. A few other pointers I've seen – 16" base M1 Pro is much quieter than the 14" under load (fans barely turn on from what I've seen) – and battery life on the 16" is ridiculous (see Tech Chap compare 4 different machines, 14" relatively poor). But 1.2lbs is a lot more to tote around from place to place, plus you have to bring the bigger PSU. 14" can charge on a standard 65watt USB-C adapter, or go up to 100W for fast charge. I'm sure the 16" can technically charge on lower watts, but probably drains battery if you are using a 65w and putting it under load.

  9. Funny how you put quotation marks on the word cheapest

  10. isn't it great to be poor? you've only got 1 choice: the base model. 😂

  11. Agree. I picked up a MacBook Pro,14” with M1 Pro on Saturday. Loving it.

  12. Just purchased 16inch base model so that I have a full creative suite with me when I travel. Your video was first YouTube video I watched when signed in. Even the 16GB Ram M1 Mini has served me well, so thought I might as well get a true XDR certified display. Those speakers… for a laptop!!!! (drooooool)

  13. I don’t need the M1 Max. The M1 Pro chip is fine.

    For me, it’s general use. It’s worth the money you’ll shell out for it.

  14. Why I gave him my 5115th like? Because his videos are pretty cool!

  15. Mark Vandenberg

    This is a great take, sir! I’ve been wondering about playback, editing and export of 10-bit H.265 on these machines. I don’t need the power for Red raw footage or 3D modeling. It’d be hard for me to justify spending 4 grand on a laptop, and this video makes me think I won’t have to. Thanks!

  16. The base is all the power I need. Got the white instead of the space gray. Looks old compared to my 2019 pro but loving it.

  17. In the mid 90’s SGI was the leader for Hollywood video editing and Wall Street financial analysis. I had two SGI’s (Indy and Octane). One was spec’d at $59,000. The other was $70,000. Adjusting for 1995 inflation… that’s $106,000 and $125,000 respectively. That doesn’t include monitors, mouse, or keyboard. I thank Apple for doing an amazing job for innovating and keeping the prices real. If SGI was still in business, multiply all of the Apple prices by 10-20X.

  18. One detail I've noticed when it comes to tech reviews on Macs is that they always emphasize "specked out versions" because of their workflow. I get it. But, the problem comes with the implication that specked out versions are better for heavy tasks and that the cheapest version isn't, because it doesn't have as much power as the higher end versions. This video is great in showing that yes, the cheapest version is powerful enough to do my daily tasks (and editing videos for YouTube which majority of the tech reviewers are actually doing) and encourages people to focus more on practicality and being able to sleep well at night knowing they made the right purchase decision.

  19. Thanks for this video! I've also gotten the base 14" as well, as I'm still an undergrad that uses illustrator and photoshop from time to time still doesn't justify the purchase of getting the 10 core one. I personally feel that the base 14" is still a powerful device from other tests that I've watched! Sadly I have to wait till mid November just because I topped up extra for the 96W fast charger :') and my mid-2014 mbp is making a lot of noise these days.

  20. So, as a MacBook Virgin… RIGHT NOW, Should I buy the 13” inch one or the new 14” one?

    If I go with the 13 I was going to get the upgraded specs with the 16gb memory and the 1tb in storage

    If I did the 14 inch, I’d probably pic the same memory and storage

    It’s about a $600 price difference

    For reference, I’ve got a current laptop that’s like 6 years old but in recent years I’ve not needed or wanted more then my iPhone because I’ve been a stay at home mom

    I’ve recently started a small business tho and feel I need a laptop to better run my webpage and other things.
    So I’m sure “power” is enough for me on both

    The big reason I’m honestly on the fence is
    1.) I never buy the older models. I mean why buy an iPhone x or iPhone 11 when the 12 is out?

    2.) all the ports on the MacBook 14. The 13 seems like it’s lacking so much

    But again do I need all the ports? Lol

    I want someone who knows these computers to tell me their opinion or what they would do in my place!

  21. Cause you don't need even this one. 😂

  22. Fam I’m with the M1 Standard 🤜🏾💥

  23. I've ordered one and am looking forward to getting it. However, I have to question the need for a webcam. I'm a writer, and I use mine to type documents on. I don't need to use a webcam and haven't used one in years. I know the pandemic changed that for many people, but I'm sure there are many people like me who don't need it, so the design would have been better without the notch. If people do need a webcam, they could buy a plug-in one. Problem solved.

  24. These MacBooks are way overkill for me. I still have yet to try an M1 machine.

  25. you have a day job?

  26. I ordered the M1 Max with 24 – core GPU, Silver 14". I shoot in 6K braw with my BMPCC 6K, and in 6K RAW with my RED Komodo 6K. the only thing I am hoping is to be able to edit in resolve with 1/2 resolution without any lag.

  27. JohnPaul Music UK

    Great Video – I'm nearly there with you – looking at this for music production – I edit EVERYTHING for my channel on iPad Pro with Lumafusion and left FCP because my iMac couldn't handle it. Now I'm just faster on LF and finally replacing my iMac 2013 (its going to my Dad) and was thinking mac mini but sometimes need to be portable with software I just cant use on the iPad. this might be the answer (but with 1TB for multiple music projects)

  28. I got a slightly upgraded base model 14” (added 32 GB ram and got the 10 core CPU) to slightly future proof as I had my last MacBook 💻 for 9 years and am planning on getting similar usage out of this one 🙂.

  29. Matthew Kaminski

    Who’s “Gary”?

  30. 99% people doesn't need these laptops, better go to a m1 air

  31. Same here. I’m getting the 14” with 1TB

  32. Pretty sure you don’t get an “extra” display with hdmi. If you tried to plug in 2 displays with thunderbolt and an extra with hdmi on the M1 pro, one of them should not work.

  33. I’m going for the 16 m pro 🤔