MacBook Air M1 8GB: One Year Later

This year has passed so quick! Here is what I think of the MacBook Air M1 after one year.


0:00 Introduction
0:17 Screen
0:52 Build Quality & Design
1:46 Battery
2:22 Gaming
2:59 Thermal Performance
3:52 Keyboard
4:27 Trackpad
4:54 Speakers
5:11 Apps
6:06 Thunderbolt Ports
6:46 Camera Quality
7:09 Portability & Durability


MY MACBOOK AIR M1 AND ACCESSORIES (Amazon affiliate links):

MacBook Air M1

AirPods 3rd Generation

Smatree 13 inch Hard Shell Laptop Carrying Case

Double-Sided Aluminium Mouse Mat

Apple Official USB C – USB A adaptor

USB C – HDMI Adaptor

Magic Mouse 2

Logitech MX Master 3

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD


Condenser Microphone

LED Table Lamp

LED Ring Light

Jurassic Park Mouse Mat

Computer Desk

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the Amazon product links that I have given, I will receive a small commission.

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  1. Zaff's Productions

    Time sure does fly! I've had a blast with this laptop. Let me know what you think below.

    I've kept in mind newcomers to my channel when making this video as they will not have seen my content. If you are new, please make sure to hit that subscribe button and the bell icon for notifications! 👍🏼

  2. Have the MacBook Air M1 second tier one with 512ssd 8GPU and I love it . It’s my first laptop of any kind. I think Apple spoiled me thinking every laptop runs so well like this.

  3. TimelyAdventure

    Definitely, it's past time to make these water resistant since everyone works with their coffee/tea/water nearby, they need a better seal.

  4. Do you think 256gb Is enough to last many years, I don't back anything up to MacBook since I have a pc with 2tb storage for backups and anything im no longer working on!

  5. This was the best purchase I’ve ever made, the only regret was choosing 8gb ram when I had to render 3D test cause the memory wasn’t enough but it’s been over a year I’ve zero complaints

  6. i just bought one will u suggest to have a keyboard protector and screen protector for my mac ?

  7. 👍

  8. do you keep it plugged in when at home to preserve battery and cycles?

  9. I have base macbook air m1 , and i am not VERY impressed about the productivity … I get laggs cause i always use Telegram app + google chrome with at least 1 yotube vid + discord + mail …. and some more tabs , but sometimes i feel it gets to its limits…. THE ONLY thing i am interested is if my problem is with 8gb ram or just the processor doesn't handle the performance …. its like when i switch from lets say discord to youtube tab , i get black screen in tab itself for several seconds and only after some time i see the real content in that youtube tab….. curious if i would have same problem in case my mac had 16gb ram …… would be interested in hearing opinions if anyone has similar lag issues ….

  10. Subscribed! 🙌🏼

  11. TheFourthWinchester

    It literally is an LCD panel just like the others.

  12. Поэтому я взял 16гб и цивилизация 6 идет на высоких в 40-60 фпс сколько угодно долго

  13. Thomas van Gorkom

    Just bought the M1 MacBook Air! I’ll be picking it up next Friday.

  14. im planning to buy mba m1 with 8gb ram & 256 ssd. since im in engineering, is it possible for this model spec to run parallels for windows? since i would be using windows just for engineering software like sketchup/hysys/microsoft visio etc? hope you answer this. thank you!!

  15. Murder Crime Report

    Great video – I remember the days of my old macs burning into your legs when you have it in your lap with shorts on 😂😂😂


    Can you tell me your battery health percentage and cycle count ?

  17. thanks for the review, just a question, for uni students air would be enough or should i buy a pro? in case of working with MATHLAB and photoshop and for leisure time some normal game?

  18. Satrio Aji Pramono

    Great video! Can you tell me how's your MBA's battery health and how many cycles count it has?

  19. Curious – with M2 Air on horizon, would you still purchase same M1 Air as yours (on sale)?

  20. If you just need the performance to not throttle you could just buy a laptop cooling pad so the MacBook gets cooled faster than it can heat up

  21. watching this video on my MBA M1

  22. Can you please observe the screen under direct harsh light like the flashlight from the phone on the screen, if there are scratches on it. And if yes, what's the condition of them? Is it a lot or very tiny and few. And overall if not, how did you take care of your MacBook's screen?

  23. International trailers

    Superb video bro. You are excellent at producing a great video and audio quality. Normally i dont subscribe at all to new youtubers although i Do like 👍🏻 every single video i watch. But your quality of content made me to subscribe to you. Keep going never give up as your production and narration value is upto the mark to all other big youtubers. Keep going. All the best for your future✌🏻

  24. Always fun to discover a successful youtube channel in it's early days 😀
    Will be interesting to see if it's going to be through a steady growth or a blow up

    How's the limited 256gb internal ssd memory been working for you?

  25. Chrisjhem Andrin

    What is your cycle count after a year??

  26. Thanks for posting, have just made my purchase !!

  27. Annette Honsinger

    I've only had mine 4 months and I love it. I've had a MacBook Pro in the past and just wasn't a fan of it – nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't for me. I had the MacBook Air version before the M1 and I HATED IT it got so hot after just a few minutes of use and battery life was horrible. I'm so glad I traded it in for the M1 MacBook Air! I like it so much I bought one for my daughter to use for school!

  28. Andres Martinez

    What is your MBA M1 health state percentage currently after a year?