What to Expect on the 2022 MacBook Air: Should You WAIT To Buy One?!

It has been more than a year since the current-generation MacBook Air was released. I walk through the most recent rumors for the machine as well as recommend whether or not you should buy one now.

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  1. Waiting till June event or buying Microsoft surface laptops after June

  2. Where are you getting all this info from? Just pulling it out your bum-bum?

  3. New air will be much expensive ! It’s not money worth…

  4. He called the MacBook Pro iMac by mistake 😂

  5. I could only afford this in my dreams

  6. Christopher Loughrey

    I don't want to go back to magsafe proprietary chargers as I like with the USB-C that you can use so many different cables and chargers, your boy forced to spend a fortune buying a replacement one from Apple. The last time I needed a replacement Macbook magsafe charger it cost me 70 bucks, the current Air can use any USB-C cable if your current one breaks. So I'll get the current one because of this. The new one should also bring down prices of tut current one as Apple usually drops it by a hundred bucks

  7. What is the price we can expect?

  8. Waiting for M2 to come so that I can buy the M1 cheaper lol

  9. I’m not sure I would like the white bezels and keayboard. Looks like a child’s laptop.

  10. Reckon we are stuck with 13 inch forever even when thinner bezels? Wish it came in larger screen sizes… 16 inch please…

  11. Wandering Around

    I just want a 15" MacBook Air. I don't care about colors or M2.

  12. Дима Наздратенко

    we need 15 or 16 inch display in air!

  13. Adriano Rodrigues

    Butterfly keys

  14. are we sure about the white bezels? it really does not look premium with white bezels…

  15. I’m waiting!

  16. Backpack Organizer

    Thanks for sharing !

  17. I’ve just ordered a MacBook Air today in Space Grey.Not waiting for the new one.The current one is good enough for my needs.

  18. No mini LED for the display?

  19. Celtic Tech-Vicki & Benji

    I just got the base model silver M1 MacBook Air, and really happy with my purchase. The new ones look like Fisher Price toys to me. Despise the white bezels and keyboard. Not a fan of MagSafe either, although I'm still using it on my MacBook Air 2015.

  20. I'd think it is almost certain the M1 processor will end production when the M2 begins. This would follow the A series, and would free up scarce chip production lines.

  21. Brent Smithline

    My hope is what everyone is calling 2022 MacBook Air is in fact a 2022 MacBook, and that Apple keeps, and updates the MacBook Air processor. That we will will have a product lineup of MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro M1 Pro/M1 Max.

  22. Wait, how can Apple have white keycaps AND keyboard backlighting and still make it usable?

  23. I’m waiting for a 8+256 MacBook Pro😂I like the new screen and design, but I just do not need that much powerful processor and storage

  24. Stuff&Things with Florida Gurl

    Looks good

  25. This 14 inch iMac looks sick

  26. Benjamin L. Goodey

    Thinking about it, but I think I’ll hold on for the new colour scheme and the MagSafe 👍