MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro Review – A Student's Perspective

Apple’s M1 silicon debuted a year ago, infusing the entry-level 2020 MacBook Air & 13” MacBook Pro with extraordinary computing power. Apple’s now changing the equation—and opens up the Pro to a wider range of creators & professionals—with the 14-inch MacBook Pro (starts at $1,999; $2,899 as tested). Debuting a new screen size for Apple laptops, this MacBook Pro is the notebook that Mac-minded creative professionals have been waiting for. #MacBookPro14 #M1Pro #MacBookProStudent

CleanMyMac X –
MacBook Pro 14″ –
MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro In 2022 – Productive Day In The Life

MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro Video Editing Test – FCPX & Adobe Premiere

Music –

0:00 Intro
0:56 XDR Display
2:56 Keyboard & Ports
3:48 Portability
4:55 CleanMyMac X
5:39 Performance
9:06 Battery Life
9:55 Conclusion

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  1. Awesome review, I've been thinking about picking this up before I start grad school as a little gift to myself.

  2. For the same cost I’d go with a mac mini and an iPad Pro 12.9 cellular with magic keyboard. It gives you redundancy if one of them would go down you still have the other one. With cellular you have superior connectivity always online wherever you are. Also if your phone battery dies you’re again redundant as you can keep communication with the iPad on the go. At home you have the desktop experience with the Mac mini for lengthy work sessions.

  3. checking for comments if anyone else's heart dropped when he was holding the laptop with a single hand in the river … 😨

  4. amazing video dude!

  5. Keep this format man! Amazing review for a soon-to-be medical student

  6. I have been following since you released the review for MacBook Air 2019, its good to know you still have kept the “great cinematography” mark!

  7. Great review and really nice cinematography.

  8. Great video bud

  9. Dr. Ibrahim Rashid


  10. Man, to be honest, I really love this kind of quality review video. Keep up the great work, I love it. 💪

  11. It is kinda stupid if you're just a student and want a Mac and decide to buy the new M1 pro/max macbook. These new Macs are not for average consumers, big waste of money if you ask me

  12. I’m starting my spring semester majoring in computer science and I need help..I don’t know what laptop to get.

  13. This was an excellent video I thought I was watching someone with a million subscribers.

  14. Thanks for the student’s perspective! The essential video i’ve been searching for!

    Ordered the same model!
    Greetings from Holland✌🏻

  15. Normal student really dont need this


  17. editing solid

  18. So im using an Ipad Pro 11" for notetaking that for me has to he handwritten (such as maths, biogoloy, etc.). But i know i need an extra Laptop for researching things, watching videos etc. while i take notes and learn on my ipad. My question is, should i get the macbook pro 14" or the macbook air. And if i should take the air, should i wait till 2022 to get the newer one, if there is a newer one in 2022. Thanks alot if someone can help me and give some info 🙂

  19. Forgot about you glad to see your still doing this

  20. How thick is this laptop compare to M1 Air? It seems much thicker!

  21. S_TV_KW خلك ذكي

    is it good for FCPX bro because im using Mac..Air M1 and its bad for FCPX

  22. 1:18 how can I auto resize the application window? What app did you use?

  23. Tbh for students the best mac book is m1 air. Apart from some of engineering, computing and design students.

  24. Bro your fuckin nails !!

  25. Alex Gerasimenko

    Student perspective? It is a common review, as many others on tube, except the tests only. Nothing special and new.

  26. Why didn't you cut your nails before shooting the video ? 😀

  27. How is the battery life going with you man? How long does it last?

  28. If tou're a student, and you're rich HAHA

  29. You should of got 16” The 14” is for girls who can’t carry 16” 🤣

  30. I see this like I saw the 2015. 5-10 year machine if you’re not doing crazy heavy work.

  31. Ordered the Base Model 14" yesterday.

  32. damn such a sweet review well done! Currently using the m1 13 inch macbook pro still okay with it haha

  33. the pros are insanely over kill for the average student, you’re in a unique situation where you actually have a professional workflow (making videos) that demands pro power, but for the majority of students i think the upcoming air remodel in 2022 will be much more worth it

  34. Your videos are next level bro 🤯🤯🤯

  35. okay but the editing and b roll chef kiss

  36. dumi ng kuko

  37. clean your nails they are disgusting

  38. There isn't a single student who really needs a MacBook Pro.

  39. Awesome review 🔥 M1 Pro is incredible.

  40. Matthew Piórczynski

    Which app did you use to snap and resize windows ?