My Best M1 MacBook Air Accessories For 2021

The 2020 M1 MacBook Air is my best mac to date and what better way to maximize this amazing and powerful laptop than to showcase my best accessories for it. You will find all of the accessories that I’ve talked about in the links below.

How about you guys? If you have an M1 MacBook Air, what would be your best accessory or accessories for it? Let me know in the comments section.

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00:00 – Intro
00:23 – dbrand gray carbon skins
01:02 – dbrand skins installation
03:34 – tomtoc 360 laptop carrying bag
05:23 – P10 game drive
06:11 – ZMUIPNG USB-C hub
07:27 – USB-C to micro B cable
07:46 – Lexar USB 3.0 Card Reader
08:22 – Y&H HDMI video capture card
09:19 – FIFINE K678 USB microphone
10:27 – Airpods Pro

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Products mentioned in the video: (Amazon affiliate links included)

dbrand skins: gray carbon

tomtoc 360 protective laptop carrying bag

P10 Game Drive (WD Black)


AmazonBasics USB-C to Micro B Cable

Anker 2-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader

Y&H HDMI Video Capture Card
(CAN) – Alternative

FIFINE K678 USB Microphone

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Apple Airpods Pro

MY GEAR: (Mostly Amazon affiliate links)

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) –

(CAN) –
(US) – – Alternative

(CAN) –
(US) – – White version

2020 13.3″ M1 MACBOOK AIR
2017 27″ iMAC

I get a small commission at no cost to you if you happen to buy any gear from the Amazon affiliate links above.

Thank you so much for your support!

See you in the next video, goodbye for now!

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  1. Was thinking about getting the USB dongle, but I kept reading about them bricking the mac… So, I got a different that allows me to still charge with the cable it came with. 😅

  2. Came here to see accessories not watch you put a skin on your laptop for 5 minutes.

  3. I wish dbrand would make a skin to match the gold color of the MacBook Air.

  4. Do you find the trackpad still responsive with the sticker? Do trackpads suffer from scratches? Thank you

  5. Saurav Banerjee

    Is the laptop skin recommended for the new macbook air M1's? I have been reading reviews where it is mentioned that skins or hard cases are not recommended

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    I highly highly recommend this video 😇

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    his accent sounds so goddamn greek I am confused

  9. Hey Bernie, I really enjoy your videos and I just got this accessory for my Macbook case called Mosiso and is very good product👍🏼.I would like for you to make more accessory videos and M1 Macbook air videos because I enjoy them! Keep up the good work!

  10. I've been leaning towards a dbrand skin or a snap-on case, difficult decisions ahead lol

  11. "im going to take off my glasses cause i can't see clearly" what?

  12. I've always been a bit wary of these "stick-on" hubs because of the danger that I'm damaging both my ports when I bump it into something.

  13. Kemas Abdullah Azzam

    does the thermal on the MacBook increase after applying the skin? or the fan become louder?

  14. 50 USD for some trifles? Really? Oh my God!

  15. I am a fellow Youtuber with my own YouTube channel.
    And I am thinking to purchase an Macbook Air M1.
    Your video has given me a lot of good ideas.
    Thank you.
    I subscribed to your channel to help you grow it up!
    It is a good thing to help fellow Youtubers and their channels 🙏

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  17. Werner deimling albuquerque

    Great Vid, Buddy. Make sure to take a photo of your Serial Number and Info in the bottom before finishing the skin installation.

  18. Серёга Радченко

    Carbon to touchpad? why not to screen?)))

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    I saved up to but the M1 air but was skeptical but after seeing this I think I might buy

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    50 dlls for a sticker?

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  26. You like the sound quality of airpod pros… you must have never heard good sound quality

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  31. and again, adapters because the pace apple does not want to make life easier for people. And other tempakas buy this crap and show what these transitions are until it's a cool thing. Pathetic

  32. Jesus Loves y’all

  33. What about fat32, got some sandisk dual usb but it gets hot & even laptop warms out

  34. err sticking a skin on the trackpad does not affect the precision and sensitivity? you have no issue doing the gestures, clicking and pointing?

  35. Doesn't the skin make it hotter?

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  39. Tomtoc 360 laptop carrying bag

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  43. Kensley Innocent

    If I were you, I wouldn't use the hub to charge the macbook, even tho they've released updates to prevent the usual bricks, you never know!

  44. Super helpful videos – and thank you for doing the timestamps! This is now my favorite channel