Real Truth of MacBook Air M1: 1 Year Review of Programming!!

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  1. Awesome review man. But being fanless Does it heat up too much? And would it heating up damage the machine for the long run?

  2. more jak to vyprávaš to tie je normálne

  3. webcam = eww

  4. I hate You just kidding.

  5. I cannot understand a word of what you talk about.

  6. What language is that??

  7. Cricket Latest 2

    16gb ram is must.

  8. I got given a 16" top of the line Macbook Pro (intel) for my work, my personal M1 Macbook Air (entry level, 8gb/256gb ssd) performs better, and smoother… and completely silent… i dont bother taking my work one when i travel anymore, as the M1 does everything i need

  9. Everyone needs to turn to God by REPENTING and TRUSTING in Jesus Christ because he died on the cross for our sins. Make sure you also STUDY the bible and FOLLOW his rules.


    I'm in 12th now
    Soo if I go for cse nxt year
    Can I buy this…

  11. am going to do btech …can u suggest me sud i buy macbook air m1 or macbook pro m1?

  12. Thank you for doing another review after a year and from a programming perspective! Would love the continue to have updates on the MBA M1 because I think longevity is something to be concerned about but the performance still sounds amazing

  13. you are way too biased, you need to broadly point different languages to give a better context and also you should have given your view on current developer problems and opinion on the way the apple is trying to mitigate on the same

  14. 5:46 option+command+esc “force quit”

  15. i'm using macbook and it's has been almost one year and as my battery maximum capacity is decreased soo fast as now it is only 92% .

  16. Everyone but a handful of students use macbooks in our class , because most of us can't afford this thing

  17. Highly depends on the kind of development you are doing. If it involves Docker, 8 GB might fall short

  18. Stephen Dela Cruz


  19. ARM Cortex is for mobile devices. Cannot be compared with a powerful computer or laptop. Macbook air isn't a laptop at all. With limited computing power, it has to run beta versions or lite versions to keep things smooth. No wonder they never reveal the actual specs in the websites. People who buy these machines have more other computing options in their closet. You cannot live with only one of these things. It is more like a status symbol than a computer.

  20. U can say Car in the forest

  21. Windows is best for programmers

  22. Well if you are a programmer… ofc Air is not ideal…

  23. Can we install anaconda on MacBook Air for python because we will see so many laborers like pycharm , Jupiter, etc. or if we install this it works properly .

  24. I like the thing u make a video of every uneanted thing happens with you 😃😃
    True vlogger

  25. If the newer version of some programs like Java, python etc do we have to delete these first and download new one again because I didn't understand when you said you like to update every year what does that mean and how do you do it if you speak In hindi please do guide.

  26. Can we use Visual Studio for c++ in mac?

  27. 0.5 guy review 🙂

  28. Is that good to use ur MacBook to charge ur phone?

  29. ! 🚩🇮🇳🚩 JAI HIND 🥰❤️🤗 !

  30. I'm a CSE student (E2), and I wanted to start Learning App Development… Can I purchase this or I have to go with another laptop with the same price ?

  31. Very helpful mate

  32. 4:21 that's the best+base variant

  33. Very useful video.

  34. I am a software engineer student so what do you recommend with macbook or the Asus zephyrus g14? Please reply❤️❤️🥺

  35. The magsafe charger is not efficient as wired. I'd suggest using the wired cable from your macbook to get the most charge.

  36. How do you feel with 13.3 inch screen? When I moved from 15.6 to 14 inch, I still feel bad bcz of small size!
    Apple should provide at least 14inch, it is standard

  37. Did external monitor completely resolve eye strains? Some folks suggested it might be a cause of GPU pixel flickering

  38. can I run [email protected] external monitors off of it via HDMI?

  39. Bro please suggest best value for money among MacBook Air m1/ MacBook Pro13 inch m1/ MacBook Pro14 inch m1 pro.
    ❤️ Please reply 🙂

  40. Hi bro , I purchased Mac M1 air 256ssd , if I want to upgrade my SSD to 1TB is that possible?

  41. Hey 👋

    I’m from India 🇮🇳. From a long time your loyal subscriber.

    I am a master of computers science student

    You know probably what type of work we doing in master's degree

    And my work doing reactjs, nodejs, sone android projects, and I want to learn iOS development, and also I have a small YouTube channel editing some videos, should I go for MacBook 14 inch base model or 16-inch base model.

    ( I don’t have an external monitor )

    Please help me to choose a good MacBook 💻.

    Also, I want to use it for 3-4 years should I go for a binned version of 14 inches or a base model of 16 inches?

  42. Is this 5G compatible?