M1 MacBook Air vs iPad Air 4 — Don't Choose WRONG!

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Apple has just unleashed the new M1 powered MacBook Air — no Intel, no fan, no new design, but pretty much no competition now when it comes to ultralight laptops. But Apple also recently relaunched the iPad Air, fully redesigned with an A14 chipset, and it’s once again redefining what it means to be an ultralight tablet.

And I’m just getting a ton of questions from people who want to get… something they can… work casual with, easily carry around, use anywhere, but are now conflicted about which one to get.

Well, I’m about to break it all down for you. Right now.


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  1. 1. Get $25 off your cell phone bill at http://rene.ting.com !

    2. M1 MacBook or Air now… or M1X MacBook or A14X iPad Pro next?

  2. Abhilash Pandath

    Simple assessment is both of them are equally good. And you can make the choice depending on 2 parameters
    1. If you are heavy creator on applications like MS Excel, PPT etc – go for MacBook as iPad has limitations here
    2. If you consume more content than create content Eg: reading, watching videos, playing games etc; go for iPad (you can sit, move, lie down and consume content. You can buy a keyboard for the input jobs

  3. Uhm I just really don’t know what should I buy… i’m a student and actually these days I don’t need whole laptop thing so want to buy Ipad but some apps that i will need in the future because of that i think i should buy macbook but I don’t know…. Please help me😶

  4. Hello! I need advice. I have the ipad 8th gen (which i bought a while ago), and im finding it hard to decide whether i want to keep it or get a macbook. It’s not intended for something important, although i am a highschool student, but the ipad i have now is only 32Gb and i want to do such things as play games, watch movies all sorts and just be comfortable with. I’m scared if i change to Mac i will regret it. Please help?

  5. Wisdom del Rosario

    Trust me. This is the only reason why you’re here.

  6. Fouad Daghistani


  7. I was originally planning to upgrade my MacBook Air, but I got an iPad Air for my new job and I feel in love it right away and it changed my decision

  8. i use both 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  9. lmao I got both

  10. Testing Channel Options

    Really well explained!

  11. Thank you! You answered a lot of my questions 😊 Very helpful and well informed 👍

  12. Can you, you use the iPad to reset your I phone if needed?

  13. I’m thinking on getting both of them what’s it like when you use them together?

  14. love u

  15. Thank you very much! I've made my final decision because of you!

  16. I need opinion on whether i should get ipad or mac as i am a writer . Definitely i would prefer an all round device

  17. Worlds Worst Musician

    I bought the iPad Air because it was a massive step up from the old iPad I was using and it’s simply a beautiful thing! I use the Logitech keyboard, which is a better design in my opinion.

  18. Finally a comparison video that gave me some clarity !!! Great content !

  19. I am selling my Intel MacBook Air to save for an M1 iMac. I picked up this iPad Air to use in its place. I’ve always been more of a traditional computer user but the Air is really nice and will serve my needs well until I can get the iMac. I’m a writer/researcher so I don’t need the highest end or most powerful device.

  20. i was so confused so i got both

  21. He said go with the MacBook Air and the magic keyboard 9:50

  22. Thanks sir

  23. I would use it for school work should I get the iPad Air or Macbook air?

  24. I just bought an iPad Air and I literally don’t know what to use it for. I think I might return it tomorrow since my laptop does everything and better lol

  25. A14X hahaha – apple just puts an m1 in the iPad pro

  26. After ipad pro 2021👍

  27. I am thinking about replacing my 2020 i3 MacBook Air with this setup. The iPad Air, Apple Pencil and magic keyboard. I’m a writer and a photographer and work mostly from home, and most of what I do is type and edit photos. I am also a part time student. I also consume a lot of content for research, and fun. I need something light and portable that I can take from my bed to my couch, occasionally sit on my desk, and to study and read on. Could this actually replace my MacBook Air?

  28. Arjumand Chowdhury

    Is the usage of ipad air similar with macbook? Like for galaxy s7 it's similar to laptop

  29. I just bought both 🤨🧐

  30. Me – How about buying both !
    My budget – You are broke and you cant even buy any one of them !
    I today have a total savings of 110$ and a monthly pocket money of 3$ ! But I get sometimes 70$ for good performance in studies ! After this I just spent 160$ for my new phone !

  31. Andri Kristianto

    Honestly the new M1 macbook lines are very appealing for a person of a windows computer user for decades, but the only deal breaker for me for not replacing my ipad pro 12.9 2020 (which I love very much and find it flawless) to M1 Macbook is how layman I am to mac os and worry to have a hard time of learning curve…. while ipad os is so simple and a no brainer, equipped with tons of apps compatibility (in addition almost 95% of my workflow requirement can be done by this ipad pro)….understand that the new silicon will add more capability for mac os to operate iphone ipad apps…but I’m not too sure this has been fully satisfied at this early stage…maybe in few years ahead…..we’ll see

  32. Ipad 8 + mac air 😍

  33. Thanks for this video 🙂

  34. I was like sould I get an iPad or the new MacBook. And I was like I already have an iPad Air 2 it’s not fully broken why sould I buy a new one so then Know I am like I sould get the MacBook.

  35. Anubhav Solankey

    I just bought an M1 Mac. I'm plannig to get an ipad for Netflix, mails and web browsing. Should I go with iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro ?

  36. Thomas Paplawsky

    What would be better to buy for school? I’m leaning toward iPad and magic keyboard for $100 less

  37. 7:01 oh is it? Didn’t notice since my internet doesn’t allow more than 144p

  38. I hope everyone gets the MacBook Air and don’t do a mistake by going for iPad

  39. will ipad gonna support mac os apps anytime soon?

  40. For me the ipad air 2019 became my mobile PC of choice, the ipad is apple at its best

  41. how much mi stronger than ipad pro 2021 or 2020 ( cpu and gpu )