3D Scanning for Free

How to create a 3D scan of an object using your cell phone camera and free software? We compare our free 3D scan to a professional scan of the same part. The Pro 3D scan was made with a 20.000 EUR 3D Scanner. Learn more at:

All software to do this tutorial is free. You don’t need a special app for your phone, just the photos. The technique to create this 3D scan is called photogrammetry. Any commercially available camera can be used for this. Meshroom works best with an Nvidia GPU. There have been some problems with Meshroom, when not using a Nvidia graphics card, then you need to use “draft meshing”:

Where is Meshroom saving the 3D files?
This question has been asked by many of you. Answer: When clicking the “Start” Button for the first time, Meshroom will ask you where to save the Cashe folder: normally it goes to C:/Users/Computer-name/AppData/local/Temp/MeshroomCashe

Software needed to follow this Tutorial:
Meshroom (to convert the photos into a 3D file):

Meshlab (for the 3D Scan Clean up and to combine several single scans):

Netfabb (version 7.4.0) (to measure the 3D scan):

Netfabb (current version) to measure the 3D scan):

GOM Inspect (to compare the differences between different 3D scans):

Download the project files :
Free 3D Scan of the part (“tankgeber”):

Professional 3D scan of the part (“tankgeber”):

Deviation analysis free 3D scan and professional 3D scan (PDF):

Photogrammetry raw picture set of the part (“tankgeber”):

Meshlab 3D Viewer (free software):

00:00 Introduction
00:21 About 3D-scanning technology
00:55 Preparing to create your free 3D scan
02:02 Photographing your object using your cell phone camera
02:44 Importing your images using Meshroom
03:15 Cleaning up your 3D scans using MeshLab
04:10 Adjusting the scale using Netfabb
05:20 Using MeshLab to merge your scans
06:45 Free 3D scan vs. professional 3D scan
07:26 Comparing separate scans using GOM Inspect
08:28 Locating more information
09:08 STL to STEP Conversion

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About Holocreators:
Holocreators is a 3D-Scanning and Reverse Engineering Company. We’d love to help you with your projects. Please call us +49 40 481133 or write to us an email.
Email: [email protected]

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    If you would like to learn more about free 3D-scanning or creating a 3D scan using your cell phone, check out our website: https://holocreators.com/blog/3d-scanning-for-free/ Meshroom works best with an Nvidia GPU. When not using a Nvidia graphics card, then you need to use “draft meshing”: Holocreators is a 3D-scanning and reverse engineering company. We'd love to help you with your projects. Please call us +49 40 481133 or write us an email: [email protected]holocreators.com

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