Apple's M1 MacBook Air VS Surface Laptop 4! FULL COMPARE & BENCHMARKS!

I got my hands on the new 13.5″ Surface Laptop 4! This just launched so I compare the specs and design to Apple’s 13″ M1 MacBook Air. I walk through the difference in the configuration options and perform a full suite of benchmarks!

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  1. Ok only 4 minutes in I realized that the MacBook is better just because of the processes has better graphics

  2. I might have missed it, but I think you didn’t mention one pretty significant difference: The Surface has a touch screen.

  3. All depends on your needs. I love MAC for it's longevity and performance on editing photos/videos… HOWEVER, I think the surface is best for developers and coding/office work. The 2:3 aspect ratio is a game-changer. Also, personally, most of the clients I work with use Windows. With a surface I wouldn't have to worry about any compatibility issues or conflicts. So it really depends what you plan on doing with it.

  4. Watching this through my MacBook Air, while I wait for my Surface 4 to arrive in 3 days. I'm SO EXCITED 🤩

  5. I just bought a MacBook Air because I didn't feel like having to mess with windows and I plan on using it for Doing. If I was smarter with computers I probably would've gotten a windows.

  6. I think these can go upto 16gb……I believe……..(actually 32gb) isnt there someone who actually knows what theyre talking about

  7. they offer a lot of customization options, theres actually a ton of different processors and all this other crap……….

  8. I adore this review, but I am a bio majior who likes Adobe so surface works better for me cause apple can’t always run stats programs for school

  9. Will TheVideoMaker

    This is what I call the ultimate Apple VS Microsoft in terms of their flagship products. No other PC could get anywhere close to the Mac than the Surface Laptop series

  10. Andrew, why did you forget to compare screen aspect ratio and trackpad/touchpad?

  11. I just started a new job and I have the option to choose one or the other. I already have. MacBook Pro M1 14’. Should I switch it up because I already have a mac? Or stay in the apple universe that I’m already familiar with?

  12. From a guy using Surace laptop 2. Never buy a suface. They cheap out on wifi reciever and ssd. You will find tons of articles about it. Wifi range is trash and it keeps disconnecting. I get 1 bar connected to my wifi in next room. And speed is trash. While my phone is getting 3 bars with excellent speed. Also ssd is complete garbage. It copies at around 100mb/s for like first 200-300 mbs and then drops to like 10mb/s which is worse than even a hardrive. Otherwise display, keyboard and trackpad are excellent. But poor wifi and ssd speed kill it for me

  13. intel and amd should die of shame.

  14. Just bought the i5 512k Surface Laptop 4 at Best Buy last night for $979. This is my wife's computer and I had my M1 MBA sitting beside it while I set it up. She has been a Windows user and doesn't want to change operating system. I was impressed. Nice keyboard, excellent trackpad, great screen, and decent sound. I liked the alcantara way more than I thought I would. She uses it for Excel, Outlook, Quickbooks, and browsing the web. Based on other reviewers, I bet her battery life and day-to-day performance will be comparable to the MBA. I wouldn't switch but she's going to be thrilled with it.

  15. 3:36 just close your eyes.

  16. Soundwave Superior

    This man playing Jenga with his laptops

  17. i used to have a mac but it broke & now i’m buying a new one i’m sceptical on if i was the mc surface or another macbook. i’m in 11th grade n will use it for study and also for my self. what is the best option?

  18. I was curious about the Surface laptop because of its design and running windows. But at the 9:51 mark, the review ended for me when I saw the benchmarks. I think microsoft has a long ways to go to truly be compared to the M1. If their scores were even somewhat close, I would seriously consider the Surface, but not with it being that slow.

  19. The 15 inch all black surface laptop 4 feels so clean. 2022 will be the year I let go of my last apple product I have left and that's the MacBook pro. If apple somehow someway makes the iPad pro and MacBook pro hybrid than I might think of coming back, just senseless to be trapped in one ecosystem wishing for something exciting that competitors have for a decade or more.

  20. 😎Bro vs Pro😎

    I think MacBook is best🧐

  21. I used to own the Intel macbook air and everytime I updated it it got slower and slower. Now I have the surface laptop 4 and absolutely love it

  22. So I’m building a office inside my closet and i have a 2018 MacBook Air and I’m trying to figure out should i upgrade to the 2020 MacBook Air or the surface.

  23. Had both get the macbook the keyboard sucks on the surface and will eventually break dude to the flex

  24. I feel like I’m a shark in the shark tank. Two laptops…..similar in playing field.
    Give me your best sales pitch(performance)
    Pros and cons
    Who is cheaper.
    Everything goes! If one exceeds the other by a decent margin and is slightly more expensive.
    I will take the deal. Or similar in performance. Well then I will take the cheaper one

  25. 4:50 what in the world was that sound effect, freaked me out. 😁

  26. Contacto Coderlouis1

    Con la ayuda de 👆👆👆, pude desbloquear el teléfono de mi socio sin demora.

  27. Just a warning for potential SL4 buyers – mine is the i5 512GB, recently purchased. The CPU makes a buzzing noise which increases with use. Other people have experienced this issue, there is no clear solution other than getting a refund (which is what I am doing). But, not all users experience this issue…

  28. Me I like the look of Mac but I don’t like the capabilities that it stops you can’t do much on Mac and Im not a big fan of the look of Pc only if it’s to be kept at home but I do like how pc you can do a lot a lot on it and do a bunch with it