Why Apple Removed The MacBook's Touch Bar

In 2016 Apple introduced new MacBook Pro models that featured the Touch Bar. A narrow touch-sensitive glass display at the top of the keyboard. Apple promised it would offer intuitive new ways to interact with content. But with their latest MacBook Pro release, the Touch Bar was removed. And there are a few reasons for this.

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  1. I think this was a bad idea. I still love the Touch Bar. hey apple please come back to touchbarrrrr

  2. travelwithnicole

    Greg I used to have emojis on my touchbar, but now they are gone. Can you please tell me how to get them back? now when I push the smiley face the touch bar just turns black instead of showing me the options for emojis. I tried in the system preferences to change it back, but can't seem to.

  3. Joe Cordero Travel Captures

    I have a 15" 2019 MBP..and I would not buy another MBP w out it.

  4. Well it is back now…

  5. ぽぽんぽん

    The Touch bar is back.

  6. Honestly, I think people would’ve appreciated the Touchbar more if it had vibration feedback to simulate a button. It’s not a big deal for obvious reasons on a phone, but on a screen that is facing upwards, your face is TOWARDS the main display in front of you. You had to look down at the Touchbar to make sure you were pressing the right buttons which made it frustrating to use without having any feedback.

  7. Lol they just brought it back

  8. Lol fire the person who did this poll for your option to choose to remove. That survey didn’t show our thoughts but his thoughts

  9. And now it's back on the new 13" pro

  10. its back!

  11. They just annouced it on wwdc 2022

  12. I like my touchbar

  13. I worked for Apple retail and we had a standard response, when asked why the touchbar went away:

    "I mean… It was cool… the two times I used it."

    Basically, it was an unasked for and underused feature that was simply removed.

  14. i love the touchbar! 👌🏾 they shouldv'e made 2 models, one with and one without

  15. i’ve never seen anyone complain about the touchbar and it’s one of the main reasons i upgraded to a newer macbook because of it. hopefully they bring it back in the future when i’m ready to upgrade my macbook again.

  16. The same reason it removed the butterfly keyboard—-too expensive.

  17. Someone came out and admitted that it's because the touch bar could let you fast-forward through ads on different websites (including YT) which is huge money loss for the advertisers. The companies that spend millions on ads and commercials gave Apple massive backlash for it. They agreed never to speak of it and to remove the touch bar on the low. The functionality of the touch bar had very little to do with it, they just wanted the consumers to keep getting ads.

  18. who tf types with f1 and f2

  19. Nice, short and informative. I don't need a 20 minute video explaining why Apple did something. Thank you!

  20. touch bar is so gd

  21. Michael Falciglia

    The touch bar is awesome, it completely sucks they're getting rid of it. It's the whole reason I opted for a MacBook Pro 16" with an extended display monitor instead of an iMac for my office. And it's been great only using one laptop for home and office. I can imagine this decision was made by someone that has not used it on a regular basis!

  22. i love my touchbar, it lets me skip ads 😄

  23. Гималетдинов Азамат

    I like my Touch Bar, it’s lovely

  24. Christophe Janvier

    Such a recent add on feature being dismounted is a rare thing to see.

  25. I love the Touch Bar in every day use

  26. The people who found it a nuisance,
    obviously didn't how to use it to their advantage.

  27. Mert Can Karşı

    As a developer, I've never liked the touchbar. I'm happy to would be able to buy a touchbarless MacBook Pro. But they could sell this feature as optional for touchbar lovers.

  28. It's useless so I'm glad it's gone

  29. For the laptops I was looking at, this information came in good hands for me to decide what laptop to get or save up for the better future designs. I also have to say that with the speakers added for the sake of the keyboard, I got to admit that it is a better idea, plus it indirectly (or possibly directly reduces battery usage (at least from what I think might be true).

  30. My work laptop is the Touch Bar version of the MacBook Pro and I HATE it! I had to turn off the function because I kept writing typos. I still accidentally turn down the screen brightness every now and then.

  31. Michele Galvagno

    “It adds significant cost” … as if they lowered the price by removing it. They just increased the profit…