The Best Thunderbolt Dock For M1 Macbook Pro

The best Dock We Tested was CalDigit:

But this one by the same company also has Thunderbolt out for a little bit more money:

If you want dual 4k but don’t care about fast ports try iVanky:

Thunderbolt to 10Gbps ethernet dongle by Sabrent:

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In this video we test and compare the highest rated Thunderbolt Docks on Amazon for an M1 Macbook Pro. Most of them are horrible but the Caldigit dock did work as advertised.

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  1. recap at 19:44

  2. We had ordered 50 usb-c docks that worked fine during our tests.
    on the first batch of 20 new portables we also added these docks and they work perfect
    then a we ordered a new batch of next gen HP portables.
    and on those portables only 1 out of 3 docks worked good on. while the docks worked perfect on older portables.
    its like the usb-c cable is not giving a perfect contact to those devices.(screens jumps on and off, device unrecognised after x minutes)
    and if we use this same malfunctioning dock that give issues on older ones it works fine.
    and if we use an original dock of hp it works fine on new gen.
    looks like usb-c ports are having easier bad contact than usb-a ports.
    what i also see is that for example if i prep a new portable with my sabrent usb-c ssd enclosure, that always works. on some portables its hard to remove while on other devices its very easy to remove and even have room to wiggle.

  3. I feel like these two need to star in a 1980's cop drama period piece. Miami Vice-esque vibes mixed with computer nerd stuff. I'm talking Brick Phones, IBM PC TOWERs, and Radio Shack. Make it happen, guys.

  4. Okay, I can see I'm going to have to look elsewhere for information. There's no point in this. And take the camera away from the third man! This is a disaster.

  5. Pedro Paulo Almeida

    Amazing video. Helpful and incredibly funny. By the way, I love people who can be fun in really frustrating situations like this one.

  6. Considering 6 docks of those are Chinese products, it makes sense they don't work properly. That's been my experience with 97% of Chinese-designed products.

  7. all my M1 Macs have issues with external displays… no issue with intel Macs… same setup.

  8. I currently have the CalDigit TS4 and it's amazing. It has 18 ports, it charges your laptop with a maximum of 98W and your phone(through a USB-C port on the front) with 20W. It also has 2 Thunderbolt ports, which can do Dual [email protected](Pro Display XDR) and it has 2.5GbE, with 1 big problem: it's $380 in the US(on their website)

  9. Кирилл Косырев

    It's obvious that blonde dude with long hair has really hard time pronouncing his words

  10. Watching your move to Mac has been fun. I live in both Windows and Mac spaces and I know first hand how the lack of ports on a Mac is infuriating. My only critique as someone that has to use a multiport dongle daily is that these Macs with onboard graphics just have to be rebooted to start fresh every so often. With all of that testing, I would have rebooted before each one. Maybe you did 🤷🏼‍♂️. It's infuriating but loving off of cheap third party peripherals I think I've discovered that there just isn't anything out there that can properly do 1 port to rule them all. In my MacBook Pro, I do one USB-C monitor in one port, 1 really old Qac-Qoc branded USB-C dongle in the other that runs a second monitor and any other USB-A, ethernet or SD Card needs and I plug power in separately over heat concerns which lead to performance concerns. The difference is that stuff either works right or doesn't. I can try to cram it all into one or just plug three different USB-C cables into my laptop and work all day without issue.

  11. I find all this discussion on these cheap Amazon docks hilarious and at the same time confusing.
    I’ve been running a MacBook with a Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD for the past 2 years and had exactly 0 issues. The dock connects Thunderbolt 3 to the Mac and then a SINGLE downstream Thunderbolt 3 channel to 2 DAISYCHAINED LG Ultrafine 24” 4K 60 monitors. Since each monitor has a second Thunderbolt connector, the second monitor gives me a spare connector in addition to the unused one on the dock.
    I feel like this just needed a few more reputable brands rather than the “cheapest on Amazon”

  12. Look at the crap we have to go through now Macbooks don't come with all the ports anymore, Apple:"USBC is the future" right next to your shiny mac with a dongle and cables going in 4 different directions across your desk…I was hoping for a return to sanity with the M2Air but all they added back was magsafe because ports are just for 'Pro's' now apparently. Europe has made it law for their iphones to use usbC, Im hoping this is just the beginning of tech companies getting reeled in and stopped from gimping their products just to make more profit and needlessly increasing landfill in the process, not to mention pissing off millions of their customers.

  13. Anker should stick to making chargers 😂😂😂

  14. That's nice, but apparently the dock isn't available until August, 2022. It's mid June now. Any other docks you might recommend that are abailable now?

  15. can you please test those docks also with the windows workstation

  16. I use a CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 Dock on my M1 Max and they have "CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt 4 18-in-1 Hub" on B&H. All these other docks that were tested are Amazon trash.

  17. Cameraman needs to be fired!

  18. That was fun! But can you guys please use a brickwall audio limiter ser at -12db next time? Cheers!

  19. Jonas Steger-Jensen

    Classic reaction from the Mac user – he keeps apologizing and defending the poor performance of the docks – and Lee just shakes his head. I mean Mac guys – don't be satisfied with – expect more – demand more.

  20. TheSonicSolution

    The Plugable TBT4-HUB3C is great, too. Worked from the moment I hooked it up and almost a year later I've had no problems. I leave it on the entire time I'm working and no problems what so ever. Does multiple displays, gets full TB4 speeds, etc. Best one I've tried.

  21. salsero doscientosseis

    user mac here… always mac is stupid in various aspects like this is one…for speed go to….. 1- Go to applications —– 2- Utilities—— 3- activity monitor—4- click on disk.. bottom rigth hand side will show you speed of transfer WHEN YOU ARE transferring……your welcome!!

  22. Just a quick comment about the keyboard / mouse wireless transmitter not working on the dock: I have had this issue on Mac and PC, with dock or with the USB hub in a display, I think it is an RF interference issue with display port. If you use an extension cable for the wireless transmitter to move it away from the dock it can work using the USB port on the dock probably.