How did Microsoft screw this up? – Surface Pro X (SQ2) vs M1 Macbook Air

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Windows on Arm laptops have been out for years now – so how does Microsoft’s flagship Arm device, the Surface Pro X SQ2, measure up to Apple’s arm-powered M1 Macbook Air?

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

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  1. Windows Surface: Infrared Led Is Very Dangerous!! I show you why:

  2. They’ve never gotten much right. Their stuff is bad copies of better stuff, generally.

  3. I want this wallpaper

  4. The Surface Pro X is not the top end tablet by Microsoft, the top end is the Surface Pro 8.

  5. Ariff Che Mohd Noor

    Conclusion here is Microsoft is just lazy

  6. Apple is a hardware company while microsoft is a Software company.
    Why not make a comparison between Excel and Apple Numbers?

  7. I had the first Surface and after that, I knew I would never buy another one of them again. Not only could you not download anything except from the Microsoft store, but anything you could download ran like garbage, the thing was so slow, and the software was horrible.

    And still to this day, it seems that the surface is just a wannabe PC.

  8. You were on a dev channel. no wonder it didn't work

  9. My Samsung G S20 Goole Play Store keeps draining my Battery over 20 % have tried everything can't get this fixed can you please help

  10. Surface Pro X released October 2019. Mac M1 released November 2020. More than a year before the M1. Not a month. Normally I wouldn't mention this small mistake, but it makes Microsoft sound like it rushed the product out to beat Apple. It rushed the product early, but that's just normal for Microsoft and had little to do with Apple's M1.

    I really like my Surface Pro X since Windows 11. Fast enough for me. OTOH like 95% of people who use computers, I don't need to edit 4K video. Bench marks are great, but long ago lost relevance to most computer users. Battery life OTOH…..

  11. The Aikatsu Fan

    I cannot install adobe animate on the stupid X

  12. It's… the same as 2008. Mac does in fact run Windows faster than Windows itself.

  13. GachaHOTTIExøx

    I wonder if the base model of the m1 air is better then the pro x

  14. 4:02 😂

  15. Few thought about buying a surface, until I watched this vid

  16. Only selling point I really see for the Surface Pro X, at the moment, is the option for LTE… If they added this to their Intel based Surfaces, this version of the Surface doesn't really have much appeal, accept maybe battery life.

  17. Does the MacBook come with a 3k touch screen also? Or just the windows?

  18. thanks for saying tuque instead of beanie!!

  19. So happy I watched this video.

  20. April 2022 here; Almost all apps have been updated to be apple silicon native.
    I still don't hear anything about Windows on ARM and apps being able to run on it.

  21. Евгений Балмашев

    Me with Windows 11 arm on Lumia 950 xl, haha, what a funny laptops