MacBook Air M1 Review 1 Year Later 2021 | Student Perspective

The MacBook Air M1 is still holding up great a year later in late 2021. I think it’s still worth it if you’re looking for a great all-around laptop.

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  1. I’m thinking about buying one soon since I’m starting college in a few months. I currently have a macbook air from 2017, does the fan get loud like the other does?

  2. Why does the MacBook Air colour look more like Gold but where’s the rose gold?

  3. Your review from a student's perspective is very helpful! I'm impressed by how detailed your insights are!

  4. Got it on Black Friday, LOVE it. Being able to have many tabs, apps and documents open at once is a must for students, and the battery life in this thing is super reliable. As an iPad user as well, it's very handy to have my files sync automatically and being able to open them or airdrop them to the MacBook

  5. Bro do you do coding on it? If so how does it work?

  6. Kaneki love Touka

    Its okay to use adobe on MacBook air m1 8gb ? Will it be laggy? Should I wait for m2?😭

  7. Fredrick Mtawali

    Well there is no need to start the video by telling us your rich, very uncalled for😅

  8. Carlos de la Cova

    Great video. I am seriously thinking of getting one. Thanks for an excellent report.

  9. 1 year of M1 air…Quite good I’d say…Handles my workload very efficiently…Thanks for your review.

  10. We know you are rich 🤑

  11. Did you notice some discoloration to its body after a year?

  12. Plan on getting one for school this fall ☺️

  13. I just bought mine three days ago. I was already planning on buying one since last year when it came out, but the initial issue that arose from the SSD wear kept me at bay. Because my old windows laptop (which is now 7 years old) is now becoming more and more slow, I am forced to changed, and decided to research on the SSD issue once more. I was very close to getting an Acer Swift 3 but as soon as I learned that the SSD wear issue was improving through system updates and more and more apps are transitioning to the m1, I bought myself one (as the new pro is just way too much for me and the previous generation pro is basically just the same as the air). 

    Coming from a windows laptop (which I have been a user of for more than a decade), you can just imagine how surprised I was at how refined and premium this machine is. And man, was I surprised by how good the speakers are! First time owning a MacBook, and it is just truly delightful. No regrets at all!! 😁

  14. I personally have one, it has almost been a year. I am a college student and I love this thing, legit use it every day to handle all my task (minus gaming) and it does it all flawlessly. I do agree, the webvam needs to be upgraded but other then that it is near flawless.

  15. You dont look rich

  16. this was awesome. I like your take on this!

  17. Recently got it and I've been impressed! I do audio production as well as video editing but I've only really gotten to test it out a bit so far. I have a nice desktop setup I use to work at but I wanted a portable option. I find the sidecar feature cool as well since I already own and iPad.

  18. anoushka paliwal

    how about playing 4k videos on youtube?

  19. There is a class-action lawsuit filed for M1 MacBook screen cracks. Have you or anyone else experience it?

  20. Ángel D ́Felipe

    God design. But so much bezel for 2021

  21. You can still run Windows on this machine. It's just not as simple as bootcamp anymore. You can get Windows 11 (an ARM version) and Parallels! Great Video! I ordered a Macbook Air a few days ago and I can't wait to use it!