MacBook Pro 16 vs Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen 4 – Make the Right Choice!

Review and comparison of the M1 MacBook Pro 16 vs Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4. These are both fantastic laptops but one might be better for you then the other! Watch for the full comparison.

MacBook Pro 16 –
ThinkPad X1 Extreme (USA)-
ThinkPad X1 Extreme (Canada) –

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  1. Which one would you choose? Also if you missed it I released my best laptops 2021 video which you can find here

  2. The battery management on Mac is much better

  3. onimisiloveson music

    Windows still is better and more versatile than macbook easier to upgrade rams and hard dtive aswell ..macbooks looks and feel old after sometimes due to their os… for Windows u can always run a newer version of Windows and it will feel absolutely new. U have more apps too the list goes on. Macbook is expensive aswell so Windows for me is better although apple has resale value but not very versatile like Windows

  4. the sticker don't matter as the laptop heats up they will get off on their on.

    finger print magnet doesn't matter to me is kind of fun because i like to clean my computer stuff.

    As a developer it depends on what you are compiling, and what is your programming language, if you are using ruby on rails then intel is superior to M1 and I'm typing this from the macbook pro M1 Max. In my job we had to set an AWS instance to run the application because it couldn't run on M1.

  5. Touch the nipple on the lunch hour only bro

  6. why the fuck videos not showing upload date? fml

  7. That straight face with the nipple!!

  8. That microphone on mac 🙆🏻‍♂️🔥

  9. MD. Atikur Rahman

    Isn’t Galaxy Book the thinnest and lightest laptop and ROG Flow Z13 the most compact. MacBook has no edge over these. It shouldn’t even be considered a competition. Macbook shouldn’t even be considered a laptop.

  10. Can I have both?

  11. Why is it so hard for computer to have equal parts like webcam and microphones. It’s resells just annoying

  12. Had Lenovo Mobile Workstation P1 Gen 4 and returned it because of the fan noise even when playing YT on Ubuntu. Plus it had this chirping sound (electrical noise) coming somewhere close to the Esc key. At least got refunded without fuss.

  13. the Thinkpad is such a great laptop, but I'll just never buy one because of that stupid red nipple thing.

    The new Lenovo slim 7i prox or whatever looks great though, the 16:10 one.

  14. I'm a photographer and use Lightroom and Photoshop daily so screen resolution and color accuracy are most important to me…does the thinkpad extreme need to be calibrated at all or is it good enough straight out of the box? i really do not want to deal with having to calibrate the monitor..I bought a dell xps and returned it the color tone was way off ..same question wih the mac > I'm about to buy one of these and want the least amount of calibration setup etc

  15. Hi Matthew, I am confused to choose between P1 and X1 Extreme. I guess the most string difference is one comes with a A-series Nvidia GPU while the other comes with a Geforce-series Nvidia GPU, are these two very different? It reads to me the Geforce one has more CUDA cores and thus more powerful?

  16. I'm using Thinkpad for work but I definitely don't touch that nipple during my lunch 😂

  17. I have both. Mac is a piece of sh1t. As usual.

  18. Great video looking forward to this again when the Xtreme Gen 5 comes out in the summer.

  19. TL; DR: The Macbook embarasses the ThinkPad in every possible way.

  20. The reviewer failed to mention the engineering flaw with the Thinkpads. The hinges have a tendency to break and the repairs will cost you more than the computer is worth. Lenovo knows about the problem and yet refuses to honor the broken hinges under their warranty. The customer may wind up owing a very expensive paperweight since the computer will become non-functional. Buyer beware! Perhaps if potential customers stop buying their products based on this problem, then they will address this problem. Until then, you may want to steer clear on their laptops.

  21. I used to be a MacBook only kind of guy but I need docker…

  22. I give the edge to lenovo because it doesn't have that stupid notch, seriously i cannot stand it.

  23. Quality of screen X1 is realy very good?

  24. Hi Matthew,

    love your reviews on laptops.

    Would you recommend Lenovo for someone who's a day trader and uses 4 monitors.

    I will strictly be using it for trading and nothing else, but I would defiantly would wanted the

    processor to be really fast and I guess a good video card that can support 4 monitors.

    If you think there is something cheaper as well, I'm open to suggestions.

  25. Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

    Bro if I gotta 2.4k dollars on this laptop I would frikken buy a top tier gaming Laptop, This lenovo think pad is trash for me like trash as hell. I would absolutely not buy it even for $1000 dollar it's just straight up trash thing.

  26. CaTrina Wright - Personal

    I prefer my MacBook 100%. However, I’m a teacher and they provided us with the Thinkpad. I am happy to report that I’m happy enough to take my MacBook Pro home and use the Thinkpad for school. We started with a touchscreen Chromebook 👀. It just didn’t work for me! I’m happy to have the Thinkpad for work and while I love my MacBook I am happy to use it at home lol!

  27. The Legion line has better speakers than the ThinkPad line. Lenovo computers are specifically made for varying markets. I have both ThinkPad and Legion computers from the same line and there is a significant difference on various things such as the sound system.

  28. CaTrina Wright - Personal

    MacBook Pro everyday all day! However my school has provided us a Thinkpad Lenovo which is way better than the Chromebook. I can now take my personal MacBook Pro home since the Lenovo is a decent laptop!