12th Gen Razer Blade vs 16" MacBook Pro – BEST Laptop?

Can Intel’s latest 12th Gen 14-Core Alder Lake with Nvidia RTX BEAT OUT Apple’s 16″ MacBook Pro with M1 Pro? We test EVERYTHING!
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In this video, we fully compared the M1 Max 16″ MacBook Pro to the i7 Razer Blade Advanced 15 in terms of everything from design, speakers, microphones, webcams, keyboards, SSD speeds, benchmarks, real-world tests and MORE to find out which laptop is the better buy!

We also ran many tests to see if Apple’s new 16-core M1 Pro GPU could outperform the RTX 3060 with 6GB of dedicated memory in its Mobile GPU.

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Timestamps ⬇️
Razer Blade Advanced 15 vs 16″ MacBook Pro – 00:00
Design Differences – 00:44
Battery Life – 1:00
Ports, Keyboard, & Authentication – 1:46
Speaker Comparison – 02:58
Display Quality Compared – 04:38
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 05:38
SSD Speed Test – 05:59
Laptop Snappiness – 06:52
Geekbench 5 CPU Test – 08:08
Cinebench R23 3D Rendering – 09:08
Fan noise and thermals – 10:02
CPU Performance on Battery – 10:55
Graphics Performance Wild Life – 12:17
Adobe Photo Editing – 13:32
Lightroom Classic Editing – 15:00
4K Video Editing – 15:55
Davinci Resolve 17 – 17:17
Which Laptop should YOU buy? – 18:04

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  1. Which Laptop would YOU Buy for $2500? Let us Know Below!
    THIS is the BETTER Laptop Overall ➡ https://geni.us/wVAj1t

    2022 Razer Blade 15 12th Gen ➡ https://geni.us/LvuHPxT
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  3. Monk Sonephetlao

    I always love the MacBook

  4. I think you made a mistake in your video, you said 3060 rtx in the beginning and in a pop up screen at 0:29 you say it has 3080 rtx, something is clearly not correlating.

  5. You are as excited as i am i think! Do kinda want one of each….and an alienware and an xps with a touch screen. Sigh….no one has a full keyboard but alienware. If i had to pick razer or mac….i know i would end up paying more to upgrade storage and whatnot….i havent ever had a mac so probly the razer. Always wanted a razer maxxed out.

  6. Ignore this review since it has a lot of mistakes and watch the one mDs by Created Tech on YouTube which actually has the specs that he has mistakenly put on the video.

  7. Premier Minister

    So, if you want to buy windows buy razer, in another case buy Mac. I like windows more. From comparison I’ve seen that Mac is much better: screen, sound, web camera, work on battery better

  8. Plus if you was running the diagnostic program while running benchmarks the score for razer is slightly lower than it would be without running it

  9. Can you play AAA games on Apple? Guess I know who wins

  10. All trackpads are shit (wanna be wacoms). I would just get a mouse.

  11. Hi guys! I really like your videos, very precise and clear. I would really enjoy it, if you could make a comparison between the new XPS 15" (12700 i9) vs M1pro some day :D. So I'm choosing which machine I have to buy next year in terms of performance/money. Thanks!

  12. I go for Razer, there are some softwares that I need that IOS can't support.

  13. Just breath when talking, please, breath

  14. Intel + Windows
    Battery never a problem. 30 minutes is more than enough

  15. Who cares if Mac or Windows machines are better. A Apple person would obviously pick the Mac while a Windows person would choose the Windows machine. I do not see the point pf cross shopping. Apple has its ecosystem and once you in it you go ALL IN. And the Master PC Race will always stick with Windows machines.

  16. Change the Performance settings on ur Razer. Then it runs fast in battery mode too

  17. Also 3 USB A ports? Isnt that a USB C port? And are neither of those thunderbolt?

    Also USB A? Not USB 3.1 gen 2?

    You have been doing this for many many years now, and your video quality is pretty nice.

    However I am really doubtful you have any idea what you are talking about.
    You seem to fail at basic information about the product you are trying to sell.

    And people with some kind of tech interest will notice it pretty fast.

  18. The Mac book pro has the low powerdraw rating going for it, aka batterylife and you can charge it via USB-C right? so its all down to performance/watt. So what I don't get is how the Macbook only perform 4-6 hrs. It should be around 9-10 hrs.

    Aka how can the Macbook that has a lowerpower draw and a larger battery perform worse in batter life performance? Is it due to the low powerdraw of the intel decrete graphics card and the MUX switch?

  19. Tarik Demirovic

    So u are telling me the Razer Blade 15 gets 11/13 hours of battery life ??? Ajjj ChuPappi that sounds SOOO GOOD

  20. Michele Galvagno

    How is the MBP 16” battery life affected if you connect external displays to it?

  21. This one got me little confused: is this a max or pro chip on m1????

  22. Hey paid rewiewer only you got a cinebench score of 12000 everyone got somewhere around 14000 why bro,pls change your Chanel name to apple. Atleast run benchmarks properly otherwise you will get caught like this.

  23. Desktop/Gaming PC: windows
    Laptop: Mac

    No questions asked.

  24. The Razer has a lower powered GPU compared to some other Windows laptops which have double the power. Same goes for the CPU. Power was lowered to fit them into a thin chassis. This is why this Alder lake laptop lacks behind so much