HOW to Fix Macbook Air- NO Power [WORKS in 2021]


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  1. I put Ssd crutial p2 is not compatible with mac book air 2012 a1466 i remove Ssd because it not working and i put one more Time and nos is broken no power and led charging it is

  2. ASa EnTertAinEr

    last night i reinstalled Mac OS leaving without charging , this morning i tried to power on but it seems to dead , i checked the first method and checked again and it worked , thanks man

  3. Discount review

    Thanks so much bro!!!!!!!! ❤️ this saved me so much money

  4. My macbook air mid 2012 had a problem..when i turn it on the logo n booting sound appear and then no longer than 8-10 second it dead suddenly keep it that repeatedly still the same issue..anyone had this problem too?please need your help guys i just use all the trick on the YT n google by pressing the button combination still the same result 🙈👀..anyway thx before

  5. Tried them all , none worked ):

  6. THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. Hello, nice work and I really love your videos.

    I have a 2014 11” MacBook which I have been using since 2014 till date but a month back it ran out battery and it wouldn’t turn on so I tried everything including the disconnecting abs connecting the battery back until I did the smc reset which actually worked and it’s been working fine till 8 days back. The system was fully charged and I decided to shut it down because the airdrop was acting up. Ever since I shut it down it has refused to turn on or charge ( no light on MagSafe), tried different working chargers but it wouldn’t work on my system. Tried the smc reset, disconnecting the battery, touch pad flex and even removing the sscid and replacing back but nothing is happening. I am currently in Nigeria where there is no apple store and am scared to give it to some random repair guy cause they might cause more damage to the system.
    Can you pls help give some clues as far what could cause the system to breakdown like this. And what hardwares or chips fault could result go this.

    Thanks for your anticipated response

  8. Removing the battery worked for me. Thanks a lot!!!

  9. Omoniyi Akinboboye

    nice one bro. will try it.

  10. Thanks it works 🙏

  11. Just fixed mine .Gracias Bro

  12. Stephanie Garcon

    The second one work. Thankyou!!

  13. أمين براك - Amine Barrak

    The second way worked to me


  15. Good Job 🙏🏾👊🏽


  17. Let me just say your video just made my day. My computer wouldn’t turn on. I don’t have money for a new computer and I’m in nursing school full time with a 5 year old. I broke down crying wondering what I am going to do. I only have $3 in my bank account. Well, I watched your video and I removed that little black part for 30 seconds and put it back in and then plugged my computer in the charger and IT TURNED ON OMFNFKFMFF AGH THANK YOU SOOOO MUUUCCCHHHHHH🤧🤧😭😭😭😭

  18. I found a video that helped fix it, you just need to hold shift + alt + control and the power button at the same time while having it plugged to your charger, it's working fine now for me hope it works for you guys

  19. I had a similar experience. afer disconnecting the battery from the board and fixing it back, I plugged the laptop for 30 minutes and turned it on afterwards. It worked perfectly. Thank you for making this video.

  20. Emmanuella Odoom

    it works you guysssssssss

  21. Thanks mate

  22. Karina Rousselle

    Hi ! I removed the clear tab by accident… Any ways I can still disconnect the battery connector?

  23. Very helpful, thanks a lot👍

  24. Relxing sounds of earth


  25. Mine turns on and everything but the power button doesn’t respond, I tried cleaning the keyboard now all the keys work but the power button

  26. Júlio pedro Manuel

    Hey bro! God bless you! Thank you so so much! I’d lost all hope for my MacBook. you saved my life.

  27. Shaoxuan (Eric) Peng

    it worked perfectly fine, THAnk you SOOOOOOO much

  28. THANK YOUU!!!!

  29. Jenisha Creates

    Thank you so much ❤️ relieved 😄

  30. hey great informative video man thanks a lot


  32. legend mate

  33. the replugin of battery solved it for me. thank you sir.

  34. help my mac wont respond to anything i do i dont know how to open it all my screwdrivers i have are too big and i cant bring it to apple for them to repair since i have a flight tomorrow and quarantine for 21 days i have a macbook air 2020 intel i think my dad spilled liquid on it but i’m not sure if that’s why it’s not working

  35. Thx 🙏🏼

  36. hiii, I have a problem. yesterday I spilled some juice on my Mac but I dried it off and it was fine!! I used it for some hours then today when I woke up I charged it because it had no battery, but now it won’t turn off instead there is like air coming out of my Mac, what do I do???

  37. Hrishi Giridhar

    You are amazing. Disconnecting the battery and the SSD worked for me. Thank you so much!
    If any of you are struggling to unscrew the back, you need a Pentalobe 1.2mm screwdriver. I think the Phillips#00 model also does the trick. Personally – I made do with a sharp knife. It can really mess up your screws though so be careful

  38. Holding the power button THEN connecting the cable worked, thanks fam

  39. jessymotion pictures

    i used a magnified glass and noticed a bunch of corrosion on way too much stuff apple is garbage

  40. Thank you very much sir, it's working.

  41. The second one worked thanks!!

  42. I'm about to cry it worked finally yes the second one worked for me !!!

  43. Didn't work!! My Gameboy still won't turn on!

  44. maurits van slooten


  45. Isabella Yuki Cross


  46. MacBook Air A1304 power issues

  47. did it all and the last step mad my display get burned so what do i do now?

  48. everytime i need to disconnect SSD and reconnect it to turn mac ON. And when its on it works fine.
    Whats the issue ?