A Wilhelm Scream – "I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz" Nitro Records

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  1. "The sound is tight! My name's Rutherford Woodcock, from TNA Management, my friends call me 'Sw00pz'."

  2. Career Suicide is the best album ever.

  3. SWOOPS 2020.

  4. Josh Earle, the 1st of his name

    A solo
    then BOOM

  5. Intro – Sum 41 -casualty of society ?

  6. I don't even think there was a wilhelm scream in the video

  7. T & A management – I just got that after 10 years. The Scream will never die!!!!!!!! Best band there is, full stop.

  8. Is that A&R guy the same actor who plays Farva in Super Troopers?

  9. Serpentina Dahlhaus

    Seeing these guys for the second time on the 1st. Fucking stoked! Had someone stage dive into my face when they played this song last time haha.

  10. not hardcore music fucking californien

  11. this is the same as that anniversary video.

  12. Thanks Ray

  13. Ray 🙂

  14. Forus, Mute and Strung Out are just as technical I think.

  15. …….. Since NOFX you mean?

  16. Holy shit.. Is Rutherford Woodcock sergeant Favre from Super Troopers??

  17. sherpaderp dingo

    that's bone enducing

  18. I knew you are a good man! in my opinion Strung Out are the sickes punk guitarists in this fukkking world!! 😉

  19. Fuck yes!

  20. awesome

  21. strung out maybe too 😉

  22. That's why he said "probably", don't come here pretending you know everything.

  23. I understand what you are saying, but I don't agree. If those were real fans (and i'm not trying to say that you aren't or some others aren't), they wouldn't care about the look of the band so much.

  24. UnleashTheButthert

    Are you a homophobe?

  25. UnleashTheButthert

    Shut your mouth.

  26. Goddamn right.

  27. Is that Kevin Heffernan (Farva from Super Troopers) as Swoops, the A&R guy?

  28. overthehedgeisamovie

    what an original music video concept

  29. 0:57 i would make a Sarah Jessica Parker joke, but seriously there's a fucking horse in the background

  30. this bands kills… fuck any the pop punk shit of today… if you cant enjoy this, you shouldnt be listening to punk

  31. because they think they are better if they ONLY listen to music that not many others do,,, I don't give a fuck though if it's a big pop punk band or not if it sounds good then I will listen.

  32. Well, as I was looking at it, pop punk bands get the tatts, the look and try to look like a set image. hence them being forced into a look that isn't exactly them.

    I don't know, it's all open to interpretation