How to ACTUALLY Choose! M1 MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro vs Mac Mini

Want to make sure you choose the best M1 Mac? I got all three M1 Macs this year, the Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – I use them and think they are each a good fit for the right user. I’m also going to bring up some reasons why some users shouldn’t upgrade to these devices. So if you’re considering getting either the #apple M1 Mac Mini, M1 #macbookair or M1 #macbookpro, or if you already got one and want to make sure you got the one that’s the best value for what you need – this video should help.

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  1. What's up everyone?! I hope this comparison of the M1 Macs helped you pick the right one for your needs.

    Would love to know what you think. Are you considering one of these and which one would you get? I am grateful in advance 🙏

    ⭐️ 2020 M1 Mac Mini: (affiliate)

    ⭐️ 2020 M1 MacBook Pro: (affiliate)

    ⭐️ 2020 M1 MacBook Air: (affiliate)

  2. My ex wife had a MacBook Pro back in 2014 and I was able to record my first record on it and pump out copies of it onto CDs in about 2-5 minutes per disk. She also had a temper and would throw her laptop from time to time. It got some dents but never broke. PLUS, a 2 liter of coke got spilled right onto the keyboard and it still kept going strong.

    They’re built so strong compared to any laptop I’ve ever seen. There’s probably some of those work dedicated laptops that are built like those old yellow Motorola beep beep phones that were pretty much bulletproof lol but, you would have to search for durable laptops in specific.

    As for power and programs… the Pro is still ideal to me. I just can’t afford one right now as I’m remodeling my studio.

    I’ll probably get a used mini for $150 off eBay in the meantime.

  3. I use one external screen for photoediting

  4. Your content is so good! Thanks for keeping it straight to the point less about tech tests! I’m looking to get a man mini 16gb for design and UX + LG UL500 display. That’s what I can afford. What do you think?

  5. Money is the first factor to decide which one to buy 😄

  6. Great video. But may I ask, we’re all three of these base models?

  7. Excellent vidéo

  8. Hi! Mac M1 8 Gb make very SWAP!! Life time is low! Recomend, 16gb!

  9. 1:17 ah yes, profesyenel konten kreeatur

  10. i am a student and i am using a very slow condition Asus laptop . can i buy mac mini to make my laptop faster ? i cant afford pro or air

  11. Looks like the only use for Macbooks these days is video editing.

  12. got Mac Mini 16 GB 512 SSD to fulfill my desktop requirements. As you mentioned, i have an iPad , company issued Laptop to fulfill my portability requirements.

  13. Hello, kindly can you tell is that 8GB RAM mac mini enough for run latest adobe products( not using video editing tasks too much) ? I am not creating huge video editing tasks. Basically use graphic design softwares. Sometimes i run those softwares same time. So, let me know is that enough 8gb ram? Let me know?😊

  14. I want to do video editing on after effects. which one do you recommend me to get?

  15. Is 8GB ram good for video editing for Mac Air?? Or should i upgrade to 16gb???

  16. Please make a review of Windows running on M1

  17. Hey man. AmaZing content, love your stuff! I can't wait to see more videos because I'm addicted lol. But if you didn't actually return your M1 Pro, don't give the video a title that alludes to that. Wouldn't want to see this channel go down the clickbait road. But nonetheless, great content.

  18. Is Macbook Air good enough for programming?

  19. Mac mini and an iPad and I’m good son!

  20. I’d like to know how the battery performs in both the MacBook Pro and Air when connected to an external monitor. Thanks

  21. Can I purchase those for programming and how long they will lust

  22. I am considering the Mac Mini as a replacement for my 2011 IMac 27” display. Any recommendations for a non apple display?? The old IMac still runs albeit much slower then any newer computer.

  23. Just bought an M1 Air today. Returned back the Lenovo Thinkpad I bought few days ago.

    M1 just beats everything, I cannot believe my eyes actually. It's like a powerhouse in such a small package. Just a few months ago I still believed that it makes sense to buy x96 computer… But today… No way!

  24. Hello! I have an old iMac approx 2011. If I bought a Mini, could I link this to the built in monitor I have or would I have to buy a new monitor?

  25. Why not compare 16Gb prices???

  26. The Mac Mini is such a good value proposition. Been so tempted to pick one up, but going to hand fire and see what comes this year. Great video, really enjoyed it.

  27. m1-16gb ssd wear issue?

  28. If the decision is down to a $100 between the pro and the air, would you recommend going for the pro?

  29. What do you think about the fast downgrading on the SSD of the M1 macs? I don’t know if I should get an intel Mac right now and wait for the second generation M1 macs


  31. Actually, you can run Windows in Mac, there’s Parallel Windows.

  32. Can I add 4 display with M1 Mac Mini

  33. I got the Mac Mini a month ago. I love it. for work and personal use. hook that up to a nice monitor and good to go.

  34. Alexxander Thomas

    Great content. Just subscribed. Wondering if you know how long it will take third party plug ins like waves, for music production to be compatible with the new M1

  35. @Tech Gear Talk… can you check if this is true… with Apple products especially the new ones… even if there is an extremely teeny tiny problem then you are screwed. Apple themselves CANNOT repair their own products… They will straight away tell you to buy a new product. Is this true?

  36. I could imagine him saying "UNAGI"

  37. David Gatchalian

    Good video – just got the base MAC Mini but did upgrade to 16GB. Worked really well cause I already had a Windows set-up going to an external monitor with a Logitech Master KB and Mouse. Just added a video switch and presto.

  38. Great review again:))

  39. One question. Mac mini + good monitor, keyboard and a mouse or wait for the m1 Imac wich includes all of the above ?

  40. I think I’ll get a Mac Mini 16g 1Tb in March unless the 24” iMac M1x comes out. My 2014 MBP is lagging behind for editing C4K BRAW from my Blackmagic camera system… Something good enough for now and then 2022 a Mac Pro Mini M2 or M3 as a heavy duty desktop with heady duty GPU.