M1 MacBook Pro 14" Review: The One to Buy!

The M1 MacBook Pro 14 Two Week Review: small in size but not in features. In this review I talk about how awesome this entry level (base spec) MacBook M1 Pro is!
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The 2021 M1 Pro includes a brighter screen, new ports, better battery and incredible power! Plus why I think the M1 Pro 14 is probably the best value for money model to buy this year.

I’ve exclusively used the 14 to edit photos in Lightroom and create videos in Final Cut Pro over the last week, and can safely say it’s more than enough for most tasks. I’ll also compare it to the 16 M1 Max (exporting speed and screen size) as well as going over the pros and cons of the 14.

Thanks for watching, Chris.

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M1 MacBook Pro (US) =
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00:00 | Intro
00:53 | Inside the Box
01:23 | Design
01:55 | Portability
02:51 | Screen Size
06:31 | Power and Speed
08:50 | Ports are Back!
09:57 | Keys and Track Pad
11:12 | Speakers
12:05 | Battery and Charging
12:51 | Spec and Prices
13:23 | Which MacBook Pro?

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  1. Thank you for the continued support everyone 🙏

  2. Why do you sound like Just Josh 🥴👌

  3. Currenlty rocking an Intel 16". Debating whether I'd miss the screen real estate going for the 14" but really considering it.
    Thanks for the video!

  4. finally picked up an M1 Pro 14in to replace my Pro I messed up last year and I love this thing

  5. A good and concise review. Thank you!

  6. Ordering my 14” this week!

  7. miracle ovwigho

    I'll go for the 14 inch 🙏🏽☺️

  8. 512gb its full after i import myu music from apple and some movies to watch offline… but hey if you are only doing exel and word your fine… just get as many Ram as you can afford …more is better for the system preformance ..

  9. My 15” Macbook Pro never leaves my desk so 16” is for me

  10. I subscribed because you don't mess about

  11. Russell Barrett

    I’ve ordered the 16”. Max. Just got to wait until August 🙃

  12. Had the 14" but it felt super cramped. I thought maybe 16" but was concerned as everybody was complaining about it's weight. Bought the 16" have never looked back and it doesn't weigh much at all, definitely still a portable device by a mile.

  13. As a creator this was an incredibly helpful review! Thank you!

  14. Nice review! I have chosen the 14'' inch and 16 RAM. I am happy to see that it can worth it and I can use it in programming tasks 🙂

  15. Beniamin Milczarczyk

    Wrong you still need a dongle for usb-A still a very common connectivity input.

  16. Divyanshu Singh

    The 1st thing he notice was screen and 1stbthing I notice is notch

  17. I will buy a MackBook Pro 14 inch with expect of 10cores, 16Gb Ram and I think i will go with 1Tb of SSD.

  18. Has the usb-c cable provided by Apple ever stopped working? Because I bought a m1 chip Macbook Air today & connected it via the usb-c cable Apple Provided to my LG ultrafine mionitor But it did not work. My usb-c cable that came with my iPad Pro didn't work Either. Then I used the usb-c cable that came with the LG Monitor & That Worked. I did some poking around and it seems this usb-c connection has been a issue for some people. I was wondering have you ever experienced this issue? because from this video that apple cable works just as it should. but mine didn't.

  19. Just looking for my next Mac so this was very useful, thank you.

  20. Hi, I got by mistake got deep sharp scratch on display, what should I do now?

  21. Will be great to have 16 inch. For doing some 3d modeling and video editing. Bigger size skreen in all apps is bettter for me.

  22. Over the last 5 yesrs I’ve gone: MacBook 12” to MacBook Air 13 to MacBook Pro 15 to MacBook Pro 16 (with a MacBook Air M1 for travel).. and now yesterday just ordered the baseline MacBook Pro 14 aiming for that as the only machine going forward. I’m not doing video/photo editing, mainly ICT process-design, architecture and documentation.

  23. Oh god i really want to know about photo editing!! Not

  24. Joseph Rawsthorne

    I wonder if they will bring m1 ultra to MacBook or even m2 ultra 🤯

  25. Love the screen size on the 16”, but ultimately went 14” for myself. I think either way, I wouldn’t have any regrets. And super impressed to know you shot this on your iPhone, great work!

  26. Albert Gonzalez

    Great job man. Is the fan noise very noticeable on the 14 inch model? Because my work requires system virtualization so I can have up to 3 operating systems at the same time and I don't want to have the sound of an airplane when I'm working.

  27. Bethel Studios KE

    Great Review.

  28. My employer finally let me choose a new work machine. It had to be something from Dell or Apple, so I chose the Macbook Pro 16. For personal use, I before had already ordered a 14" Thinkpad Yoga (paid my own money), now I am curious which of the machines I will use more, once they have arrived.

  29. Tesla Perfection

    Very well done video.

  30. Radek Holešinský

    Spec-wise it is a great device but personally I have really a problem with the PWM and its relatively lower frequency even compared to MBA which is often not mentioned. After few hours of work, my eyes feel very tired which doesnt happen on 5 year old windows machine I rather prefer due to this aspect. Unfortunatelly I am returning the MBP 14 because of this