Apple MacBook Pro 16 Real-World Test (Performance, Battery Test, & Vlog)

Using the Apple MacBook Pro 16 I do some real-world performance tests, battery tests, and answer whether you should get the MacBook Pro 16 or the MacBook Pro 14. Come watch!


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MacBook Pro 14:
MacBook Pro 16:



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  1. Nicolás Aguilar

    its so hard to decide😅

  2. I’ve always gotten the 16 in macs because I feel as if I need to accomplish and actually do big-boy work on them. Whenever I use a smaller laptop it just feels weird

  3. I ordered 14

  4. I usually like big laptops but the 16 inch Macbook is too big for portability. It's bigger and heavier than Windows laptops with a 15.6 inch screen

  5. I have been working off the 13-inch Macbook Pros forever. I want a bigger screen without having to buy a monitor or a desktop. At this point, I want a laptop with a bigger screen. After getting a 16-inch Macbook Pro as a work computer — it only fueled my desire to purchase a 16-inch Macbook Pro for myself. If I want something more portable I'll just take my ipad or 13 inch Macbook pro with me instead.

  6. Is their any rumours on face I’d coming to the mbp

  7. For serious pro work, 16" is a no brainer. It goes through the tasks like a workhorse, 14" is kind of a gimmick compared to 16". It works ok until it get's warm then all system fails.
    As a professional photographer I have opportunity if not a requirement to have both.
    14" is a basic (M1,16gb ram) model, 16" is maxed up (m1max,64gb ram,gpu32c)… I got 16" 3 months after 14", and for sure I did a real life comparison.
    As photographer I use medium format camera, as well as full frame, so all files are huge. I use Lightroom, Capture one and Photoshop software, many times interlinked… To be brief, all the tools that serious pro uses, and I do hdrs, panoramas etc.. So there's no room to hide for the hardware.
    So after 4 months onward, this are my findings:

    14" (16gb ram, basic graphic, 1tb)
    ok for a very basic tasks, it's great actually if you keep it simple and not load up very demanding projects.
    If you keep the quantity low, few 10 files for edit, export, retouch, etc… it shines out any intel based laptops immediately. It doesn't lag, all is smooth and it is on pair with maxed out 16".
    I love the size, bam you throw it in the photobag and you're off. Love it!
    as soon as bigger project come, with hundreds, thousands of shots, among which there are panoramas, hdrs, 1:1 previews etc..lots of 100% views of 100mp files,
    things fall back immensely. I say immensely to be compared to Intel laptops, if not even worse.
    With heavy load, Lightroom starts to lag so much, that at times it is impossible to work, every click on a brush takes few seconds of a "wheel time", which makes you wanna throw the laptop at the wall :). Don't but it is hideous.
    Therefore, for a quick jobs in-out, great. For a serious workstation, nope nope and nope. Gimmick!

    16" (64gb ram, 32c gpu, 2tb)
    throw at it whatever you want, it goes through like a knife thru butter.
    I think that's not just the maxed out spec, but just the size. Cramping all the spec into 14" has to come with some tradeoffs. I can't even imagine what would happen if I'd get maxed out 14". It would fry, I guess.

    LR export:

    46 edited files at 100mp to resized JPG= 14" needed 31 seconds more
    187 edited files at 100mp to resized JPG= 16" (7:22min) / 14" (15.24min) …14" slowed down after 4 minutes drastically. Which might be due to the heat that kicked in and slowed down everything.
    …now imagine you are working on something else while exporting on 14". Of course on other occasions I did, and it only slows down the export even more. Don't even think of using other heavy duty software when process power slows down, you are in for a chain reaction when all just becomes a dream where you try to run but you can't.

    So if you are in for a serious work, needing a workstation;
    16" is the only way, don't be mislead by reviewers who in most cases are not professionals in video/photo world.

  8. just got my 14 and im GOOOOOOD with it, for years i use 17 inch portables pcs and they are heavy, if you travel aloth you will need less eight, your back will thank you later on. More portable and same performances !

  9. IThe trackpad was bigger on the 15 than 13 inch usb c versions too.

  10. I will buy a 16’ Mac Book Pro, with 32 Core GPU, 64 GB of RAM, and a 4TB SSD. I have been using a 17’ Mac Book Pro, with 16GB of RAM, 2 TB SSD (originally with a 750GB HDD), and I had continual Graphics Card issues, which I had to have “repaired” four different times! Apple deserted their Customers who bought their Top-of-the-Line iMacs and Mac Book Pros, knowing that their Graphics Cards were defective, and I will get a nearly Maxxed-out Mac this time, since it can’t be upgraded, and Apple is lucky that I prefer Mac OS and their Industrial design. Apple really doesn’t deserve my business again, they have made a blazing fast M1-based Super Line of Macs, but I am furious about how Customers have been treated, and I am a Stockholder, so I appreciate the growth of the company, but despise the treatment of Customers, Assemblers, and Employees. They finally restored MOST of the Ports and MagSafe!

  11. Bassel Abul-Hajj

    Forget the computers, tell us more about that sandwich.

  12. i mainly had a hard decision between 14 and 16" because of the price… I wanted 1TB SSD at least, but this was out of budget on the 16", and i also had an interest in probably trying 14".

    I easily decided for the base 16" model with only 512GB SSD, idc that much since i use multiple USB-C/Thunderbolt external SSDs with 1-2TB.

  13. Dominik Müller

    Hey, nice video! And I like your couch! Do you mind telling the product name/manufacturer?

  14. Here is my question for all YouTubers am so sorry sir you is the only one that have to hear this… Why is Final Cut or any production apps are the golden standard for any review for all Mac? There are many people that really dont care about Video or music production… I am not a hater obviously I enjoy them all….

  15. outside therapy experience

    First things first😂. Assuming your beans are quality, a good pull is mostly influenced by your tamp and your grind. The goal is to create the right amount of resistance for proper extraction. I'm sure there are yt videos galore out there that will explain it better than I can trying to type it out here. Also, an open bottom portafilter is super helpful in visually verifying the shot. It helps speed up the adjustment process because you can see how it's extracting (evenness and proper color for the different phases of the shot). Someone probably sells them for that machine, I made my own by drilling out the bottom of mine with a circular bit. Again I'll bet yt has a video on someone doing it for your machine that will tell you what size bit to get.

    Now on to the topic at hand. Great video and thank you for doing it. I'm wondering if you use NR in your renders and if so does that bog down the render times considerably? Here is my situation;

    Currently editing on a 13" mbp 1.4ghz i5 processor in davinci. I do the usual color corrections, usually add some effects, and use NR around 22 temporal and 4-5 spatial. My videos are around 40 min to 1 hr in length and my render times are usually between 6 and 14 hours long. If I don't apply noise reduction the renders are around 4 – 6 hrs long.

    I'm looking to upgrade because these render times are killing me. My final product needs to have noise reduction because I shoot in low light and get a lot of dancing pixels that are distracting. So I'm wondering if you have any idea what kind of improvements I might see with an upgrade? Right now I have my eye on the 16" because I like the idea of more screen real-estate and my eyes aren't getting any younger.

    Thanks again for the comparison!

  16. Just bought 16 inch M1 pro waiting for delivery today. I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro for portability. 16 inch is staying in home

  17. wendell solomons

    Most annoying video ever…and that after 45 seconds of it

  18. I don't know wich to choose yet hahaha. I have a 15' 2015 mbp but got too much problems with power cable, i replaced the dc port and the cable 2 months ago, now is burnt again. I am mobile developer and got used to larger screen sizes because I use emulators and stuff. Actually don't know if 14' is enough but seems to be like the same in performance. Another thing is, here where I live, apple products usually costs +20~40% more of the real price than in the USA and the 16' seems to be cheaper if I compare them at scale. Tough decision here! hahaha.

  19. 14” for myself. I compared both in store and 16” is just too big/heavy to be used as a portable computer. For the price difference I purchased a monitor and now I have a large desktop setup and a very portable 14” laptop for on the go. Best of both worlds.

  20. Hi @TheUnlockr , could you please do a video on desk set, especially the one with the 49 inch monitor ( also maybe if you could review 49 inch monitor with MacBook Pro 16 inch that would be great. Amazing content, appreciate your videos, thanks.

  21. OMG thank you Apple for making a laptop where you show off your true innovation by adding ports other laptops have had (including this one) for over a decade. It’s nice to know you’re the leader in taking things away only to be praised for bringing it back. You’re like that friend that demands a thank you for returning that $50 he borrowed from you three years ago.

  22. Good vid… but you did glaze over the better speaker sound in the 16-inch that most other reviewers pointed out.
    – I’m saving up for the 16 base, 1 TB (should be next month).
    – make sure you pack your espresso and bob the milk when steaming it to forth (I made millions of coffee drinks in the 80s)

  23. people are making way too many videos about this topic. just buy both, use the maxed out 16" at home for desk setup and the entry level 14" sits in your bag for travel. done deal, saved you all a ton of time.

  24. Kamerton Audiophile player

    I would by 16", since use an external monitor 85% of my time, but I will get 64Gb.

  25. The battery can only be compared in percentages, if the two MacBooks charge with the same power uptake, otherwise it's obvious that the 16" takes longer to charge e.g. 28% than the 14" as it has a larger battery

  26. neither 🤯

  27. What do you think about the new Macbook Pros vs the Windows Surface Studios? I love the design of the new surfaces, but the macbooks have so much more power under the hood. I can't really decide and since you used both, maybe you give a little feedback on that.

    Love your videos <3

  28. I must say i found your contents very informative. I am undecided between Apple Macbook Pro/Max 16" and Dell 9710. As the expert, pleased advised me of the pro's and con's of either. Thank you

  29. Is there any resolution or brightness between screens?