MacBook Air M1 2020 Space Gray Unboxing

MacBook Air 2020 M1 Space Grey | unboxing video in 4k

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  1. ordered yesterday lol

  2. I’m debating between this and the new M2 MacBook Air? Can someone help me choose which one?

  3. I think most of us here have purchased this and waiting for our order to arrive and we are just making sure we made the right choice on not choosing the macbook pro haha

  4. I am getting a Macbook from school i am so happy. 🙂

  5. Hii guys is it better to buy apple products from website or from shopping platform

  6. Anandhakrishnan V S

    I just ordered one, Receiving tmmrw, So excited 😍

  7. Good Job

  8. Green3D / tull089

    omg apple didnt save plastic this year!!!111!!!!11

  9. Great video! Thanks!

  10. yasirmuhamad bashir

    my guy said backbook air im laughing 😗🤣🤣🤣😂😂🙂😂🙂😂

  11. Thank you for the tutorial! My MacBook Air is coming tommorow…. XD

  12. I just ordered it today 🙈 This is my biggest purchase for this year hahhaa. I’m excited tho

  13. My M1 Macbook air coming in a few days

  14. Well done, is there a bottom, access, how wide does the lid open?

  15. I had just placed an order for this, and honestly i’m new to using laptops…do you have a tutorial for it? Is there anything that i need to know about using the laptop? 😭

  16. 😍

  17. ❤️

  18. Interesting comments about needing a Pro (not an Air) to edit video. This is in stark contrast to many videos on Youtube that say the exact opposite. I get that it is just an unboxing video, but I'm not sure that's good advice.

  19. Somebody needs to buy me one I edit a lot on my YouTube Nevy Davies and this will be so good for me

  20. screen protector for MacBook is actually dangerous as it will damage the retina

  21. Shaheen Matthews

    For me the silver one is a must but they out of stock in my country. 😵

  22. Im confused between the silver and space gray , but the The silver it’s already sold out here so I’m only stuck with a space gray one

  23. does the apple logo illuminate?

  24. nice video!

  25. the cheapest MacBook is literally expensive btw I got a MacBook Pro can’t wait to check it outtt

  26. I just ordered this MacBook Air, I'm so excited I will receive it tomorrow ! I'm just here to reassure myself of my purchase haha

  27. I'm ordering my macbook air space grey and wanted to assure if I made the right choice HAHA 😄

  28. I can really tell your fingers really oily… so many smudges

  29. watching this with my new MacBook Air space grey.. yeayyy!

  30. im planning on buying the macbook air m1,and am thinking about the base model however but not sure yet if i should get a better version with higher memory, storage, gpu etc

  31. Which one is the best color for macbook air?