14" MacBook Pro vs 13" MacBook Pro: ULTIMATE Comparison!

We FINALLY have Apple’s brand new M1 Pro 14″ MacBook Pro so let’s compare LITERALLY EVERYTHING to the previous 13″ Intel MacBook Pro to see if Intel is now DEAD or not..
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Timestamps ⬇️
14″ MacBook Pro vs 13″ MacBook Pro – 00:00
Unboxing & First Impressions – 00:39
Comparing the Internals – 03:50
Design & Size Differences – 07:56
Speaker Quality Comparison – 11:20
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 13:00
Display Differences & Quality – 13:50
Blackmagic SSD Speed Test – 16:47
Geekbench 5 CPU Test – 17:52
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU – 18:48
GFXBench Aztec Ruins – 19:56
Initial Thermal Testing – 21:04
Cinebench R23 Stress Test – 22:48
Xcode Programming – 26:51
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 28:31
Adobe Super Resolution – 29:29
4K H.265/HEVC Video Editing – 31:47
4K ProRes RAW to ProRes 422 – 33:55

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  2. I want one of those
    please and thanks

  3. Apple products keep their value very good.

    except it's a 15.000 € studio 😅

  4. MacBook if fantastic 💯😉🖤

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  7. Amazing how Apple has left Windows/Intel laptops in the dust.

  8. Awesome video. Can't wait to see rest of the reviews.

  9. i am thinking to buy the 13 mbp intel its more that half price of the 14

  10. Tony VanDenBossche

    Been waiting for the 14" pro. Really liked the real world tests, amazing results.

  11. Nice

  12. It’s has been overwhelming, for years there were promises of new and better machines. Now changes are occurring monthly. I know what I want but I am limited by a budget. Perhaps this giveaway may be life changing.

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  14. Florando Collado

    I prefer the 14" macbook pro. Apple products always exciting.

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  16. Lifeline Channel

    This 14" is an amazing computer, I love what I see, I never had a Mac book before but I hope some day to get one. If I win this competition it would be a dream, keep up the good work bro. Love the knowledge.

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    The new m1 MacBook Pro 14 is so cool. I'd love to have it

  18. Your videos are the best! Thanks for sharing!

  19. 2:12 “But I have to say, this cable is very nice…” IMMEDIATELY THROWS IT IN THE TRASH 🤣

  20. The usual detailed Apple launch week coverage along with relevant comments.

  21. wtf you think the old design is prettier????? I can't fathom liking these cheating curves over clean flat design of the new one.

  22. I am still figuring out… m1 macbook air vs 14inch m1..

    Your video just makes me want to buy 14inch and starve for a month!

    Thanks for your video!

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  24. the 14 is the sweetspot

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    How do I win a new MacBook Pro? I would love to have this to do same day edits – thanks for sharing this review 👍

  26. I am not a computer geek. Far from it but I enjoyed your comparison as I was just looking for a new laptop. I have a Macbook pro 2017 and I've had some issues with the computer. You have helped me understand that the 14" will be my choice. What I'm still confused about is if I need to upgrade the 14 at all to have the speed and power you're talking about.

    I am taking your clip along with me to the Apple store to ensure I'm getting the same one as you have described. I was looking at the 16" but it seems like I would not be getting much more than a larger screen and for the difference in price I don't think it is the right one for the money. Am i on the right track?

    Please add my name for the sweepstake.

  27. They basically transformed a Starbucks product in an actual pro product (finally)

  28. Don Martins Obioha

    what year was that 13 inch released? I thought apple now used m1 chips intead of intels and damn it has more ports than my own pro 13
    it's pretty!!!

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  36. We all know how powerful the new MacBook Pro 14 is (I have one and I had the MacBook intel version) so please on your video show no mercy and run the test of both of the MacBooks unplugged from the power!! Obviously we can see that you had the intel version plugged to the power but it doesn’t matter since the 14” will blow it no matter what, but for viewers is not fair that this test are done like this – Thank you for your videos, I enjoy them a lot !!

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  38. I just bought a MacBook Air M1 (13') mainly for studies and also for the budget. Thank you for the video! Max Tech

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  47. Roman Potochevsky

    I'm interested in the question of autonomy when comparing MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro (basic) vs MacBook Pro 13" M1.

    for me, battery life is just important, since it's very cool when a laptop can be used all day without charging, and the MacBook Pro 13 "M1 is top in this regard (I don't consider 16 inches because it's too bulky).
    but I also like the cooler screen and sound of the MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro + new design.

    and I’m wondering, if you remove 120 hertz and use the laptop only for watching videos, browsing and instant messengers without heavily loading the video core with graphics job, will the MacBook Pro 14 "M1 Pro lose significantly in the battery of the MacBook Pro 13" M1?

    And another question about heating? Is there a big difference between them in heating (when browsing and watching YouTube, etc.)?