M1 MacBook Air Unboxing and Initial Setup! The NEW Standard?!

The new M1 MacBooks are now in! And first up in the shoot is the brand new MacBook Air!

So what comes in the box and how easy is it to setup?

Lets find out!

M1 MacBook Air

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—————What Gear I Use!————————————————

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  1. JedCyrus Magbojos SC

    naol! can't afford the cheapest one, here in the Philippines it costs a whopping 54990.00, now it marked up +5000.

  2. Dante Viper Brandolini

    Totally Outstanding & Amazing M1 MacBook Air Unboxing and Initial Setup! Video by you Sir….😝👻👻👽👽👽

  3. Excellent! Thank you

  4. Hmmm. How long is this video?

  5. I'm saving my money to buy this laptop, I need it so bad for productivity and school purposes.

  6. Melinda McDaniel

    Did he buy the space grey or silver one in this video?

  7. It's one hand openable… But not on your wooden table….

  8. Its 400 nits

  9. what is the size inch of this macbook air?

  10. I am buying the same one

  11. I can open my MacBook with one hand but it took a while to get used to😂

  12. I would like to see a video on the best printer for the MBA.

  13. Can I install office word in that thing?

  14. This is the first YouTuber that I don’t skip to find the unboxing.

  15. Norazly Basarian

    You funny! I enjoyed watching your video

  16. I’m just mad that they only put 2 USB-C ports. Macbook air 2015 had a charging port (the magnetic kind), 2 USB ports, a SD card slot, a headphone jack port and a thunderbolt. They should at least put 2 more USB C ports to make up for those

  17. Cydney Strickland

    I am at a toss up. I am an online college student and I am on my computers for hours at a time doing intense papers and research, among other tasks. Will the air keep up? I’ve heard yes and no. I am trying to wait for the Mac event to decide if I want to wait or get either the air or the Mac Pro M1. I have the Mac mini m1 and love it. But I need a laptop with my disabilities. Thank you!

  18. Muhammad Hannan Zia

    Is the hard case for the macbook safe?
    Or it causes any damage to the macbook?

    Please answer!!!!!

  19. 2:50 sounds painful

  20. Waiting for the larger internal memory version 1 or 2 TB

  21. You talk man… alot

  22. Hmmmm. Box looks like a box

  23. Bro after first part of heading, rest you talked a lot

  24. I'm stuck in a loop where I keep cycling through Gary's videos

  25. It is 400 bits on MacBook Air M1 and 500 nits on MacBook Pro M1

  26. What were you doing with your phone during setup?

  27. Dude I am Jealous about your veins!!!

  28. Sir, were you drunk in this video?

  29. you should play roblox with me 😀