MacBook Pro 13 Review – This M1 is Insane!

Review of the MacBook Pro 13 2020 with Apple M1 Processor. This Apple M1 chip is fast, its light and has really great battery life. This is a big jump in CPU performance for low powered CPUs. Watch for the full video! Apple Silicon is impressive.

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  1. This is a big deal. A huge deal to be able to offer this type of performance, battery life in such a low powered chip while staying nearly silent. I'm impressed and excited. Can't wait to see one of these things with a dedicated GPU 👌. Hit me up on if you have any questions.

  2. Karl Travel Dude

    Hello and thank you , dose the 256 SSD have 2 128 SSD to make 256 GIG memory ?? Thank you

  3. Still now I dont think anyones topped this

  4. Apple MacBook Air 13.3" with Retina Display, M1 Chip with 8-Core CPU and 7-Core GPU

    Click Here:

  5. I am just looking for something that can easily connect to public wifi and watch youtube on. Will this do it? And email and facebook etc?

  6. should i buy the macbook pro 13 inch 2020?

  7. 2021 (MacBook pro M1) MVP Laptop for all Apple users

  8. Great review. This was my first apple product having used windows in my previous job. Now, i'm self employed running my own drone service provider, I have fully adopted the apple ecosystem ! I'm learning FCPX on this M1 and it is brilliant. Thanks for the vid watching from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  9. i wanted to add a late comment due to I have owned this model for over a year now. The battery is better than anything else I have seen. I am going to school and work full time and this has been the perfect blend of power and mobility that fits the needs of my day to day schedule.

  10. bro I just got this laptop for christmas and I’m even more hyped now first new laptop in 10 years

  11. Does this laptop work better with 16GB of memory to run 4K video or is 8GB enough?

  12. Can I play fifa 2022 in this ? I'm planning to buy this..

  13. is it good for using autocad and 3d rendering softwares?

  14. Leo_209_Aquatics

    Had a question I can get it for 1099.99 or should I get the MacBook Air M1

  15. your comparing two architectures RISC cpu's are always going to win in low power the read data different and more effcient, but when you get CISC like x86_64 the more you pump into the cpu the more power you get, can do that with a RISC cpu other wise it blows. X86 will always destroy a ARM in brute power.
    if a M1 was power as people wish it was it would be able to game.

  16. The Systems Ninja

    This review convinced me that buying the new "Macbook Pro 13 with M1 chip" along with 16GB Unified RAM and 512GB SSD is worth the money!! Thanks, Matt!

  17. I have had countless laptops and desktops through the years from many different brands. Some more expensive and "higher end" than this one. But this has been the computer that has been my favorite. It seems expensive, and well it is. But I promise you every single dollar you spend on it is more than worth it.

    I've never seen a computer that is as close to a jack of all trades at this price point. Display is 10/10, battery life is 10/10, and after a a year and a half of heavy use, it still runs as smooth as it did out of the box so that is also 10/10. I've even partitioned and got windows to play some PC games. Ofc it is no high end gaming computer, but oh boy did it surprise me. I was able to play some medium-spec games at a good graphics setting with no issue outside of the occasional loud fan noise. I would literally say that it is almost as capable at running PC games as a lot of medium-end HP/Dell laptops that people use for work. For an apple computer, that is absolutely outstanding.

    I literally have no negative things to say about it. The only things I can think of are not bad things, but rather small stuff I wish they added like more types of ports, but thats honestly just nitpicking. If you want a laptop that can literally do it all, this computer is worth every penny.

  18. I have never heard anyone talking with so much passion about a laptop. This guy loves what he does.

  19. nun_daless_nooncents

    Buying my 2021 MacBook pro 13.3 m1 528gb can't wait fuck ya

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