MacBook Pro 2022 Release Date and Price – NEW 14 inch Display Leak!

The BASE Model M1 MacBook Pro is being upgraded to a NEW 14 inch Display in the M2 MacBook Pro 2022 Model!
I also want to share the latest on the Apple MacBook Pro 2022 Release Date and Price and a summary of everything we know so far including a specs review!

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M1 Pro/Max 14″ MacBook Pro;
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iPad Pro M1 12.9 (2021):
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Laptop Stand:
Samsung 32” 4K Monitor:
Samsung T5 Portable 1TB SSD:
Aukey USB-C Hub:
Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard:
Apple Magic Mouse 2:
Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock:

Channel Site;

For now in these videos we are doing the latest leaks first and a recap of what we know altogether about the MacBook Pro models.

I will also have the latest MacBook Pro Price information for the Pro Models;
16 inch MacBook Pro
14 inch MacBook Pro

So do check out my Channel for more details on these!

Special thanks for the concepts and footage from;

Matt Talks Tech; All of these concepts have been created by myself. Useage of these concepts need my concent and agreement first.
Apple; Keynote videos

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0:00 What Pro Model is Getting M2?
1:54 LATEST NEWS – 14 inch Display!
4:10 Release Date!
5:44 Price, Specs & Design!

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  1. Does a LARGER Screen Entry Level MacBook Pro sound EXCITING to you?

  2. We need a black colour

  3. Southern Gospel Music

    FOMO hittin hard. Just got my 14 inch MBP and love it, why release a new one a year after releasing one. Ugh.

  4. so the version with 16 gb of ram and 512gb would almost have the same price as the m1 pro with the same specs, that is somewhat weird

  5. If I had a dollar for every time you said 'MacBook Pro' I'd be rich…

  6. Apple, please remove the notch for the next release…

  7. webcam only 720 pixels?!?

  8. This presenter took 8 minutes to convey 15 seconds of information 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. If it still has that ridiculous notch, it's a flop.

  10. Hello Matt.. Please I need to make an inquiry on how the process for the lucky winners of your give away is being carried out because like you said their are a lot of scammers pretending to be you. So if you don't mind, please elaborate.

  11. still got that hideous notch then, i need a macbook pro but that notch is really putting me off.

  12. Would love to get the MacBook !

  13. I need to buy Macbook before all the models have notch

  14. VIP Music Tech Studios

    Greetings Matt, I am a new subscriber to the channel! And I got to say i really enjoy all of the latest content that you have been posting! Though I have a question, regarding the M2 macs set to come out very soon, as a person who uses tech would you recommend waiting till the launch of these devices to get one? Or should I just go for one of the options we have for the mac currently?

  15. Congratulations

  16. Hopefully they will discontinue the practice of soldering the SSD to the motherboard making it impossible to upgrade and/or repair the machine once the SSD dies which is certain to happen at some point.

  17. Impossible. I don't recall Apple ever release MacBook Pro every year.

  18. Ipad Air

  19. I just hope Thay keep the boxy shape the new MacBook Pro look so beautiful

  20. I am thinking of getting myself a ipad air 5 which should be my first apple product


  22. As I student, a Mac book pro would be super helpful, and I’m definitely looking forward to future designs (preferably without the notch). For my birthday I hope my parents can help pay for a new iPhone 13! Do you think I should wait until the 14? I have an iPhone 7 Plus now

  23. Thanks for the love
    And Support, 🔝🔝hit up🎁.

  24. I’m so excited for this MacBook 😁😁

  25. Who can upgrade every year ,,,,,lol corporate greed trash the environment

  26. ISHIMWE Thierry Henry

    Hi,I'm planning to buy an apple gear this year like an ipad or macbook so as to continue pursuing well with my studies in university and making good music as a music producer as well,so I wish I could get such a giveaway Matt!

    And honestly speaking congratulations 👏to 300k subscribers let's hit 350k subscribers 🏆

  27. ISHIMWE Thierry Henry

    Cool 😎

  28. I don't have any phone at the moment i would like to get new iPhone 13 Pro Max

  29. Dheeraj Jayakumar

    Congrats on the 350k subs
    The entry level mac book pro would be prefect for people with blogging channels and so to keep up the budget and continue on their powerful editing too

  30. Lukas Lim bing feng (Tkss)

    COngrats on 350k subscribers, cant wait for the giveaway video!!!!

  31. i dont want macbook pro its wast of money for me (i am a student) i want macbook air which is comparatively cheaper and worth the price!!!!