MacBook Air M1 Review: 6 months later

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Review of the Apple M1 MacBook Air in 2021 after using it for 6 months!

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  1. Rithika Vidusahan

    I got the m1 MacBook Air last week and the battery life and performance has been out of this world. definitely recommend for students and relatively light users Cus this machine is a beast for normal tasks. Even though the machine can handle stuff like video editing and other intensive tasks I wouldn't really recommend this machine for that person definitely go for the pro.

  2. I Have got the MacBook Air M1 16 GB RAM, I love the tapered design, I love that it is silent (no fan) and not get hot, it is fast for anything, I do not waiting for exporting edited heavy image file. Apple do NOT change the tapered design !!!

  3. The lack of ports is the main reason I haven't bought one and really hoping Apple put them back in for the next update, do you think they will? Or do you think Apple are pathetic enough to only give ports to 'Pro's'.?

  4. I’m from future.. M1 pro and m1 max coming in future

  5. I just bought one for my mother in law to replace an ancient Windows machine. Not likely to see a redesign for another year on the Air, so figured I'd just drop the hammer on the 2020 model. Kudos for using the traditional silver color – enough with the space grey nonsense. Looking forward to the next gen Pro models which I'll buy for myself :). Typing this on a 2012 Retina i7 13" Pro gives me hope that the 2020 M1 Air will still be useful 10 years from now.

  6. Battery Life, Yep, in comparison to my Dell laptop that last maybe 5 hours, the Mac Air M1 is great…

  7. Little Tech Reviews

    Ur thumbnail was too bad but ur video is awsome

  8. I know I'm super late to comment here but I've been racking my brain on replacing my aging computer from college in the last 4 weeks. I already have an Iphone but was looking at the many convertible laptops as better options since they're more versatile. This laptop just screams "purchase me."

  9. I’m trying to get rid of mine, I purchased it brand new now trying to sell it for about $400.

  10. TypicallyUnique

    Honestly I love it. 10/10 product.

    ✅ Battery life is ridiculous.
    ✅ Performance is amazing.
    ✅ The materials used are metal and quality.
    ✅ The software is intuitive and easy to use.
    ✅ The price of it was amazing.

  11. Is your MacBook Air M1 the one with 8 Ram or 16 Ram?

  12. The Authentic Fan

    Fantastic review.
    Way better than the over-rated MKBHD.

  13. A middle man for finding apps, how pathetic 😂😂.

  14. Wow! Justin Timberlake's real name is Jon Rettinger, and became a Tech YouTuber! 😮

  15. can we buy this for studies ??

  16. Anyone having issues with the original MX Master on the M1 Air? Mine seems to be working ok for a while, but suddenly some of the buttons will not trigger the assigned functions on the Logi Options software. This seems to happen when I am running a RAM intensive application like Lightroom. When I use Lightroom I don't run any other intensive apps as I only have 8GB. It works perfectly on my 2014 MacBook Pro, so it's not the mouse. I've uninstalled the software and installed it again several times, tried with bluetooth and the unifying receiver and the behavior is the same. It seems that Logitech has not updated their software to be compatible with Apple Silicone.

  17. Colour With S - Adult Colouring

    Love mine!!

  18. Calm and Blissful

    Do you think the machine learning has something to do with battery life? Like the more it learns about how you use the computer, the more it does those tasks faster, but takes up more power?

  19. I can go almost a week using chrome, chrome really does kill my battery on my M1 MacBook Air. But everything else, can go hours on end on some applications and barely drains the battery. Good review!

  20. Daniel Arellano

    Just traded in my Mid-2014 ‘15 MacBook Pro 256GB for $490 towards a MacBook Air 512gb (plus a pair of free Airpods I will end up selling for $125 or so). I’d like to think a made a good decision? Lmk.

  21. Should i go for the MBA m1 or the huawei matebook d14?

  22. Jendeukie Manoban

    Just ordered this an hour ago!

  23. What bothers me…9:30… new to this [cpu manufacturing], atleast in the desktop-space.

    Really? It’s an ARM chip, used in a desktop device. And they made ARM chips for over a decade now. And also, at current state it does not feel much like a Desktop, if you are a software-developer at least, more like another device-environment where your software needs to be compiled for.

  24. *7 gpu cores. It has 8 processor cores.

  25. should i wait for 2021 model or get this?

  26. bruh there is never a 7 core m1 macbook pro

  27. The M1 Macbook Air is my everyday computer and I absolutely love it. It does just what I need it to do and for me, it's got an ageless design. Props to Apple.

  28. Its July, where computa?

  29. Great Vid, but small mistake. The basemodel MBP already has the 8 core GPU

  30. I wanna buy one, and willing to to pay a little extra. Which one should I put extra bucks? 16G of RAM or 512 G of storage?

    This will be my first experience in Mac OS.