M1 Max MacBook Pro Gaming Review: AAA Mac Gaming is HERE

Can the M1 Max 16″ MacBook Pro play AAA Games at 60/120FPS? Let’s find out!
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Apple has finally packed in a massive amount of graphics performance into their MacBook Pro with the new 32-core M1 Max chip!

In this video, we put that GPU to the test by playing a variety of popular games with the help of Parallels 17 and Crossover 21, as well as playing them on macOS itself using Rosetta 2 and native Metal.

For this video, we tested M1 Max Gaming in Rocket League, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Dota 2, CS:GO, Path of Exile, Minecraft, League of Legends, The Witcher 3 and Overwatch!

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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 Max MacBook Pro Gaming Review – 00:00
Windows Gaming using Parallels 17 – 1:10
Windows Gaming using Crossover 21 – 1:45
Rocket League (Crossover) – 2:54
Hearthstone Card Game (x86 Rosetta)- 4:06
Diablo 3 (x86 Rosetta) – 5:01
Starcraft 2 (x86 Rosetta) – 6:39
World of Warcraft (Native) – 8:01
Grand Theft Auto V (Crossover) – 10:35
Dota 2 (x86 Rosetta) – 13:48
Counter Strike: GO (x86 Rosetta) – 15:23
Path of Exile (x86 Rosetta) – 17:07
Minecraft (86 Rosetta) – 18:25
League of Legends – 19:50
Witcher 3 (Crossover) – 21:25
Overwatch (Parallels 17) – 23:37
Use the Coupon Codes in Description! – 25:41

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  2. Messy , strange voice but good try

  3. Hello! Does anyone know what program is being used on the Mac in this video for the temp / fan monitoring (the one showing in the bar along the top)? I've seen it in some of their other videos as well, but cannot figure out what it is. Thanks!

  4. What about using a laptop cooling pad

  5. Based on price-quality, apple is fucking shit

  6. Charles Jackson

    But I would love to know is if there’s a way to play Microsoft flight simulator 2020 with any of these methods. I just bought the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro well more like Apple replaced it under warranty due to the butterfly keyboard feeling too much. However, I still ended up at the top of the line and since I’m losing Boot Camp I need to find some alternative options.

  7. Would be better to use base models! (More competitive in term of price!)

  8. 0:58 I got a question, how are you able to run windows 11 on a macbook??

  9. 💯🦁🏆 yessir 🔜

  10. How many GB of Ram is the machine you're using? Thanks

  11. How it go am from the Bahamas I need crossover on my MacBook

  12. Yet here i am stuck with an old laptop that needs to be using 800×600 in order to get good frames

  13. 11:40 is that 32gb vram?

  14. if u use sodium and make minecraft run native you can get like 500 fps (my friend got 450 on his m1 macbook air)

  15. It's a nah from me

  16. Apple needs to create its own gaming console. This would attract AAA games. And they would also run on Macs-and iOS devices.

  17. what is the name of the tool that you use to have the CPU and GPU usage percentage tools on the menu bar. Please tell me that, i too want to add them to my computer ?

  18. dude… how u can play game in macbook??

  19. The guy is showing 30s of the character standing still in an unpopulated area and skipping as soon as he reaches combat. Was especially obvious on the d3 section. It's embarrassing, this dude has absolutely zero integrity.

  20. Can I use a control on the Mac M1 pro?

  21. Random Videos I found on the Internet.

    You talk too much

  22. lol.. and i heard M1 is a beast. For the price it's absolute crap, as always with macs

  23. I never knew macbook is sucks at playing thoose games 😂


    This thing if optimized would be a 6h battery life and completely silent gaming laptop

  25. My 3090 does better

  26. Bowen The Sheep

    Hey could you do this test again with some games people actually give a shit about?

  27. Michael Cuzzort

    I hate hearing “ the quality isn’t that great “ on a (with tax)4,000$ computer . Why can’t apple just make AAA titles available like PC so that half the cpus capability isn’t being used to translate

  28. 👍

  29. With league of legends you can set Metal in config file and it runs so smooth.. on macbook air m1 8gb ram, all max including resolution and not a single lag or hiccup

  30. I use a mac m1 max 16 and I'm tired of mac I don't know if it's a great idea to get an alienware x14

  31. if apple would agree to vulkan than steam would solve alot of problems

  32. The gpu is like 10.9 teraflops right? Beast for on the go, just wish Apple/Game Producers made more games for the Mac.

  33. Minecraft bedrock gives way more performance and it’s optimized too!

  34. Hey Max Tech! Do you know if Call of Duty Warzone works with the M1 Max in any form? Either via CrossOver, Parallels or any other?

  35. lame

  36. AK's useful videos

    I would rather build a pc

  37. AK's useful videos

    Is it 2021 model?

  38. That method to swap OS with Parallels 17 is pretty incredible, but does it use a bunch of resources running both OS at the same time??

  39. The most impressive to me is have that performance just with the power of the battery. Any laptop gamer need to be connected to the energy but this MacBook works amazing just with the battery.

  40. When those apple laptops reach level where they can run every game at competive graphic at least 60 fps, ima buy it

  41. Really like to see windows on mac

  42. OMG!!!! what is this ??? And ad video??? too much ad's spoiled the entire video and you seem to know nothing about pc's

  43. 15:55 “ WHAT” 😂😂😂😂😂

  44. CrinGiE.TrODD:Rage

    editing goof at 11:48 enjoy

  45. Federico Franco

    i think that the new M1s are ready for gaming, they have mind blowing performances! The problem is of t he Devs, they should start supporting m1 as an option.

  46. Can I run force unleashed 2 on a MacBook i5 16gb ram ?

  47. Or just buy windows laptop for 2000$ less


    Thats so strange that even uncut RTX3060M can show better results than M1 Max :/

  49. $4k laptop that can finally play GTAV at xbox 360 performance. Yeah sounds legit…lol