unboxing the macbook air 2020 (space gray) 💻 📦

hi! this is my first ever unboxing video, so please be nice to me haha 😅 in this video, I unbox the new MacBook Air 2020 in space gray. I also talk about some of the tech specs + features 🙂

MacBook Air 2020:
Education pricing:
Authorized resellers with education pricing:


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iPhone XR
Final Cut Pro X

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  1. // FAQ:
    How can I avail of the education discount?
    – This is where you can purchase the MacBook Air with the education pricing: https://apple.co/2PpgP7F (They also didn't ask for an ID for verification.) + Here’s a list of authorized resellers (Power Mac Center, etc.) with education pricing: https://apple.co/3inhC5l
    How long did it take for your MacBook to arrive?
    – The order was placed on July 7. The estimated delivery date was July 31, but it arrived on July 28. It was also delivered 2 days after it was processed.
    MacBook/laptop or iPad?
    It depends on what you're going to use it for. An iPad is more portable and is good for watching Netflix, writing papers (if you get a keyboard), browsing the web, etc. It's also a good alternative to a laptop if you purchase accessories like the smart keyboard and Apple Pencil. If you're someone who does video/photo editing, then get a laptop. A laptop also lasts longer than an iPad in my opinion…

    I hope this helps! If you have more questions, just leave a comment. 🙂

  2. Im getting my MacBook air tomorrow!!!! I'm excited 😊

  3. Planning to buy one.
    is this good for online jobs?

  4. Can't wait to get mine 😍

  5. Short simple video with all the needed information! Thanks so much!!! I’m excited to get my MacBook !!!

  6. Grezza Bea Arnigo

    Scrolling through Taylor Swift’s evermore merch 🥰🥰

  7. CONGRATS! I hope I’ll get one for Christmas 🙏

  8. wait the intel get out of here

  9. So melody voice😶👌

  10. im 13 and ive been wanting a macbook air for like a year and finally my mom aggreed and bought me one!

  11. Your review made me buy it 😅😂

  12. Bye

  13. Actually this laptop is good for photography and editing videos exacly the same as the pro no difference at all

  14. After watching a lot of iPhone 11 unboxing, I bought one.. and now I’m binge watching these Macbook Air M1 unboxing videos.. hoping to buy one too!

  15. watching on my mac air lol

  16. Nain Manish Gangwani

    I am getting mine on 16th of September very very excited


  18. aaaaa Im getting mine tomorrow and i’m so excited!!


  20. Can you get education discount here in the Philippines? If yes, where?

  21. squik woth temptacles

    Hi! I just wanna ask if it's true that it heats up like crazy? and you can hear the noisy fans? huhu

  22. can't wait to have my own MacBook as well!!

  23. Have you tried downloading any MS programs? such as MS Word? I'm buying one next month, I just wanted to know if the MS Word is compatible with the macbook air😄

  24. watching from my macbook air 2020 space gray

  25. i’m watching this on a 2013 dell laptop with 4 gb of ram. selling my ipad though and getting this once someone buys it. finally losing this hunk of trash after years

  26. Lift up your sounds

  27. Hi,
    I just wanted to ask,
    What if you have given a chance to buy this MacBook 💻 ,What color would you choose?

  28. tysm I just got my Mac book pro!

  29. I got space gray too!

  30. Im getting one from 2015 for 499,99 dollar it will be here in 4-5 hours :]

  31. my dad bought the exact same for me and i cant wait to get it next month aaah so grateful💟

  32. Why you speak like that…? 🥴

  33. After watching so many iPad unboxing. It’s your turn to shine, MacBooks.

  34. Fernanda Vivanco Osorio

    I just bought my first MacBook Air, can’t wait for it to arrive 🤗

  35. Anca izleriz

  36. I am watching this video with my new macbook air m1. bought it last week and i am very happy. I hope everyone can get it.

  37. Sanidad Yani Bel

    Do they also deliver here in province??

  38. i think she likes Taylor Swift Queen

  39. Ganda ng boses 😁

  40. Aahhhh i just love watchingbthings i can afford😌


  42. watching on my macbook air

  43. Aditi Vinod Kumar

    I'm getting one, but I dont know whether to go with the gold or the silver one 🙁

  44. It still hasnt came to me that I've been watching these videos till may20t ill April2021 and still havent gotten one yet.

  45. one day i will get it for myself one 😔😭😭

  46. i love it how you promoted Folklore 🤍

  47. I’ve watched like 50 of these videos of MacBooks

    probably more………….

  48. Your voice is so soothing, you would be a great meditation instructor. My M1 arrives in 2 weeks.