Gold M1 MacBook Air Unboxing & Review

2021 Gold MacBook Air M1 Unboxing and Review. 8GB Unified Memory and 256GB SSD.

0:00 Intro
01:26 Unboxing
02:56 Outer Design & IO
04:20 Keyboard & Track-pad
05:19 Inner Design & Webcam
06:03 Display
07:20 Performance & Battery Life
10:04 Sound Test
10:53 Final Remarks

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  1. Would you consider getting a M1 MacBook Air? Let me know in the comments section!

    Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. does the gold color look too feminine for a male user?

  3. Wish this had a bells and whistles version with magsafe, a 120hz miniLED display and a 1080p webcam. I know the M2 Air meets 2/3 of this but it doesn't have the display and doesn't have the same color as this gold macbook. The gold has me under its spell.

    That said, the starlight and blue colors are and it's nice that the base Air coexists alongside the M2 Air to provide more options to buyers. With the M2 Air, the lower-end Pro has even less of a reason to exist than before. I'm guessing that Apple is trying to clear their inventory of excess touchbars before they ditch the 13 pro model entirely.

  4. Hello! I'm about to be in high school in 2 months, im thinking of buying the macbook air m1 or m2 In july, what ssd and ram do you recommend?❤️🙏 (1)

    I'm thinking of buying 512gb ssd, and 8gb ram because i have a desktop and an ipad so i wont need to open that much tabs in only 1 device! (2)

    But what do you recommend because i'll be using it everyday in a science high school (3)

  5. Is it touch screen

  6. Im currently deciding which MacBook to get someone as a gift (and if i should get a refurbished model or a new one, in terms of refurbished ones, i am considering older models as well as current models, as long as it can do what a £200 windows laptop can do, they wont care about specs)

  7. yes I am going to pick up the macbook air

  8. can the 16gb RAM version handle gaming?

  9. Why does every Mac user sound like they’re attracted to men 🤔

  10. Is the 256GB would be effecient for the laptop for at least 2-3 years ? Would the small storage affect the laptop performance in any mean in the future ? Please share your feedback thank you Sir.

  11. Really want the gold version to come out to match my iPhone! 🙁

  12. About to buy an M1. At first I found the gold to be feminine, but after borrowing my wife’s older MacBook Air several times, I’m starting to like it it certain lighting conditions 😬😅

  13. Thanks for the review, as a student, I really love knowing the specs of this laptop. Hmm, I hope this is the one to replace my 11 years old Asus laptop. Scared that I might not get this one, with the more expensive M2 coming :<

  14. Why is this color cheaper than the others ?

  15. Just ordered the gold. I have subtle regret on my color choice, but I believe I will like it once it arrives.

  16. If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally and He will never leave you 💛❤️❤️

  17. Great review!👌🏽

  18. Perfect review ✨❤️

  19. What is the life span of base model's SSD? And is it replaceable?

  20. A very fine review!

  21. Hi! I was wondering if you purchased an external camera? Since the quality of camera of this laptop is somewhat poor. If yes, can you recommend one? Thanks 🙂

  22. Best review out there

  23. like this is pretty cool!!! fuck linus tech tips… fuck dave 2d… this is so much more genuine, and quality kicks ass! Picture is so crisp… (though if we're nit-picking I would prefer a lightly brighter background, this one gives a bit of a basement dweller vibe)

  24. bhaiya can i buy this laptop currently or u recommend me any other brands or model . i need a fast pc with high processor for my collage . please help me


  26. he definitely deserves more than 1m subscribers . great vid bro!

  27. I decided to get a silver 512 GB MacBook Air and I absolutely love it!! It’s perfect and fast for everything that I need it to do which is pretty much nothing but YouTube and school stuff!

  28. Pretty cool speakers

  29. The only difference between the displays in MBA and MBP in the maximum brightness. 400 and 500. Other than that, color accuracy is the same.

  30. Mine looks pink

  31. quisiera haber visto antes este video, compre el MacBook m1 en "oro" y pues es mas un "gold rose" que no esta acorde con mi personalidad.

  32. Juan Diego Andrade

    Is it gold or rose gold? seems to have a pink hue

  33. Let's be real, 100% sRGB doesn't mean anything in 2021.

    Hopefully one day Apple can reach Eizo's CG319X color, then life will be amazing.

  34. Can you tell its performance on premiere pro as its not fully optimised? Its beta version . Plz reply .

  35. I got this cuz I got an A* in my IGCSE exams !!!

  36. I just ordered a MacBook Air m1 chip in gold and it’s coming in 3 days I can’t wait! I’ll update you guys!

  37. I thought the pro also has same amount of ports?

  38. I already have this but like I just want to watch the review cause I love this MacBook

  39. My M1 Macbook Air will arrive this weekend!!

  40. Got the space grey in Feb. Bought a gold for a gift today. It's perfect.

  41. 2 years sober lmao

  42. Great review. But I can't let you slide on the incorrect use of the word "abysmal." You said the battery life was abysmal. "Abysmal" is extremely bad; appalling. But the battery life is the opposite of extremely bad. 😁💯

  43. U blind? That’s not rose gold