BitEye FPV V2 Low Latency Board Camera with 1080p Video Recorder

Review of the new version 2 BitEye Low Latency FPV Camera, with Built-in 1080P Video Recorder, 2-in-1 Board Camera for Racing Mini-Quadcopters or small planes. Comes with spare lens, USB cable, Voltage detect cable and Audio/Video wiring harness.

*Records 1080P 30FPS full HD video to SD card while simultaneously outputting real-time CVBS video to your video transmitter. Anti-shake option available at 720p resolution.
*Less than 60 ms latency, top performance among HD cameras. Fast response to ambient light changes. Get clear video all the time when your drone moves quickly from a bright environment to a dark environment, or vice versa.
*Video record protection: Never lose the video recording when the battery gets disconnected due to a crash or other reason.
*Lens focus can be adjusted. Lens can be removed, changed or upgraded.
*Weight 19 g (0.68 oz), size 1.25* inches.
*Excellent video image quality, TI chipset provides robust cutting edge performance.

Price: $73.00

Product page:

Latest Firmware, Tools and Manual:

For low light tests there is this one:

And about 04:55 this one:

Please watch: “Runcam Owl Plus Camera with Low Light PL0075 Lens Installed for Night FPV RC Flying”


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  1. would you need to buy more to get the live footage to play on your phone

  2. The boards came in one piece! You have to snap them apart. The voltage detect plug is for a 4S LIPO. Not sure what you do if you have a 3S.

    It's a mystery how to attach the isolation plate! There are a bunch of screws but I need a close-up to see which bits go where, and after attaching the cam to the mount, I guess I have to either pop the balls out or hold the cam back while driving screws into the plane mounting.

    But yes, the USB "card" can be hot-glued to the inside of the fuselage so I can leave the camera in the plane. The video looks really good.

    I sent an email to and asked what the "remote control connector" pins do. There are three pins

  3. The presence of a DCIM folder would indicate the camera can be triggered to take STILL images. I wonder how that can be done?

  4. Rubens Campello

    oes it record the osd right on the card? I ask this because I'm in doubt, like if I use a mobius for example, I can record the osd mask when I do the recording function?

  5. Dave Merc Productions

    I am hoping somebody will actually try it in a mini-quad race track and give some video evidence of how it performs. So far it's all just conjecture base on the manufactures specs of <60ms

  6. Great job Dave! I'm so slow that I'm just getting around to testing the V1 (although I am building a plane around it lol) I'm excited to give it a try and then get my hands on one of the V2's. Thumbs up and happy flying to you!
    Cheers, Bob

  7. Hello You are so smart at all rc plane. Have a nice day

  8. I've been looking for something like this. It seems pretty close to what I'm looking for, but 63ms seems a bit high for a miniquad. I'm not sure I could use that well with that amount of latency. Thanks for the review!