MacBook Pro 16 Review – M1 Worth The Hype?

Is the MacBook Pro 16 (2021) with Apple’s new M1 chip worth the hype? Find out all the details on this laptop in this review! Check updated prices at Amazon:
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Massive thanks to @Hardware Unboxed for lending their MacBook Pro 16 to me to review.
Check out their M1 Pro CPU comparison video here:
Check out their MacBook Pro screen testing video here:

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MacBook Pro 16 Review Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:05 Laptop Specs
0:20 Design & Build Quality
0:31 Size & Weight
0:51 Screen
2:11 Camera / Microphone
2:27 Notch
2:42 Keyboard
3:10 Touch ID – Fingerprint Scanner
3:16 Front Facing Speakers
3:31 Touchpad
3:50 I/O Ports & MagSafe
4:48 More Build Quality
5:13 Getting Inside + Internals
5:41 Upgradeability
5:57 Wi-Fi Test
6:06 Bottom Speakers
6:23 Battery Life
6:45 Thermals & Software Modes
7:16 CPU & GPU Temperatures
7:48 CPU Performance (Connected & Battery)
8:43 Keyboard Temperatures
9:11 Fan Noise
9:53 Content Creator Benchmarks
11:00 Software Support – Rosetta 2
11:34 Gaming Benchmarks
12:30 SSD & SD Card Speed
12:58 A Windows User’s MacOS Experience
13:20 Pricing
13:56 Conclusion – M1 MacBook Pro 16 Worth It?

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  1. Massive thanks to Hardware Unboxed for lending their MacBook Pro 16 to me to review! Tim has done more in-depth screen testing with this laptop, check it out next:

  2. Thank you! Very helpful.

  3. Ometh Karunarathne

    there is a software called 'stats' it's free and only 30mb

  4. no inclusion of USB 2 or 3 is an absolute deal breaker. What was Apple thinking?

  5. So are these 4k or which macs are?

  6. agung adi ariawan

    can you give me the information of supported resolution scale on macbook pro 2021 16 and 14 inc, i searched for this information there is no review that gives details

  7. I have the 14" version and my only complaint is referenced in this video; the notch does not have faceID, which IMO should have. The notch, while not massive, seems to have the space for it, so it really feels like Apple got cheap on buyers. Additionally, the fact that the mouse just 'passes' under the notch feels like an excuse for not implementing faceID. It seems to me like the notch is literally implemented on the display, which is why it behaves this way, and so Apple has a reason to give for not implementing a better camera system. Overall, love the machine.

  8. From now on, you should measure screen flex, build quality, keyboad flex, speaker quality to this. I watch your reviews of laptops, cause i'm considering buying a gaming one. But, when you say the keyboard flex is good, and i literally see dipping half cm on asus, hp etc laptops….. i just think we are on a completely different scale. EVERY other latopt than a macbook has max 2/5 stars at keyboard and display flex, and speaker quality too. I have a gaming PC, also a 2019 16" macbook. im far away from a fanboy, and i would really love to be able to buy a windows laptop with a macbook like screen, brightness, keyboard flex, chassis flex, speaker quality, but ther is none…. I dont want a matte dispay, i dont want 120hz, just a decent 3000:1 native contrast 500-600 nit brighness MVA screen. There is none. I am just forced to have a gaming desktop, and a macbook.

    perfect laptop for me: 2019 macbook pro chassis, 12700H cpu, uprgarable storage and ram, no GPU, but 100wh battery. there is no laptop like this 🙁 So im going to upgrade my gaming desktop, and buy a 16" M1 pro macbook too….

  9. 3 finger drag should do the trick for the drag and drop !!! Plus it’s less pressure on the computer overall :,)

  10. Does this laptop have the i7 processor?

  11. 6:31 Low power mode only locks the max power consumption of the M1 Pro/Max chip to 30W, it literally doesn;t do anything else

  12. Dudes a fast talker or I’m a slow thinker

  13. Yes

  14. weak review. missing a lot of positive things (trackpad, speakers, …)

  15. Well, i will see, MBP 2010 15" midrange model user here
    Im done with this machine… repaired/upgraded it 3x, replaced 3x the battery, abused the Macbook very hard within the past 12 years. Now the battery struggle again, its anyways already slow af despite its enough for my astrophoto editing…

    16" model ordered, its looking like a decent replacement for the "classic" unibody MacBook Pros with Magsafe.
    I got triggered as i realized:
    – HDMI port, finally!
    – no touchbar!
    – battery runtime, loved my 2010 MacBook Pro since then, but this is even more impressive
    – My 2010 MBP is OUTDATED. I still love it and will use it till its unusable, but its finally time to go on a newer version

  16. Miguel Lansdorf

    In terms of the screws on the laptop back-plate, Huawei really seem to be copying Apple since they also use the same screws for their laptops.

  17. damn,I had to stop the video in the middle-how 's possible to talk like computer? Nothing human at all 🙊

  18. Then one must wonder at how many battery cycles will this Macbook go down in performance!? At 300 cycles? And how many battery cycles can it complete! The past MacBooks been said to have about 1000 cycles per battery… are these new macbooks in that level too or have they made the batteries last a lot longer, and if so, how did they make that work?!

    My macbook 12 inch battery lasted on a great performance level 2-3 years but the last 4 years after that was a horror… I sold it in january for 550 euro and had paid about 18000 euro for it in 2015 November,,,, now I need to upgrade and wish the Macbook Air will come with an M2 chip that will be good to handle one core projects….

  19. It is rather odd that you did not compare the M1 Mac with the Max 20 Core GPU, since that configuration is, basically, the midline choice for the 16" Macbook Pro. With this configuration, the Mac is about $200 to $300 CHEAPER than the MSI GE76 with the i9, and, as seen from other tests, blows away the GE76 with the i9. I'm just curious why you did not have a more "apples to apples" test, at least in terms of cost. Was the M1 Max just not available to you for testing?

  20. HI Jarrod, can you start your own company to make high end Linux systems? The system76 laptops are a bit lackluster. Thank you!

  21. When will Wifi6E be available?

  22. 12th gen out preforms Mac so why?

  23. It looks 20 years old

  24. Only as high as a GTX 1650 for 2k?

  25. So it's not fast

  26. Josh Danniel Tiamzon

    Question. Have you tried to install Windows OS on your Macbook Pro?
    So you can test all the benchmarks, apps and games again….

  27. i dont like the 16”. i love the 14”. İTS MORE PORTABLE

  28. Kinda meh video. Voice quite monotone/boring. Ignoring additional features like best-in-class trackpad, very good keyboard with 16-level brightness, BEST speakers by far, 3x full TB4 controllers, support for hi-end headphones up to 1000ohm, 96Khz DAC, unified memory which is much faster (and hence more expensive) than regular RAM, and MacOS doesn't bother you with bloatware, weekly updates or 95% of all viruses. I still work my Windows at work, I know Windows since 3.11 and Mac since SL, and MacOS is soooo much more pleasant to use, just take some time and adapt!

  29. Bro what a review

  30. In Flames!! love the shirt

  31. I don't understand the comparison with a 3080ti laptop. Absolutely nobody buys a Windows laptop with a Nvidia 3080ti for video editing. The 3080ti is a high end product specialised in markets where the M1 is basically useless:

    Nvidia 3080ti markets:
    – AAA gaming
    – 3D rendering
    – VFX (Nuke…)
    – VR
    – CAD/CAM
    – Scientific visualization
    – Architecture
    – Machine learning
    – High Res / HFR content over HDMI 2.1 (4k 120Hz, 8K 60p…)
    – 4K multilayer streaming
    – And yes, the 3080 can also do video editing if neccesary.

    M1 markets:
    – Video editing

    So what's the point of having both products in the same comparison?

  32. The best Apple product you can buy always the base one

  33. the best thing u can do is to use this instead of mousepad

  34. Check Surface upgrade cost.

  35. No upgrade diy for me big no no. Battery life? doesnt matter much too me. And not to mention the tax..
    Although currently Im using, limited and cheaper laptop that have soldered 16GB ram and no extra slot for another ssd. But at least I can upgrade the ssd to bigger capacity on my own.

  36. محمد العالمي

    I need laptop Alienware x17 but I from Egypt can you help me please

  37. WOW Well done review.

  38. Bonus points for the In Flames t shirt🔥🔥🔥

  39. Alexandr Garlock

    Can confirm you are to Windows. lol