Macbook Pro M1 vs Dell XPS 13" – A 3-month User Comparison

My experience of using the Macbook Pro M1 side-by-side with the Dell XPS 13″ Ultrabook (9300) for the last 3 months. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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  1. Timothy O Rourke

    Would mac book pro last longer than a dell

  2. Altschauerberger Schmandkaiser

    To be honest, I`d prefer the Dell XPS due to Windows and the storage upgradability

  3. Personally, as an XPS owner the biggest disappointment is the speakers, everything else is pretty good.

  4. Very informative, thanks

  5. if u care about look and save wieght get the dell, if u need battery and speed go with mac

  6. whoa, what has happened to Dave2D?


    The xps with the 12 gen p processors are a great leap though.. we’ll see… it all depends what programs you use.. for some m1 macs are to limiting

  8. mac os is so 💩 that it cannot make up for the amazing performance. i regret buying an M1

  9. Just swapped my MacBook Air m1 for a dell xps 13 and the only complaint that I have is the battery life.. the dell last maybe 12 hours on a full charge, where as my mac sometime lasted up to a week with regular use..

  10. Keep going ❤️

  11. Andrés Cevallos

    I don't think 3 months constitute a long-term period, but it's a great video anyways

  12. I love the simple of the video, good job bro

  13. A great review

  14. Irritating voice recording!! Please improve with better audio recording set up.

  15. Great video, M1 changed the game but I also love my dells they grind , and can take a lot of punishment and are so user friendly .

  16. I am considering switching to M1 Mac

  17. ILikeAlotOfThings

    I'm convinced that Dell Users literally buy a Dell because they are paid a shit ton of money or because they literally use it as a paperweight. Dell laptops are overpriced trash that perform objectively WORSE than a M1 Macbook.

  18. I bought an Tuxedo Pulse

    AMD Ryzen 7 4800H (8 Cores, 16 Threads)
    Dedicated GPU
    64GB RAM
    PCIe4.0 NVME
    20h battery life

    So higher performance than both of them for ~1300$ #dontgetrippedoff

  19. johnny mansfield

    this was poorly organized to most reviews i've seen that put more information actually on the screen and have time stamps

  20. id get both to be honest

  21. Damn, the webcam videos look like utter shit and that on >$1k machines. That's just lazy.

  22. I have an ipad and thinking about buying laptop and considering between these two the reason why Im here…I need it for editing photos and videos most of the time so I think base on your review Ive already made the best choice.

    Btw, I like your voice!

  23. as an industrial engineer sad that i cant use mac, their chips are industry leading but there is so much important software that is windows only and apple doesnt care to pressure them into releasing mac versions

  24. In China, we often said , "人傻 钱多——戴"。

  25. after watching this video im thing to go for M1air.

  26. Love this. Thanks so much

  27. Dell XPS has a battery swelling problem. Has it been resolved or not ?

  28. Abigail Skittles

    I've been watching videos for 2 hours trying to determine which Dell XPS model to purchase…I was not expecting to buy a MacBook today. Great review, I have been converted.

  29. Ffs man! Make more videos!! You don’t beat around the bush when comes to giving your honest opinion on devices. What a refreshing review! Very underrated channel. Subbed

  30. Keep Calm and Chill

    Hi is there anyone that's in a position to donate a laptop? As long as it's in a good condition. Plz help. Dope review

  31. amine road bike rider

    What a clean review , absolutely love it . I didn't had a choice but subscribing to your channel 👏🏻👏🏻💯

  32. Mac is 💩 I work in real world and support both windows and Mac. 98% of user issues are Macs and no proper solution. Apple is garbage company. And they have all the fan boys and gals fooled with aluminum cases. Aluminum case is the only good thing for Apple….functionality wise…nothing

  33. As a Windows user for a while, I used to be close minded in terms of using Macbook before. There are several factors which influenced me to be that way. The most understandable reasons are its price and the OS. However, due to work-related issues, I decided to buy Macbook Pro. It is not a perfect device (contrary to what others may think) but so far, after 2 months, it is undeniably worth it and a good investment for the next years to come. 🙂

  34. I'm not a big apple guy at all, but the M1 MacBook Pro has really impressed me

  35. i've been using my 2011 early macbook pro since present. It's still working but perhaps I now am ready to upgrade…to a newer macbook pro🤗

  36. 4:04
    My country 🙆‍♂️🙌
    On the wall 😱

  37. Which is best for programming and coding?

  38. Which laptop is best for computer science student??? Mac or Dell

  39. Harissh Swaminathan

    What is your advice for a 2 decade windows user looking to buy the first Mac Pro ?

  40. The main downside to the XPS from your experience seems to be the battery life. One resolution is get the non-touch model. Mine was getting 12 hours.

  41. I still just can’t get used to trying to force windows to run on Macs. When I was running a dual boot MacBook Pro, early 2011 model, it seemed like the fans and other settings were always going crazy.

  42. Apple pushed me away long ago due to product registration n control of devices. I can do anything on Android and Windows.
    Apple is like phone and computer communism. 🙂

  43. This is an unfair comparison IMO… the XPS is more comparable to the MacBook Air.

  44. How to Side Load iOS Apps on MacBook?

  45. obviously.these two device they are each aiming the different areas.and to be honest.they aren't at the same's not that properly make a comparison between the two.but it's still good for our curiosity to be satisfied.thank you!

  46. Gordon Montgomery

    Hi there great review. I am a longstanding windows and before that MS and even DR DOS – yes I'm old ,lol, but used to build my own desktops. . I do own an iPad & iPhone and was considering migrating from my Dell Inspiron to the XPS 13 OR the M1 Mac hence why your review was great for me. Quick Q I am a retired accountant but still use excel does the Apple version have all the bells and whistles of the Windows version. This will probably be my deciding factor . Thanks Gordon from Scotland