Before you buy A Mac in 2022… Watch THIS!

There are rampant rumors right now about multiple new Mac coming in 2022 including a new M2 MacBook Air, M2 MacBook Pro, and new higher end options like an M1 Max iMac, and M1 Ultra Mac Pro. However, even though there are sure to be good Macs being released in 2022 and beyond, should you wait for these computers before purchasing a Mac today, or are the ones on the market right now still worth buying even a year after the release of the M1 Macs?

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  1. i’ve just bought an m1 macbook pro 512gb 16gb ram – am i going to regret it

  2. I'm planning to buy my first Mac and I wanted the MBA but I'm really confused and can't decide which one should I get the M1 base model or the M2 base model?? I will use it for school works, some small video editing and playing sims and entertainment.. I'm really confused which on to buy. Please help 😅😅😅😅

  3. saying you should avoid the intel macs like the plauge is a bit unfair the point isn't that it runs worse maybe it does but in 7 years when these M1/M2 computers become obsolete (seeing as there isn't an alternative OS that supports M1/M2) you won't be receiving updates and as it stands now you have nowhere to go. also windows support is quite important to alot of people.

  4. Just lol that they are actually selling ARM based laptops for x64 based premium laptop prices.

  5. Why would you buy a mac, the prices dont make any sense

  6. I needed to hear this. Thanks for “letting your hair down” for this topic!

  7. Dude, shut up.

  8. This is total bullshit!! PC's suck and are years behind Apple in function and usability. Period. Don't listen to this shill. Any used MacBook Air is better than any new PC. Duh!!!

  9. I have an offer.. Macbook pro 11 with ssd drive or 2012 pro with HDD drive. Which of them will deliver better in terms of performance.
    Pls advice

  10. i want to upgrade my mac and i found a i5 imac with 5k for 450? buy or save for a m1 macbook pro?

  11. Should I get the M1 or M2 MacBook pro?

  12. Boy was he wrong LOL we got updated MacBooks before an upgraded iMac for desktop. But all in all a great and informative video keep it up

  13. What laptop can you recommend me? I edit mostly YouTube videos (Vlogs) on Adobe premiere. I can’t afford the high end ones to be honest

  14. I just bought my first mac. It was advertised as a MacBook pro M1. But when I checked it, it’s an i5. I didn’t pay a lot tho. Like $400. So I’m not really salty about it. And it’s working pretty well so far.

  15. Just purchased a M1 macbook pro 13.3

  16. good but trash for hard task or gaming

  17. The 13 inch M1 Macbook Pro is excellent and far better than the Air.

  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this video and sharing it. You’ve helped me have a better understanding and make a wiser purchase.

  19. Awesome!!! Thanks for your recommendations.

  20. Robert Pickguard

    The question running through my mind is should I watch this video?

  21. Can someone explain the recommendations for these computer in English. I know I'm not the only one watching the video who is more confused after finishing than when i started

  22. cheapskates

  23. last yrs you {unt

  24. What’s the best Mac to use for music recording purposes and production?

  25. Veni Vidi Vici Partita

    Right now 10X ….. .

  26. I am gonna but it when I’m 10 I can’t wait!!, I could finally use my mods on Minecraft, by the way! what would you recommend for me to buy?

  27. The 2019 Macbook Pro is the worst laptop I've ever owned.

  28. I managed to get my hands on a 14 MacBook Pro. I don’t even need it but can I just say how happy I am with it. Worth it and it’s hella fast, screen is really nice, the sound is pretty good for a laptop but more importantly everything is just so seem less and fast.

  29. I would recommend an end summary for the ADHD / Get to the point faster folks out there.. Otherwise.. good content.

  30. Please be concise. I don't have all night to listen to you blab.

  31. I just purchased a MacBook Pro. I paid $300. I hope I got the right one.

  32. Intel chipset is required for a lot of cybersecurity programs so your advice doesn’t apply to everyone.