MacBook Pro 16” (M1 Max) Unboxing + First Impressions

Unboxing and first impressions of the 2021 16” M1 MacBook Pro (M1 Max). Taking a closer look at the new notch, ports and design.

Having used the 2018 MBP for the last 3 years, it was finally time to upgrade #MacBookPro #M1Pro #M1ProMax

M1 MacBook Pro (UK) =
M1 MacBook Pro (US) =
Felt Desk Pad =
Black Desk =

00:00 | Intro
00:36 | Unboxing
01:20 | Design
02:36 | Ports
03:42 | Screen
05:20 | Keyboard
05:58 | Spec
06:33 | Final Thoughts

Thanks for watching, Chris.

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  1. Leago Lekganyane

    i'll forever be fascinated by the fact that you shoot all your videos with an iPhone. They look amazing

  2. what i like is when you connect it to a display or large screen tv the notch dissapears.💚

  3. Weird workaround? "kinda" premium build quality? No one makes a more premium feeling laptop

  4. The audio is always amazing!

  5. Amazing Video. You didn't mention which GPU did you go for?

  6. That ps5 looks awesome in the background.
    Is that a matte cover?

  7. I am definitely going to ask for this laptop especially for gaming , like for example sims 4 , or yandere simulator but I definitely want the 16 in M1 pro max


    I do not like this status bar black 👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕💩💩💩💩💩💩

  9. Hey! Could you tell me which headset-stand you're using?

  10. M1 MacBook Pro

  11. unfriendlykarma

    siri voice


    Screen touch facility

  13. Dante Viper Brandolini

    Outstanding & Perfect Apple MacBook Pro 16” (M1 Max) Unboxing by you Sir…..😝😝👻👻👽

  14. I wish macOS could utilize the notch like IOS does. In iPhone the apps open in full screen by default and their layouts extend all the way to the top blending in with the time and battery icons giving us a full screen experience the notch becomes barely noticeable. In a mac, the toolbar looks separated from the rest of the content. Not to mention the old bezel coming back in when when u go full screen which is even worse.

  15. Canturk Civelek

    Thank You for the review. 😊 Why did you chose SG instead of Silver? Did your MagSafe 3 port get scratched? Any paint peeling, especially around ports? (Because its Space Gray)

  16. can I get the 2018 mac?

  17. علیرضا شاهزیدی

    خوبیییییی 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  18. Ive just ordered a MacBook Pro 16' – M1 max – RAM 64go – SSD 2TO and I can’t wait omggg

  19. This has been the most useful video I've found without any fluff in helping my decision. Thank you! M1 Macbook pro

  20. iunlocker64 on Instagram

    he permanently unlocked my device
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  21. iunlocker64 on Instagram

    he permanently unlocked my device
    iCloud unlock
    activation lock
    ID reset
    all device unlock

  22. is it just me or does this guy seem extremely stingy?

  23. Why do you sound like tommyinnit

  24. Sharp and the notch are so damn ugly…

  25. thanks for this review! it seem truly worth investing with macbook pro

  26. Wonderful. Did you also went for Applecare?

  27. Great Video, can I ask how do you edit your content from your phone to the laptop?

  28. Ga.vijaymurugan Vijay

    I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎

  29. Is it just me or the trackpad on that laptop is absolutely ginormous

  30. I’m only a casual user too. Have the money so purchased same specs. Over kill, yes, but fk it. I know I have power there if ever need it.

  31. Is the backing for the keyboard coated in something? I felt my friends model and it felt like it but I can't tell cause everyone says its anodized aluminum. I know the material under it is, just trying to work out if there's a coating. For context, I am allergic to the metal and can put dbrand skins and cases everywhere else, except there. If that is coated, it would mean that I can get it!

  32. Is that a black edition ps5 or did you paint it?

  33. Hey brother. What camera do you use for your videos ?

  34. Well done video review. Very much enjoyed watching! Never quite understood why folks who mainly use their computer at home bother with a laptop? Beautiful as that machine is, it does not compare with the computing experience of an M1 Mac Mini with a 5K LG display on desktop. Cant' speak for specs or power, but the cost and ergonomics trade offs are offset by portability. If you aren't using the latter, I don't quite see the point of making the sacrifice.

  35. Henry Blackwell

    You have exactly the same light spot bleed under the '4' key as i do.

  36. Nicholas Sanchez

    I'm So Undecided if i wanna get the new macbook i still have the 13in MBP with touchbar and I Love the Touchbar I wish it was an option with this Model. M1 MacbookPro

  37. Chanith Fernando

    Wow I really like your clean setup 🥰

  38. It T H I C K – Lookin forward to the full review!

  39. Atharva Shivankar

    Very impressive camera work while filming the display of the laptop! I think your video did the most justice to how gorgeous the display of the new MBP is! I got the same configuration as yours but in silver!

  40. M1 Macbook pro

  41. M1 MacBook Pro 💻

  42. Hey! I am wondering if you any usb-C connections when connected with your LGUN880?

  43. Have you felt the size is cumbersome from a portability standpoint? Both within your home, ie sitting on the couch with it on your lap and when you take it out of your house?