Apple Is KILLING The 13" MacBook Pro! 😭

Recent rumors have said that Apple will be killing off the 13-inch MacBook Pro. While it may sound bad on the surface, this will likely be a better option for everyone.

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  1. Munther bin Gmail

    I can only carry 13 inch or less. 13 was just fine. It only needed some extra cpu power

  2. Is the charger weight a dry joke that went over my head? Why is this important?

  3. Buy an Anker 713 GaN 45w charger at 66 gms (2.33 ounces) for your 14 inch MBP and ditch the fast charging while out and about. Fast charging only works from 0-70% battery level anyway.

  4. My story in all of this goes as follows: First, I was going to buy a IPAD PRO 12.9” M1. At the last moment, I nixed that idea and went with the 13” M1 MacBook Pro. It is a nice device. I didn’t go with the 14” because I put myself on a budget and that would have been $700 more to go with the 14”. Now, with this news of the 13”, I have some buyers remorse. Don’t get me wrong, the 13” isn’t bad, but the 14” would have been better! We learn something new everyday, I can be very fickle! Chances are, I will probably keep the 13” for a year and then see if APPLE will allow me to trade it in, as a credit off of a 14”. Hopefully, they will! Then, in a year, I would have upgraded to a 14”. Then, again, I may just keep my 13”, have bought me a dongle and keep it moving! I really don’t know as of yet! I had NO idea that APPLE would make the move that they have decided! That’s tech business for you! Right now, I am conflicted! We live and learn! Peace.

  5. If wish Apple can throw M1 in to 14's body, to keep 20 hour battery with mini-led.


  7. I have never understood the Fruit Fly whining about weight of a laptop. Half a pound means nothing when carrying. If you are such a lightweight that you can't carry even a pound more, then you shouldn't be doing anything – you are a medical case.

  8. I think it’s funny that  is removing the notch on the iPhone but adding it to the MacBooks. 😂 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. I hope it keeps some of the ports!

  10. I guess apple wants the MacBook Air to absorb some of the old 13 inch sales

  11. Its best that they simplified the line up macbook pro for power user and macbook air for daily day to day normal use it just make sense.

  12. You need to say more Apple to get more views…only 6 times? DUDE!!!

  13. The 13 in MacBook is a beast. I enjoy the Touch Bar which gives it a futuristic design. I think it devs actually took advantage to that it would be great. The battery life is amazing . It’s still fast .

  14. Oh no, I'm still saving money for buying the M1 MacBook pro, I don't like the Air because it doesn't have fans to prevent any thermal throttling, I don't mind a little noise because the area I'm living is already pretty noisy, I really don't use the camera that much and I know a lot of people use it for meetings and classes so it makes sense, but that notch kills me but the ports are back in the new one in which honestly I'm excited for but that notch killed me, and fuck this, it's not even worth saving money anymore, I'll just go buy a windows laptop instead, thanks for the update video, now I'm aware of this happening, really helpful as usual 🙂

    Edit: sorry for the cussing, I've been saving money up to like 200$ for the past 3 years even before covid because I'm going to be in college for the next coming months, I'm still pretty disappointed to see the M1 MacBook pro 13 go away and yes my target money is still a lot less than that but I'm still saving

  15. I would have thought the next MacBook Air redesign would take over the 13" Pro?

  16. Thomas Lundberg

    It would be nice if you said all measurements in metric values as well.

  17. Seems totally reasonable to discontinue the 13 inch MBP. But the comparison with or without the weight of charger in this video is pointless. I mean the 13 inch MBP has the best battery life out of any Mac ever and definitely lasts longer than the 14 inch. I doubt anybody using it will ever bring a charger for the day because it is basically impossible to kill it with „normal“ usage. I get at least 10, sometimes even 12-14 hours screen time out of it.

  18. Boo! No metric units!

  19. Don’t get your weight comparisons. 13” has better battery life, so you could just carry it without a charger too

  20. So glad I grabbed this last of the touch-bar MacBooks back in early 2021. Love my MacBook Pro 13" and the only improvement would be if it had the same 3:2 screen ratio as the MS Surface Laptop 4 and support for two external monitors (not just one) but Display Link software fixes this last issue.

  21. I’m glad they’re getting rid of the 13 inch MacBook Pro. When I went to Best Buy to get mine, I wanted the 14 inch because of the SD card slot, Mac safe, and more USB-C ports, but accidentally was given the 13 inch instead, and had to return it and wait a couple weeks until 14 inch model shipped. And I feel like the 13 inch model doesn’t include enough for the price you’re paying anyway. You can get an air that does the same thing for at least $400 less.

  22. This is the right move the 14” is too close.

  23. Well it was and still is a great portable Mac. It will last those of us with one many many years.

  24. I fail to see how a 10 oz difference could possibly be a deal breaker. It’s not a noticeable amount of weight, or rather it should not be.

  25. Christopher Fortney

    Been seeing a lot on reddit that people that went from the 13" M1 that battery life is far worse on the 14" model. One reason I didn't sell mine off myself. You lose a bunch of battery life even though it has more capacity if you run it all out during the day compared to the standard M1 which can run full boar all day almost no problems.

  26. If this MacBook Pro is going to be $1,299 like the current one then how much is the redesigned MacBook Air going to be? $999? I highly doubt that. I always thought that it was going to replace the 13” MacBook Pro and the current Air was going to stay as a budget option but the leaks say otherwise

  27. I love my M1 13 inch!

  28. The only downside of this is losing the touchbar. Most people don't like it, and I don't know why. I think it's really cool and I am sad that it is going away.