M1 Max 16in MacBook Pro Unboxing & Hands-On!

Learn to build your very own Smart Home with my new course! – The new M1 Max MacBook Pro 16″ is here! We do a quick unboxing and hands on checking out all the new features, changes and power!

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  1. Danny Maclaughlin

    did you ever end up making the day in the life video for this computer?

  2. I don’t mind the notch

  3. AvgConsumer unboxing products which are not average 😂

  4. Dante Viper Brandolini

    Outstanding & Perfect Apple M1 Max 16in MacBook Pro Unboxing by you Sir…..😝😝👻👻👽

  5. I have a 2013 MacBook Air so I need to upgrade bad.

  6. I can see he lives in new york I saw the city metro behind him I'm pretty sure its the one from New York.

  7. what happened at 11:33?

  8. Maybe it’s my screen, but from here that super clear silver color in contrast with the pitch-black keyboard makes it look a bit cheap (brutally speaking, it looks like a HP laptop now). Space grey looks tons better – because the keyboard and the body are not so different in shade.

  9. 4:10 slight issue with that statement. I love the notch! I want the Touch Bar back!

  10. Ho baby… I’ll be coming from a 2013 MBP which is actually heavier.
    Thumbs up to this vid though.

  11. Yer WRONG….. I like the “Notch”.

  12. Its thicker tha virgo peridot..

  13. Ordered the M1 max , I want to trade in my 2019 MacBook Pro but I will miss the touch bar 😭 so trying to decide what to do lol

  14. Day in a life let's do it!

  15. Please do a real day in the life of this!

  16. Chelsea Umberger

    I really enjoyed this review! I’ll be getting my new MacBookPro tomorrow morning and I can’t wait!

  17. please make a real day in the life with it 🙂

  18. Not apple related but I'm likin that 00 Exia sticker right there. Cute as hell

  19. TheOne1One1One1One

    The Notch is unnecessary. It works on the iPhone but not on MacBooks

  20. Get the “top notch” program. It turns the menu bar black so the notch disappears. It looks so much awesome

  21. I got it In space gray but damn that silver one looks so much better. It’s so classic macbook with that black keyboard. Reminds me of my old PowerBook g4

  22. I really like that all black keyboard better! ⌨️ ❤️👏🏻👍🏻