what i eat every day 🥰✨

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  1. Priscilla Jimenez

    Looks good. Don't forget to rotate the nuts 💁‍♀️😊

  2. Rudelyn Martinito

    Looks so good!!

  3. Nice but plastics 💔😅

  4. Looks so good! XD

  5. everything about this is ~so satisfying~ ✨

  6. Czarina Pornuevo

    hii, may i ask how much do you usually spend on groceries (assuming it’s all whole foods/healthy items)? thank you!

  7. I saw what u did there

    ‏Have any of you read the Quran?

  8. Remember those reusable bags next time!

  9. I’m going to make this!!!

  10. Κουίντα Βαντιλέζ

    I' ve just read that it is better to not mix the fruits at all. Especially, sour with sweet. It is not healthy, the opposite. The combination fruits with dairy products is not healthy as well. We eat fruits separately.

  11. Anisha Srivastava

    Looks so tempting and delicious it's really healthy too i will make it

  12. Healthy, colorful, and beautiful, just like the person who made it ♥

  13. That looks so yummy!

  14. chocolatechick729

    Looks amazing but ummm….can we please get a nice photo of those nails ??? Super cute 😍

  15. That is like 90% carb/sugar

  16. White Flower Crown

    I like to have alpro yoghurt cereal and granola (the cereals cheaper n the one I get is very similar to granola) with apple slices, dessicated coconut n lately I've been adding flaked almonds. sometimes I put banana slices in instead of apple or both. it's not too expensive to make i get all the ingredients from Lidl

  17. That's a ton of sugar with not enough protein. Do you have a sugar crash after or are you fine?

  18. Japan with Akemi

    Looks delicious! That's why you are beautiful. Thank you as always❤️