Apple unveils MacBook Air with new M2 chip

Apple’s Kristin White unveils the company’s new MacBook Air that will run with the company’s newly announced M2 processor at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. Francisco Galarza

    She uses the same collection of hand gestures as Mary Barra. Probably took the same Udemy course on public speaking.

  2. Is the new Iphone 14 coming out soon also? I want to upgrade my iphone X and old 2017 macbook air. Both together. Because both are old slower and dont make me as happy as they once did.

  3. Sniper Legacy 06

    I just bought new iphone13 pro 256 green and m2 chip macbook today . I gift both things to my girlfriend.she’s so happy ..i love this macbook

  4. Just ordered the MacBook Air M2 16 GB AND 1TB for my DJing it’s 25th July

  5. jamesjohn984 On Telegram

    Don’t get yourself scammed!!!everybody is recommending the name above my Gmail 🖕🖕🖕you can get your phones,ps5,mackbook,iPad and so on from him he ship worldwide💯

  6. Can the M2 air be charged with one of the usb-c ports?

  7. Apple still does not listen to Customers! People want decent Screesizes and a dream would be a MacBook Air with a 16" screen. I do not need a chunky MacBook pro and the Performance, I want a lite and slime and transportable 16" Notebook. Also a iMac with 24" – can someone in Apple wake up and recognize that 34" is the new Standard?

    From the Screensize Apple lives everytime 5 years behind the market (Monitors, AIO Computers, Notebooks, and Smartphones)

  8. I’m excited for the fanless design

  9. Youtube Ghost Censorship can Suck Me

    is al-u-min-i-um dammit

  10. Does anyone know what's the Macbook air M1/M2's display's refresh rate? Is it 60Hz or 144Hz etc? Can it playback a 120fps video smoothly? Thank you!

  11. In 6 days the official M2 Air ad has become the 2nd most viewed video on Apple's Youtube channel. Wow.

  12. We brought you super innovative 3.5 mm jack and also magsafe port. 🥱

  13. It looks like Apple isn’t part of the innovation phase of technology anymore

  14. Apple chip shortages… M3 is the last chip… Intel will stop making the new iCore Processor. i10 is bigger; M3 is thinner. Will they manufacture it? I don't know. if they build it. the world would run out. What does Apple have to do? Make New OS User Interface and bigger hard drive space and memory space. The same thing for Microsoft and Google. they have to make a new OS that supports older chips. Do you need bigger processor to run the application bigger and faster? Not really. My older iMac runs fine on Unity and Unreal engine. I don't need super fancy graphics. I just like PS5 graphics. it looks realistic.

  15. orfragrantpositiveair

    definitely getting it other than the pro cause i dont really like the touch bar

  16. I literally bought a macbook air last week lol

  17. Which one would you think would run better for DJ softwares, the M1 or M2 air? right now i have the Macbook air 2017 and kinda want to upgrade.

  18. My MacBook Air died yesterday all of a sudden. Was working fine. Humm

  19. Does this support 4K and HDR10+ Movies without an external display?

  20. WHere do I get that macbook air footage?

  21. John Boonphitak

    "screen real estate" ??? 😐😒


  23. Awesome

  24. 18% performance improvement is kind of disappointing after waiting for 1.75 years.

  25. im wondering how windows gonna respond to that lmao its like apple in modern age and windows in dark ages

  26. Meanwhile me on i3 mac from 2020 … Yeah this year seems nice to upgrade

  27. Apple deliberately put too little flash memory into both M1 MACs and iPhones so that people pay more than the advertised price for sensibly configured devices. Unlike in PCs and Android phones this flash memory in Apple devices is none upgradable and an expensive when you first buy the device. For example in the new M2 MacBook Air it costs £300 to upgrade from a 256 Gb SSD to a 512 Gb SSD.

    This policy removed my choice when I bought a customer return iPhone last month. Almost every iPhone sold is a base model. I was therefore forced to buy a 64 Gb second hand iPhone SE 2020, whereas I would have preferred to have bought the unavailable 128 Gb model.

  28. Andi Muhammad Jafar

    Nothing special without sd card slot and hdmi port. Pretty disappointed actually, having such powerful laptop without both features.

  29. a year or two ago, when m1 just came out everyone was raving how m series will offer 200%+ percent generational leaps in performance and how intel scammed everyone offering ~20% more every year, now m1 is just 18% faster and nothing new same old m1, less changes than intel did from 8th to 9th, 9th to 10th and so… great revolution apple, well done

  30. Ok, you put magsafe back on it, how about all the other port? You know on the side where all that blank space is ffs…