M2 MacBook Pro 13! The MacBook Air Killer?!

Apple has updated the MacBook Pro 13 with the latest and greatest m2 processor.

So does that make this laptop a worthy purchase?

Lets find out!

M2 MacBook Air! The MacBook Pro Killer?!

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First Mac ( M1 Mac Mini)

Best Macbook (MacBook Pro 16)

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Best Overall YouTube Camera (Sony A7IV)

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Main Camera (Sony A7IV)

Main Lens (Tamron 28-75)

Secondary Lens (Tamron 17-28)

Main Computer (MacBook Pro 16)

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  1. The M2 13 Pro is a great machine, even if YTers don't understand why it exists. Many of us are good with the old design with updated CPU and unified memory. And Touch Bar, for those so inclined (I use it, but I could easily live without it). This machine works well. I've owned more 13" models over the past 20 years than any other, so the 13" is the sweet spot of mobility and performance for me. My bigger machines were always too big. The Air is a great machine, and I recommend it most often to others. No fan is a great way to go, mostly. But, I do like to have active cooling for those work-outside-when-it-is-hot occasions or crunch side projects where I'm doing more complex video work. Cheap insurance. And the 13" is all that.

  2. Apple must’ve change something because I just ordered this laptop with 32 unified memory Ten core

  3. Nah the air is by far better. It also has more color support mbp. MBA is by far better. It just needs a fan and a Touch Bar.

  4. So are you suggesting that Apple just kept their old more expensive 13' M1 MBP on the books? They had no choice but to put an M2 in it an reduce the price, since they were not prepared to redesign it.

  5. Owner of the late 2016 MBP base and it’s still rocking it after 6 years. I’m amazed that when I first bought it, it was $1,499 and now it’s commanding just $1,299 with an M1 processor and has touchbar. However the new MBA M2 for $1,200 is such a bargain. Currently debating on the MBA M2, or 14 MBP M1, or wait for the 14 MBP M2. I’m ready to upgrade…

  6. Now Minecraft is also optimised for Apple Silicon

  7. Maybe a combo with the new Air?! Who knows…

  8. But if they don’t bring a new Mac Mini, then I’ll go for the M1 one…. Just need it for editing

  9. This is an interesting take on what’s coming up from apple…. Let’s see how this works…

  10. a ryzen5800x is 14 nanometres… like wtf its big like we are in 2009

  11. I really wonder how good zbrush, right blender and other 3D stuff runs on the M2 compared to M1 Pro. Not the actual rendering stuff, but the pure modelling stuff 😅

  12. Naa, the M2 Macbook pro 13 is SHIT. Not worth it. Just buy the Air or wait for the next generation.

  13. same chipset, no front hair, a fan in case of heat, and Touch Bar for who likes it, with 100 dollars more expensive, that's quite acceptable for me!

  14. The 24gb memory is just apples way of charging you more for less. It’s the same price jump as 16gb – 32gb in other models. They’re giving you less whilst still charging you the same. It makes the memory upgrade even more overpriced than it usually is.
    You can buy 64gb of PC laptop memory for what apple charges to go from 16gb to 24gb.

  15. Will this come out as a 14 or 16 inch??

  16. Hey Gary! Love the new DJI mics. Is the audio we're listening to coming from them or an external mic?

  17. My advice buy the cheapest Mac on the market.

  18. Minecraft picaboo

    Actually the M2 macbook pro comes with 2 thunderbolt four not thunderbolt three.

  19. I hate the new charing port. It's the time to adopt type c only. Why do we need the useless charging ports?? That's the reason I am considering the 13 inch macbook pro.

  20. No offense but your audio is so muffled I have a hard time understanding you sometimes.

  21. the only thing I wish they upgraded in the MacBook Pro 13, is the webcam, magsafe and reduce the bezels like those in the 2019 16 inch. But

  22. weirdly my 2013 iMac had 24 GB of RAM, I don't know how many channels the MBA/MBP have, but mine had 4 slots which had 2 x 4GB RAM and 2 x 8 GB RAM, I can't remember which of those was the stock RAM

  23. This is thunderbolt 4

  24. VALENTINEproductions

    Apple is such a weird company. They always seem to make something to fail with just in case. Reminds me of the iPhone mini all over again.

  25. MacBook Air m2 has mag safe and more functions than m2 pro .

  26. A 3rd reason for recommending the 13" Pro over the Air is if you really hate the notch.

  27. I always like your real-world recommendations for "everyday" users. They're the most sensible I find on a tech channel.

  28. William K. Terrell

    Agree, the best bang for the buck is the M1 Macbook Air. The increase in price is not justified.

  29. And the air has a larger screen 13.6 vs 13.3 on the pro.

  30. 5:00 does thunderbolt 4 allow for more displays? As I understand it, its the m1 pro chip and m1 max chips that allow more displays. Because why would the max and pro macs have a different number of displays supported if thunderbolt 4 was the defining thing but both have tb4. Also intel macs supported multiple displays using tb3 speeds. So this nitpick kinda has no merit. I agree i want higher display support but nitpicking on tb3 vs 4 isnt doesnt built a case

  31. Apple is trying to get rid of excess inventory of existing 13" MBP chassis and parts. Think iPhone SEs of old. If they always come out with new body and components every time they ship out a new MBP, they'd have a lot more old inventory and they'd be forced to throw away these parts that is not used, thereby wasting money.

  32. one thing I kinda appreciate about the new m2 MBP is that it keeps the old school MacBook design while including upgraded hardware. i never liked the new MBP design with the chonky body and all black keyboard

  33. MacinMind Software

    I had 24 GB in a Mac Pro for years so this is a natural number for me. I went from 3 to 6 immediately to avoid the Apple tax, then later 12, 24 and ended at 48. I appreciate your practical perspective in the dozens of videos I've watched over the past few months. And as others have mentioned, that mic is missing the highs so not as good unless it can be positioned differently to be better somehow.

  34. 3:20: I guess if you live in a hot climate then I understand if you have the Macbook pro

    Oh so that’s why the MacBook pro is best selling in Australia

  35. S-Chassis Weekly

    I definitely need a fan. Fans come in handy when the memory keeps trying to reallocate memory between the ram and the storage. I havnt found that apple silicon uses any less ram than intel. I had a MacBook Air consistently at 212 degrees F plus. (That’s intel temps in the red) seems to go hand in hand with memory. My 16gb 16” MacBook Pro runs at a pretty consistent 15.5Gb of ram but the temps are always below 150F. Neither of them seemed affected by performance slowdown, so I think the fan makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I can definitely understand why the 13” MBP exists.

  36. Meekzy Animeektor

    My heart: MacBook Pro M2 13"
    My soul: iPad Pro M1 11"

    My wallet: iPad 10.2 (4th generation)

  37. I for one welcome the upgrade to this machine. The MBP 13 is my favourite of the bunch for it's chassis design and touch bar. I'm really glad it's still available. Hope it never goes away lol.

  38. The old design being kept with the 13inch pro with the chip is still nice because it really doesn't need that redesign. It would be something that I would totally buy if It had an option without the Touch Bar

  39. Hormorjoe Shorts


  40. The ram can be 12•2= 24 2 ram chips of 12… but anyways this is the best MacBook Pro in my opinion for someone that doesn’t need all the gpu starting price at 1299??? Maxed out 24gb ram and 1tb of storage it’s the same price of a base model 14 MacBook Pro.

  41. Rubbish upgrade. No 120 hz, only 500 nits of brightness, much expensive, no micro sd slot and slow charge. Not worth to change it from m1.

  42. Is it worth it to upgrade from macbook pro m1 13 inch to the macbook air m2?

  43. The MacBook Pro 13 goal is to make the MacBook Air appear to be a good deal and convince those potential customers…