M2 MacBook Air – REAL WORLD Review (169 Hours Later)

There are hundreds of M2 MacBook Air reviews already out there, so I wanted to talk about a few real-world niche topics that you may not have heard discussed.

M2 MacBook Air videos/reviews:
⮕ 8GB vs 16GB vs 24GB RAM:
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⮕ M1 MacBook Air:
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⮕ Samsung T5 Portable SSD:
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00:00 Introduction
00:46 14” MacBook Pro
03:01 M2 is More Than Enough
04:51 RAM Bottleneck
06:11 24GB of RAM
07:16 Future of MacBook Air
09:01 What All Of This Means

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  1. In case you're wondering about the title – it's actually a written requirement for tech Youtubers that they use a device for at least 169 hours before writing a review. However, for MacBooks it's actually 420 hours, but I got special permission from Tim Cook. Stay tuned for the "long-term" review at 1337 hours!

  2. That's what I bought. 16 GB memory and 512 GB storage. Before this, I had a 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro with 8 GB memory and 256 GB storage. I had ordered the 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro, then I noticed it has a shittier webcam than the Air and no MagSafe. So I cancelled the MBP and ordered the Air. I'm pretty happy with the MBA so far. It's a lot snappier than the 2020 MBP was (RIP)

  3. Christian Mejia

    Chrome fiends lmaooo

  4. if u think 1.6kg is heavy we bloke here carry around 2.4Kg gaming laptops with 2Kg of books on a daily basis as a computer engineering student so NO its no big deal when it comes to weight

  5. Hello, I am considering getting the M2 Air and am wondering if it is a good idea to upgrade the RAM or SSD. I can't really afford both. The slow ram speed of 256GB doesn't really bother me other than it being slower swap memory. Would upgrading to 16GB make it so I don't have that problem? I dont really need the extra storage and if I do then I could just get external storage rather than buying the worlds most expensive SSD. I plan on using it for school, maybe video editing in the future and some occasional gaming on games like CSGO. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  6. If I will finally decide, I will buy this machine, 24gb + 1k storage. Fanless is the future. 14" pro is way too massive to move it around.

  7. With shared RAM/integrated graphics and non-upgradable RAM, more is better. I just ordered the GPD Win Max 2 with AMD 6800U and ended up going with 32GB rather than 16GB so I don't need to worry about being limited.

  8. 🅿🆁🅾🅼🅾🆂🅼 💦

  9. 16GB of Ram and 512GB of storage should be the the absolute bare minimum for any laptop. Especially since Apple is charging $200 more than the last Macbook Air. Scum bags

  10. Just ordered the M2 air with 16gb ram. I decided not to upgrade the storage because honestly i don’t keep too much on my current 2012 macbook pro so it didn’t seem worthwhile especially when i can get external SSD’s if i need the extra storage. I really wanted to get the 14in pro but it simply doesn’t make sense given my current usage i couldn’t justify spending that much more for such a powerful laptop that i won’t use the power on atleast not currently. I did opt to upgrade the ram on the M2 though simply for future proofing especially when considering i did the same thing on my current MBP and it’s lasted me 10yrs.

  11. I bought a 14”, then returned it after a couple of days. Yeah it’s crazy fast, has an amazing screen and the speakers are top notch. But it’s just too big and heavy for my taste.

  12. Continuous Able

    Finally a reviewer that does not just say to get the MBP just because price/performance is better.
    You just don't feel a performance difference. Either you want the Mini-LED Display and additional connections (MBP) or you need a lighter device to carry around (Air).
    And it is not just a bit lighter, what many reviewers say. You really feel the difference and can do the things you did on a MBP on such a slim device.
    If you don't want to carry it around at all, get the MBP – In this case I don't see any reason to get the Air. Just my two cents.

  13. I'm a developer that puts a heavy load on my laptop. I first bought a M2 Air with 24G ram, then a few days later ended up buying the 14" M1 Pro partly because these Youtube reviews. After using both of them, I'm keeping the Air and returning the Pro. The Air is night and day more portable, lighter, easy to hold in one hand, easy to put down and pick up. The pro is a heavy beast in comparison that feels awkward to hold. Also the Air demolishes any task I throw at it. It gets hot very fast under a heavy sustained workload but it has no issues and is literally as fas as the pro (sometimes even faster) 95% of the time.

  14. I love Apple products. As a M1 MacBook air user I'm not upgrading until the notch is removed.

  15. I’ve watched a lot of M2 MacBook Air reviews and I have to say, I really like your insights. Just put a little more work on that Aussie accent😉

  16. im waiting for the m2pro refresh ! for me, the air only having usb-c well im getting tired of dongles.

  17. Just buy M1 Air since you can perform the same light task for 850USD instead of 1100USD with mostly same form factor, imo basically the extra cost goes to the new shinys, if you want to upgrade just upgrade the M1 air with 16gigs of RAM and 512 SSD instead, it’s more cost effective tbh

  18. I make sense to change my base version for a 16 gb RAM and 512 gb SSD in the future? Or is better to stay with this one for more time! I use my nowadays for simple tasks and web browsing

  19. DON'T BUY THE M2 MACBOOK AIR! Thank you.
    (you lost credibility with me here with this video, Snazzy told it like it is: NOT recommended… AT ALL! )

  20. Finally, someone who can understand the very simple concept of what a MacBook Air true meaning and purpose is. I don’t get it why people have become so dumb that they can’t understand an entry level laptop is not built to do heavy tasks. And now that the Air can do it to a noticeable extent, to me it more looks like a treat instead of being Apple’s obligation to give me a hyper device performance in a $299 price tag.

  21. This channel helped me not overspend when purchasing my m1 air. I was planning to either bump up my storage to 512 or my ram to 16gb, but realized that the base model is enough for my school needs. Been using my laptop for almost a year now and I'm completely happy with it, so thanks! This channel deserves more subs

  22. In the end i went with the m1 macbook air. What sold me was the wedge shape and price. I have no doubt that the M2 is better and I REALLY wanted magsafe back. But what I opted for is to safe money for maybe another year and wait for the next macbook air to see if we get something that doesn't feel like a compromise. Because even the macbook pro base model is missing magsafe .

  23. why you affraid to admit that this product is piece of shit? you can't sell a laptop $1200, with the functionality of a Chromebook! if this product was from ,Microsoft or asus, you were crying everyday here that Microsoft should be banned from laptop market. don't be a pussy and tell the truth

  24. Dennis Considine

    Thank you so much for not using that popular reviewer phrase “and for a littlle more money you can buy a 14” pro.” I’m configuring an Air with 2 trb ssd, 16g ram, 10 core that’s going to set me back $2299.00, a similarly configured 14” pro is $600 more! Quite a price jump. I’m buying it for music production and a large iTunes library and portability non-fan is important.

  25. except sucky speakers

  26. Undecided on m2air and m1pro but looking to own it for 5+ years if i can. Which one is likely to last longer based on specs?

  27. El Químico-Matemático

    Hello. Can someone help me with a question I have.
    I'm thinking of buying a macbook air m2, but what I don't know is how much ram or ssd memory I have to add.
    I am 15 years old, about to turn 16. I am from Spain, and I am in fourth year of ESO. I plan to study chemical engineering or pharmacy, or if I don't do those two, then quantum physics. I want my macbook to last a long time, that's why I ask you, how much ram or ssd memory would you recommend?

  28. Apple needs to remember we are in an Inflation period which will lead quickly to a recession. I will get the M1-Refurbished Air as it will be my backup and vacation computer. I will wait 8-9 years to replace it as by then I will need an update!

  29. How are you doing

  30. The M2 base model starts at almost 1600 USD here in the EU. I just received my MBA M2 which I upgraded to 24 GB RAM (and 512 GB drive), but even when I only have Safari open and like with 4 tabs (and nothing running in them), 12 GB of memory is used, which doesn't seem right..

  31. Coach Andy Graziosi

    Would you say this could be used for a YouTuber who doesn't do crazy editing? Surely, some effects, text overlays here and there, but nothing crazy? I urgently need a new machine but really wouldn't wanna buy the M1 MBP given that a new one will be out in the next 4-ish months… M2 Air is great form factor. I'm currently editing on my absolutely terrible Dell XPS 13 so… 😀

  32. For any laptop to be future proof on the storage department, it has to to have at least 1TB of storage in my view. 512GB is really not something I'd want to keep for 7 yrs.

  33. Your punishment

    I don’t understand people who complain about 14 Pro “largeness and heaviness”. Buy IPad Air then.

  34. This is the most realistic and accurate review of the M2 Air.

  35. Andrew Lauchengco

    After moving to Apple Silicon, I don't consider the Macbook Air line to be just the "entry level" laptop or the "average daily user's mac" any more. I consider it to be the entry level "Pro" laptop that is both flexible and powerful enough to do almost anything. It's a big leap from how it was initial marketed when it was still running on Intel. Heck you couldn't do much editing on the old Airs. This "entry level" macbook easily competes with intel i7/ i9s or the latest AMD processors.

  36. Juan Pablo Aguilar

    Thanks for this video.

  37. My Treasured Life

    I'm a new MacBook owner. This is my very first MacBook. It's great to hear a more practical review. I agree with all of your commentary, and the sentiments that you shared is precisely why I chose to get a 16gb 1TB MacBook Air. I am very pleased with it so far, and do not regret not getting the 14in MacBook Pro due to the portability and lightweight of the air. I don't plan to replace it for at least a few years, and I definitely think I''ll get my money's worth.

  38. What about editing videos using an external monitor connected to the M2 Air … will the overhead of the external monitor impact performance?

  39. This is probably my 30th YouTube video about the M2 MacBook Air and I must say this is probably one of my favorites. Top 3 for sure. I actually purchased the space grey 16g ram and 512g SSD. After watching this video I think I made the right choice. I’m starting college this fall for mechanical engineering so I wanted to future proof it so it can effectively adapt to my needs as the years go on.


  40. Vivek Suryavanshi

    Great insights!! Myself ordered m2 air with 16gb ram and base storage.