M2 MacBook Pro vs base model M1 Pro 14 inch: Is M2 CHEAPER and BETTER?

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With the release of the new M2 chip, many are wondering how the new M2 MacBook Pro compares to the base model M1 Pro with 8 core CPU and 14 core GPU, as well as the full fat M1 Pro 14 inch MacBook Pro vs M2 MacBook Pro! Well today, your questions are answered! Today we’ll go through thorough benchmarks with the new M2 MacBook Pro and compare it to the base model 14 inch MacBook Pro as well as the regular one in video editing, Cinebench, v ray, blender, octane, and other benchmarks to get a full idea of M2 vs M1 Pro performance.

Time stamps
0:00 intro
0:48 sponsor segment
2:09 M2 vs M1 Pro base and upgraded
3:25 Geekbench 5
3:37 Cinebench R23
3:54 V-Ray
4:09 Novabench
4:23 M2 GPU vs M1 Pro GPU
4:37 3DMark
4:55 GFXBench
5:34 Battery life test
6:56 Thermal comparison8:45 Final Cut Pro
9:22 Blender
9:48 Octane X
10:18 Conclusion and recommendations

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  1. Feeler Prospector

    In the description, in the Time stamps section, there is an error – there is no space and line feed 6:56 Thermal comparison8:45 Final Cut Pro

  2. I’m not an expert but what if your plan is to use it with something like a nice 27”monitor 😬 It seems the 13” M2 MacBook Pro if you’re going to use the price difference to put into that Monitor would be maybe the niche they were looking to fill at least I think it would work for me 👍🏼

  3. Now that you can buy a base 14" for $1600, the decision is quite a bit easier (Sep '22).

  4. 14 inch M1 pro has more to power – for example, Display are more power consuming. Did you set the same brightness levels on every MacBook? 🙂

  5. It also makes a difference if it's air or pro.

  6. You need to say what memory you are using, only compare the same memory to the same memory. There is a big difference between 24mb on M2 and 8 mb memory on M1!

  7. I do agree. Good video.

  8. Great video and yes, the 14” is a far better value. For individual consumers it’s difficult to see a reason to not buy the 14” unless money is a huge factor (in which case you should probably look at a refurbished 14”). For institutional buyers, however, the choice is not as clear cut and they are one of the primary reasons Apple has kept the 13” Pro on the market. These buyers build IT infrastructure around a given form factor, use machines as thin clients, etc., and tend to be less impressed with benchmarks than individual consumers. In the end it’s not as simple as many reviewers make it seem.

  9. Joseph Richards

    Really helpful video! Thanks Luke.

  10. To make it as simple as it is. Go with M1 MBA for $899 or M2 MBA with 512GB for $1299. If you need more than 8GB Ram just jump to Base M1 Pro 14 for $1899. (EDU DISC. or most coming deals or Refurbished from Apple).

  11. MBA M1 VS MBA M2 VS MBP M1 VS MBP M1 VS MBP 14 M1 PRO BASE Battery test please.

  12. Bought a 16" M1 Pro | 16gb ram | 1TB instead of 14" MBP because i wanted better battery and more overall performance. The 14" does not have as good battery life as 16" even with a smaller screen. Happy 7 months of ownership thanks for this video I won't be getting M2 neither. My Thinkpad T14 will have to do instead. Lets see if Apple improves M2 or M3 in the 14" model.

  13. The base 14” MBP is not much more expensive than the 13” M2 MBP. With 16G of RAM and a 512gb SSD, the 13” MBP costs around $1700. The street price of the base 14” MBP is around $1800. For that $100 you get more ports, mag safe, better speakers and a much better screen. It’s a much better value proposition than the 13” MBP or the M2 MBA.

  14. Rodney Williams

    I feel the 14 inch MBP really gives you the bang for your money. I agree that it's pointless to buy the M2.

  15. Luke, could you do a comparison between the base 14 inch pro and the 512 gb , 16 gb ram version of the MacBook Air m2?

  16. Lê Nguyễn Phi Long

    idk where the logic comes from “twice the price twice the performance “??!! performance doesn’t decide the price, bruh. all the elements such as display, ssd, ram, etc are factors which adds up to the price :)))))

  17. Big Important Man

    You can get the M1 Pro for $1,100 or less now.

    That’s what you should buy if you just want something with good performance that won’t throttle.

    If performance really matters, you’ll almost certainly have buyer’s remorse for not upgrading to the 14” MBP.

  18. Laguna Leonhart

    When did the updated design on the 14 inch M1 Pro come out? Is the 14 pro due a chip upgrade anytime soon?

  19. Half the price? M2 MacBook Air with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage is $1579 in edu store. M1 Pro MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage is $1849 in edu store. $270 difference, for which you get a bigger, better screen, better speakers, more performance cores, more GPU cores.

  20. I've been scouring YouTube since the M2 Air launch for a comparison between the M2 Air and the 14" MacBook Pro (M1 Pro 10/16) comparison – and so far, two days in, no one has done such a comparison. I'd love to see an equally spec'd comparison (1tb 16gb) between the two.

  21. Juan Millaruelo

    For me, the 14 MBP. No contest. Better in every way save for battery life.

  22. I just scored a brand new open box MBP 14” M1 Pro for $1,350. I upgraded from a mid 2020 MBP 13.3” i5 and I’m 🤯. I swap out laptops every other year and was about to pull the trigger on the new MBP 13.3” M2 but before I headed to the Apple store I decided to look at what was available on offerup and bam! 😎 I got it for less then what I would have paid for on a base model MBP M2.

  23. UFO Master-Blaster

    Other reviewers have also drawn attention to the downgrade in storage modules of the M2 pro, particularly the base 256MB model with a single nand chip, which also seems to affect system swapping performance, especially when multitasking. Even when choosing 512MB model the storage read and write speeds have been measured as slower than even the base M1 MacBook Air. Buyer beware!

  24. Armin Narimanzadeh

    Would love the same video when the macbook air embargo is off. Cheers.

  25. Macbook 13" m2 is too hot ! The 14" is better, but I think that the top is again an old used macbook air m1 13" at a very low price with great value!

  26. Here in Ireland, a 13” MBP M2 with my favoured spec of 16GB/512GB and two Thunderbolt ports costs €2089. A 14” MPB M1, 16GB/512GB, three Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI port, SDXC card slot and a MagSafe 3 port costs €2,249. I’m not bothered about ultimate performance. But being able to slot an SD card into the 14” is a big improvement. The 14” looks like better value, for the ports and the slightly bigger screen.

  27. The base model of both is £485 difference, for double the storage, double the ram, better screen with xdr and pro motion, better performance, more ports and quieter fan noise.

  28. I just bought an M2 Air for video editing and hoping its gonna be a good deal for what I need to do. I just do simple videos mostly in 1080p60, so in Resolve the M2 should be fine, right?

  29. I ordered the Midnight 16GB with the upgraded cpu this morning. I’m so excited! I’m coming from a 2016 13 inch MBP.

  30. Sachin Banasode

    Which one best?
    13" MacBook Pro M2 or 14" MacBook Pro M1?

    13" MBP M2 with 16gb RAM, 512gb ssd and 14" MBP base model.

    I'm an Interior Designer. I'll use SketchUp, vray, Blender, UE5, C4D, Photoshop softwares.

    So which one to buy? Please suggest me.

  31. Should have compared base M1 pro 14"

  32. Ugh now I'm confused again. I was going with the M2 until I saw this. The M1 feels like more bang for the buck. That said, I'm coming from a 2018 Intel so I'm guessing it doesn't matter. The 13" M2 is quite a jump but the 14" M1 sounds superior. Now I'm leaning back to the 14" M2 Pro……

  33. Are the ssds any different. Maybe that’s why the export was slower.

  34. Base model 14" is on sale for $1799. This sealed the deal for me and what made it a no brainer to go with it.

  35. M2 is a complete failure and not worth getting at all over the M1 base model, this comparison is useless imo.

  36. Maybe Apple is just comparing the M1 to the M2 only. One would assume that there will be a M2 pro and M2 max and that would be comparable to M1 pro and M1 max.

  37. All these videos all these people including yourself make suck! All I care about is what is the best deal for a laptop. Also stop trying to swap out motherboards try putting the m2 processor into a m1 motherboard. I don’t use logic but love final cut. But I do more audio work then video. But I use protools . Which Mac machine MacBook pro or iMac, Mac mini or studio should i buy? I also do photography. Should I go MacBook Air m2 or a MacBook Pro 14 m1pro?

  38. m2 not supporting 2 displays really give easy preference to the 14" MBP

  39. Cant wait to see the Mac Mini with M2 chip. I wanna see how that computer’s battery will be against the M1max

  40. James Hawthorne

    I thought I'd just rock up and buy an M2 Air with a bump of RAM and SSD. Couldn't reconcile that cost to base 14" Pro. So here I am watching videos like this. Hard to resist the 14" MBP

  41. Hypothetically speaking I have 5,000 hours of footage that has been accumulated for over the past 13 years and I want to edit a ,,film'' using most of that footage with the end result of the video being 2 hours long. What macbook wouldn't be considered as an underkill? (I would prefer the cost of a macbook being as low as possible that would still be considered as more than enough)

  42. I agree.

  43. I totally agree with your end decision as to which version to get. I just bought the 14” MacBook Pro this week, and I was highly weighing the decision as to wait until the M2 comes out. But, I didn’t wait and bout the 14” for several reasons; 1. My old iMac finally totally crashed and I needed to get a new computer. But I really could have waited since I have the 12.9 iPad Pro and I use that for a lot of stuff. But, I need an actual computer for my work. 2. The ports: When I saw that they basically stripped out all of the ports in the new MacBook Pro I was very upset. I work in the entertainment industry and really like having an SD card slot for my cameras both still and video. 3. HDMI port, I like having an external monitor and having an HDMI port makes it much easier to find a monitor that’s compatible. Lastly; SPEED- I compared all of the adobe products and Final Cut Pro with the MacBook Pro M1 vs M2 and the M2 is either not faster or not fast enough to justify getting the M2. So buying the M2 just so I can have the newest model/version isn’t worth it to me because I keep my computers until the end up Bricking Out, so by the time I’m going to be ready to buy my next computer they will be on the M5 Chip…lol… thanks for the video keep ‘EM coming.

  44. I’m glad the base M1 Pro is still better than the M2. I sincerely hope the days of lower end Macs being more powerful because of mismatching silicon generations are gone along with Intel.

  45. A CPU test isn’t really indicative of real world battery life. Of course M1 Pro uses more power when it’s maxed out because it has more performance cores and less efficiency cores and it’s based on an older, slightly less efficient fabrication process. But no one is just maxing out their CPU all the time just for the sake of it. I suspect if you did a real world battery test the numbers would be a lot closer

  46. You can't compare the prices without factoring the RAM and SSD upgrades, especially since NO ONE should buy the base spec MBP 13" (8GB RAM is a joke for a $1300+ computer in 2022…). The MBP 13" is a "Pro" computer in name only…

  47. any truth in reports that the m2 Mac Pro 13 hard drive speeds are almost half the M1 versions due to them using 1 flash chip in M2 and 2 in M1?

  48. Have you already done a M1 Max comparison? If not would be great. 16" M1 Max owner here.

  49. Georgina Cullen