Apple's M2 Macbook Air + Pro Impressions

Clip from Lew Later (Apple WWDC Recap) –

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  1. 🍏
    9 OR 10 INCH


  2. Just bought the midnight m2 air which should come in a few weeks or so. Although, I will say that I'm disappointed by the fact that we didn't get colors similar to the recent iMac lineup.

  3. what about the two keys to adjust the backlit brightness? I only see the screen brightness buttons. I haven't seen anybody talk about it.

  4. Willy Van der Schueren

    I feel like it looks too thick. I was expecting really slim, like ipad thick with an extra screen. Hopefully next year with the 3nm chips they can slim it down even more in thickness and in weight.

  5. Literally I was thinking of buying a Mac Air, but the price increase maaaaaaaaaaannnnn, it's too high now

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  7. If you buy apple you support slavery.

  8. It’s all about Apples marketing, making you think you are getting a better deal by keeping the M2 MacBook Pro.

  9. In the grand scale of the multiverse, a $200 dollar increase is insignificant.

  10. Now I noticed how similar Lew Later / Unbox Therapy studio to the Apple's (virtual?) room they showcase these fancy slides in

  11. Dude! Its Blue.

  12. 4:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. So older bluetooth & wifi, only one external display support, only thunderbolt 3, only 8gb/256gb as a starting point. Annoying.

  14. The M2 pro 13 will be better for the constant frame rate on games. Because it has a Fan. It will cost the same For 16gb of ram and 512Gb with 10 core GPU. I am getting these configuration for around 1679, education Discount helps a bit.

  15. The new macbook pro 13 inch is gonna be the "macbook pro SE"

  16. Lew said "I don't remember anything", haha~

  17. Never bought a MacBook in my life I’ll be going for the M2 Air.

  18. George Azzopardi

    im gonna decently get the black one !!!

  19. For the algorithm. ✊

  20. 2:10 the audio in laterclips feels like its whispering into my ears. i thought lew was actually talking to me 🥲

  21. $200 price increase then just to get it up to 16gb of ram $200 and 512gb storage another $200!!! So $1600 for a M2, 512gb storage 16gb ram not including Tax, That's way too much. I can go buy a 16 inch MBP off eBay refurbished for $1200 with an i7 which competes against the M1 (Not the M1 Pro or M1 Max) in the air and in the 13" Pro, 512gb storage, bigger screen, 16gb RAM.

  22. So when does the M2 pro and M2 ultra drop

  23. So m1 doesn't get any cheaper, air m2 cost almost same as m2 pro, so whats the point of buying m2 air? 🤔

  24. Do you think they’ll release candy ones later this year or is it pretty much done!?

  25. the XDR display is on another level to the older type. I don't know why they're selling the old shape Pro

  26. Apple just shot Mac Book AIR in the head, who will buy that if you can buy a mac book pro 14inch with more ports and everything better for the same price. And where is the mac mini that's the question who cares about laptops people are still sitting at home we need a mac mini, maybe the 9th lockdown will happen again what you can do with a laptop in this situation when you sit at home. I think Apple just made a big mistake by listening to office donkeys in the office but not listening to what market needs

  27. Need a M2 MacBook Air vs XPS 13 Plus (P-series)

  28. still enjoying my m1 air but im down with their new design thats going back to a more squared off design. its all coming so fast!

  29. Janusz Ciechowski photography & videography

    Nice 👍 any idea if the screen is 8bit or 10bit ?

  30. Janusz Ciechowski photography & videography

    Nice 👍 any idea if the screen is 8bit or 10bit ?

  31. Janusz Ciechowski photography & videography

    Nice 👍 any idea if the screen is 8bit or 10bit ?

  32. neat, gonna buy MBA M1 later.

  33. Am I right to be pissed!? No Wifi 6E on new M2 macs

  34. Midnight is Midnight Blue actually, a Porsche colour.

  35. Old mac book pro chassi with M2, thats a no no, M2 Air is the choice between those.

  36. I want Macbook Pro M2, not Macbook Air. Come'n Apple. I have never had an Apple product… you make an M2 Macbook Pro, and you'll get a new sucker into your ecosystem for the next 10 years.

  37. No innovation these days just new colours lmao

  38. Given the price increase, I'll most likely get a used M1 Air instead. They're almost 2 years old, and sell for ~ 8-900€ used (sek translated to euro), depending on upgrades and such. A new M2 will be almost 1600€ for the base model, again sek translated to euros.

    A used M1 for roughly half of the price of an M2

  39. It seems like a decent upgrade, but at a noticeable increase in price. Magsafe is great, the new midnight color looks dope. The less dated look, with smaller bezels is also fantastic.

    Had these features been available as an 'upgrade' for the M1 back in 2020, it would likely have been worth the $200 price premium.

    Now though, a year and a half later, I kind of expected to get more for that extra $200. If the M2 chip is spectacular, it might still be worth it, but I kind of doubt it.

    The use of thunderbolt 3 rather than thunderbolt 4 also leaves a sour taste. For the cheaper M1, it was a reasonable compromise given the price, but now… It's a tougher sell.

  40. Sebastianus Ferdian

    As Windows laptop user, I'm jealous of Macbook chip M1 and M2 battery life. Windows laptop battery life is not good as Macbook with chip M1 and M2.😂🤣

  41. Michael Corcoran

    I feel bad for people that dropped $1,500 or whatever on a fully specced up version of The 20/20 iPad pro only to get less than 2 years of proper software support. You're not getting the new software updates that the m1 iPads are getting.

  42. I feel the sole reason for the 13" Pro is to appease folks that still want the touch bar.

  43. smug

  44. What I wanna know is can I still get the MacBook Pro 13 with just a M1 Chip ? Not the air tho ?

  45. Midnight on the iPhone is a very dark blue