M2 MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro – THE TRUTH AFTER 30 Days!

dbrand // – This is the MacBook air vs the Pro, and here’s the truth after 30 days!

Macbook Air M2 Links:
Magic Keyboard with numpad –
Thunderbolt 4 Cable –
35W Dual USB-C compact adapter –
USB C to Magsafe Charger –
Von Holzhausen Portfolio –
Incase 13” Sleeve –
Logitech MX Master 3s –
Logitech MX Mechanical Mini –
TwelveSouth BookArc stand –
Satechi MultiPort V2 –
Anker Nano 2 100W – ​​
Sandisk Extreme Pro 1TB –
Native Union Rise Stand –
CalDigit TS4 hub –
Sony XM5 –

Macbook Pro M2 Links:
Tech21 EvoClear case –
Incase Facet Sleeve –
Magic Mouse 2 Black –
LaCie Rugged Hard Drive 2TB –
Anker USB C Hub –
Rolvse 65 GaN Charger –
OWC Thunderbolt Hub –
Besign Laptop Stand –
Bagsmart Electronic Organizer –
OXO Screen Cleaner –
Satechi USB Apple Watch Dock –
MacOS Shortcut Sticker –
Logitech Streamcam –
LG UltraFine 4K –
Airpods Pro –

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  1. 💻🕶⚽️

    Thanks for sharing
    It’s been a real great help .

  2. Nice vid comparing both laptops. The question is which to pick when the MacBook Pro m2 512 model is 1,399 and the air 512 m2 is 1,499 right now on Amazon. Are the refresh/physical changes worth it for $100 more or is it a no brainer to get $100 off for a MacBook Pro with a fan?

  3. i bought the matchbook air for the things i use it for the price difference was not worth one thing I'm start to dislike about apple lap/and dest top is that they don't have a touch screen i bought my daughter a hp desk to and it funny how many time i dtouch the screen maybe because i have a iPhone and natural its all touch but the more i use the air i get out of the habit of touching the screen

  4. I think the 13'' pro model is better because its faster (has active cooling)

  5. You are my baby babeenchkay

  6. how is reviewing a laptop based on video editing, going to help the general public?
    How many of us are video editing

  7. Yip, exactly as you said. I have a gaming PC with some pretty hefty specs. So the Pro doesn’t seem like that much value for me. Will definitely be picking up the air.

  8. Which one is better option for software development and using virtual desktop considering the warm atmosphere?

  9. The air my daughter has for college we will see how that works out for her

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