Showbiz ( Chuck e Cheese ) pizza commercial with Dick Van Patten from Eight is Enough.
This aired on June 13,1983

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  1. Operation Airwolf


  2. GantKids [Gaming, Vlogs, More!]

    0:12 was that Johnny Lawerence from Karate Kid? (Guy in the middle)

  3. Strings53 Notlob

    The year I graduated.

  4. Heitorplays #Roadto1000

    That’s the store that was closed in 2000

  5. Anthony Williams

    Loved Show Biz took my little cousin there all the time I babysitting. Pizza not do great but the entertainment and games fabulous

  6. Anthony Williams

    Dick Van Patten at .25 William Zakaka at .12

  7. Angel Fabian Mesina

    Where a kid can be a kid

  8. Man that looked like a lot of fun

  9. The PrimeStone Amusements

    Filmed In Charleston SC that turned into a Chuck E Cheese that closed due to COVID-19 ☹

  10. EVERYONE knows never let a 🍕 settle. You ✂️ it immediately, then W8 for it to cool, then serve.

  11. Replay Productions

    "showbiz at showbiz"

  12. SpookyFNAFShowBizCECFan

    Beach bear is my favorite animatronic character in the rockafire explosion at showbiz pizza place but he’s been turned into jasper t. Jowls in Munch’s Make believe band at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

  13. I wish I could live in an 80's Groundhog Day. A Groundhog Decade.

  14. I want an instrumental of this 😅

  15. LTM movie reviews Harrison

    The inspiration to FNAF

  16. Nutella Productions

    Hey for any Fnaf (Five Nights At Freddy)'s fans out there, Scott Cowthan actually based it off of this place!

  17. CEC Denver’s personal account

    The location advertised at the end has officially closed today (Friday, June 19th, 2020)

  18. That’s the guy from Cobra Kai !!!!!

  19. This Was Decades Ago!!!! Things Have Changed A Lot Since Then!!!!! There's Now IPhone's and Apple Watches

  20. That looks like the first fnaf trailer 😂

  21. I used to go to SBPP as a kid in the mid 80's. Is it just me or is everything terrible now? There used to be so many families at these places having a good time and making memories. Now both parents stare at their phones while their awful kid runs off and breaks stuff. Ignore me. I'm just being overly sentimental about the past maybe.

  22. The people who grew up going to Showbiz Pizza Place in the 80's are so lucky. I didn't grow up in the 80's and early 90's, so I never had a chance to go, but I don't doubt at all that this is a wonderful place. It has great Arcade games, I bet the pizza is really good, it has this wonderful environment for families to hang out(Even more than Chuck E. Cheese these days), and it has the Rock afire Explosion. Rock afire Explosion is my favorite animatronic band of all time, I love this band. I'd love to watch this band in person. Sadly though it's rare to to find the Rock afire Explosion these days, it's sad to think the only time it's common to find this band is only back then in the 80's. Fortunately though I can still watch Rock afire Explosion shows on Youtube 🙂 It's great to still stay positive. But yeah, I definitely plan to find someway to watch Rock afire in person.

  23. I Found the SAME Showbiz Commercial on an EBay VHS Tape, but the location words are different.

    NOW OPEN! 1/2 Mile South Of Youngman Highway On Niagara Falls Blvd. Amherst, NY. With the NOW OPEN Words on top of the Showbiz Logo on Red. If you want to see it,

    Recorded Between 4/9-4/16/83 on WIVB (CBS Affilate) in Buffalo, NY.

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