M1 MacBook Air vs M2 MacBook Pro: No BS Real-World Comparison!

Should You Buy M2 or Save Money and get an M1 Mac? See For Yourself!
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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 MacBook Air vs M2 MacBook Pro – 00:00
Design & Comfort – 00:34
Display Comparison – 01:25
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 01:42
Speaker Comparison – 02:02
Snappiness – 02:42
Xcode Programming – 03:12
File Transfers – 04:31
Photo Editing – 05:42
Speeding up the M2 – 08:28
Video Editing – 11:00
Multi-Tasking – 12:53
Real-World Battery Life – 16:00
Is the M2 Really WORTH IT? – 17:00

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  1. Please share this No BS video with the haters saying all this is faked for views, exaggerated, overblown, and clickbait. We work so dang had to provide the most real-world value with testing that backs up our opinions and not just get on camera and talk for 10min. We love saving you money or telling you when you do need to spend more for your use case.
    M1 MacBook Air ($850 SALE) ➡ https://geni.us/1mJ41T

  2. nothing comes close to macbook air m1 speaker. even new generation cant keep up

  3. Sticking with my M1

  4. Question so I accidentally got a case for the m1 mac book air. Can I put that case on the m2 Mac book pro since they are similar in sizes?

  5. personally I would go for Air and the Pros are strictly for professional since they are quite pricy

  6. you missed one thing about the display comparison. the macbook pro has a ProMotion display, which has high refresh rates. macbook air doesn't have that

  7. This year has truly been rough for me. And maybe winning this giveaway would make it a lot better. Fingers crossed. Btw love your videos.

  8. Dandy In The Bronx

    seems like getting the m1 for the normal everyday person is the way to go

  9. Guys. I wanted to buy Pro M2 512 ga 16 GB. Because of touchpad and higher performance at the end. But on the other hand… basic air M2 looks and sounds so good. M1 pro also sounds very good. Do you think I am tripping wanting to buy M2 Pro because of basically touch pad? 😬😅

  10. Love it❤️

  11. Good luck all stay healthy

  12. Maybee you are biased towards Apple, but NEVER fake. Keep going!

  13. Luis Fernando Muñoz

    Thanks for all your videos… are very helpful and reveal the truth (good and bad) about Apple products

  14. Refurbished M1 worth it! Thanks for the review!

  15. Rodrigo Osorio Larrain

    I will go for the m1 pro!

  16. I want a M2 MacBook Air!!

  17. I like to have a macbook air instead of macbook pro 🤓

  18. I like the M1 so far
    Haven’t seen any reason to upgrade just yet

  19. Here for the Macbook Giveaway.

  20. احمد خالد مجيد

    I need a laptop for my studies, please give me a like so someone can see and give me a laptop. Thank you

  21. I’m in love with new starlight colour

  22. Konstantin Shutkin

    Thanks for the video!

  23. Id love to have that all new mac air m2, serves the job too well

  24. Gold Air ❤️

  25. m2 macs is not exciting as much as m1 macs , the disappointment is 1 Nand chip in base varient

  26. I hope you'll get your million subscribers guys

  27. Incredible!

  28. Disappointed in the new M2, was expecting much more with this release.. nonetheless thank you for your honest review!!

  29. Wow! You managed to put together the most comprehensive comparison that will benefit the real user. Thank you!

  30. Thanks I might go for M1 pro

  31. A little disappointed they did not drop the price of the M1 air a little.

  32. I'm digging the new Air design, once again apple shining with their hardware 🍎

  33. Abdelghani El ouardi

    Amazing comparison no literally no is close
    with macs in longer run…hats off to your guys
    for making the best and most detailed content
    on comparison so that we don't have any
    confusion while buying thanks

  34. please pick me for the give away please.

  35. Did I make the wrong purchase???

  36. Agree, m1 is still competive in the market. Get the M2 if u have the xtra bucks to spend

  37. There is no way anyone can get a better deal on Windows laptops than $850 M1 Air.

  38. I like the design of the air more than the pro

  39. Ayush Bharshankar

    Love the new MacBook Air!

  40. Дмитрий Потапов

    m1 air – definitely best for it's price

  41. Keenans Tech Review

    The MacBook Air is awesome in my opinion

  42. Иван Антонов

    Любой комментарий к теме

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    Love your videos Max, the best buyers guide to apple products out there 🙂

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