M2 MacBook Air – One Month Later! (Don't Be Fooled!)

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I have been using Apple’s new M2 MacBook Air for over the past month as my main laptop, and I have learned a lot about this laptop including its strengths and weaknesses and why you might want to choose this MacBook over the other ones out there.

Woah you went into the description? Let me know in the comments if I should buy this monitor for a setup video:

Also while you’re here, feel free to check out some of the accessories I use for the M2 MacBook Air below:

💻MacBook & Display🖥
M2 MacBook Air (256):
M2 MacBook Air (512):
Apple Studio Display:

Anfallare Bamboo Tabletop:
Monitor Stand:
Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand:

⌨️KeyBoard, Trackpad, Mouse🖱
Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad:
Apple Magic Trackpad:
Logitech MX Master 3:

HomePod mini:

AirPods: Max:
Master & Dynamics MH40:

Nintendo Switch OLED: (Bestbuy)
Nintendo Switch OLED: (amazon)
Final Fantasy X:
Breath of the Wild:

💾External SSD Drives💾
OWC Envoy: (Newer Model)
Samsung T7: (Cheaper USB-C)

➡ Other Desk Accessories ⬅
Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger:
RodeCaster Pro II:
Anker USB-C Hub: (Blocks magsafe charger)
Anker USB-C Hub: (Cable – Does not block magsafe charger)

🥤Coffee Coke:

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  1. Redeem your Starter Set for just $3 when you go to http://harrys.com/gregsgadgets The shave gel is so smooth 😌

  2. The M2 MacBook Air is fragile and build quality is not as good a the MacBook Pro 13 inch.

  3. What the fuck are you talking about? "The thin design."?? This thing is thicker and heaver and bulkier than the previous model? Are you people blind both in the eyes and hands??? Fuck me…

    Edit: Oh, and look at the horrible fingerprints as you lifted it up against the light. This thing looks and feels like it's made out of plastic.

  4. Would the 8gb ram, 512gb ssd, 10 cpu, be good and not over heat if you just web surf, write, and only use the programs it comes with? The stores here only sells the MacBooks with 8 gigs of ram, ordering one on line is not an option, and the only way I can get the 512 storage is with a 10 cpu. I would get a Mac mini, but they only see the MacBooks.

  5. Paulo Morais Santa Rosa

    You have helped me a lot (I've chosen the 512) and I am now a very happy M2 512 user, two days, I have hated the notch (as some people), but the laptop is fantastic. I migrate from an old air 11" and the entire migration process took me just 20 min Amazing! Thanks for your opinion!

  6. You have to be nuts not to get the 14 inch MBP. Its on sale. It cant be beat. Put a better computer in your bag with a superb screen. Cmon Greg. Step it up.

  7. honestly the m1 air so smooth that i expect to be using it for another couple years.

  8. You helped me decide to get the new M2 Air. My old Mac was the 2019 Intel i5 MacBook Pro, which you also encouraged me to buy at the time. Thank you very much!

  9. They have no long term software update support. Burning money..

  10. I will buy it

  11. Fernando Rosario

    I liked this video purely on that commercial transition 😂

  12. $3!!! That's cheap!! I will get one when I land in the US.

  13. MacBooks can’t talk, Greg.

  14. The 14” mackbook pro m1 has been on sale at Best Buy for almost a week for $1599 USD

  15. Skoobiesnackable

    This helped a lot. I have been thinking about upgrading to this because I am currently using a 2013 MacBook Air for my business.

    I do program and project management for construction projects, so most of my workday revolves around things like email, interfacing with online project management software, reviewing and marking up PDFs, and basic ms office suite programs.

    After watching some of the other reviews, especially the ones about all the thermal issues, I was debating if I should just wait for the next MacBook Pro to come out and shell out a lot more money so I have a device that lasts long-term. As a new start up business, I need to make sure that I invest money correctly into technology that will last. I'm thinking now that this M2 MacBook Air might be a great choice for me, but I'm open to suggestions. I was planning on upgrading and not getting just the base model anyway, so would this be a good general office use machine?

  16. Thanks, a big help. How about the Air having no fans? Any heat issues?

  17. Please let your valuable Fans know when a larger screen (16-17 inch) display will be available on a M2 MacBook Air will be available and OF COURSE YOUR Review of it!!

  18. I’m coming from a 2009 MacBook Pro,
    So this looks like a massive upgrade,
    Just ordered the base model ,
    In silver.

  19. Is this Mac book is good for college or student? Sense I never use a Mac book before please answer this

  20. Great review. A bunch of people all mad because the base model's ssd is “slower” than the upgraded models. Like, most people won't even notice the diference… it's a much prettier and slightly improved M1 👍🏻

  21. Would you say it’s good to get it at 16gb ram/ 512gb ssd. Or is 8gb 512gb ssd fine

  22. Can I play the sims4 or nah?

  23. This is all I wanted to hear this morning! I'm using a 2015 MBA and I was torn between buying a M1 MBA and M2 MBA. Now, I've decided I'll go with a M2 MBA with 16GB of memory. Thank you, Greg!! Subscribed 🙂