FIRST 10 THINGS TO DO !!! – MacBook Air M2 – (Customize & Setup) 💻

I really hope you Guys enjoyed seeing the First 10 Things To Do with your Macbook Air M2, or any Macbook for that matter 😁 There are a tone of Setup & Customization options in this video that I’m sure you Guys will love!


iWallpaper –
Menu Bar Tint –

Desktop Flip Clock –

Silicon Mini Player –

Flow Timer –

Top Notch App –




📷 GEAR 📷

0:00 – First 10 Things To Do
0:24 – 1. Setup
1:06 – 2. Theme
2:53 – 3. Apps & Widgets
4:16 – 4. Folders
5:12 – 5. Desktop
5:49 – 6. Dock
6:51 – 7. Toolbar
7:34 – 8. Finder Preferences
8:07 – 9. Keyboard & Trackpad
8:52 – 10. Battery
9:20 – Final Look


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  1. So what do you Guys think of my setup?? Don't forget to check out the description for links to apps and the FREE WALLPAPERS 🙌

  2. thunderbolt 101

    How can I delete the menu bar tint after downloading it?

  3. Erlinda Delos santos

    How to disable the power lid to avoid fast drain battery thank you

  4. how do you remove the flip clock from the screen? the app won’t open 😭

  5. My brother’s giving me his MacBook Pro 2021 and it’s going to arrive sometime in November. I’m so excited, so I’ve been binging MacBook videos haha.

  6. Sijan Lamichhane


  7. You’re amazing 🤩

  8. Underrated youtuber

  9. Christine.The.Nutritionist

    Thank you! So helpful! I did everything you recommended 🙂

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  11. I was looking for this setup for a long time but I couldn't find any detailed video regarding display widget. I must say your video is amazing and resolved all my issues …… your content is top of this world. My best wishes ❤

  12. Could u please tell us about the features of the iPad Air and pro

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    Wow some of this stuff was super helpful, just got my m2 air and loving it

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    very heplful. thanks for this 😄😎

  18. Hayls has killer taste!

  19. absolute best customization video ive ever seen!

  20. You look a bit high af 😀

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  24. I like your setup but for a first time Mac user you don’t specify on what to click on. You are just talking basically to the audience of previous Mac owners that would know. I’m lost.🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. Make a video on how to customise and setup for samsung galaxy book 2 pro

  26. Sayantan Chatterjee

    First time seeing her to use
    dark mode

  27. does the live wallpaper affect the battery life in any way? or is it safe to use? I really like it🥺

  28. Is it ok for video editing 4k

  29. why are u using chrome on Macs? what is wrong with people chrome sucks!

  30. Mitchell Sitando

    You forget your number 1 fan😢😢😢😥😭

  31. Great video. I’ll be buying a M2 Air soon and looking at videos to get accustom since it will be my first Apple laptop. Do you recommend getting the 512GB instead of the 256gb on the base model?

    The midnight colour looks great but I’ve watched a few vids and everyone is talking about the fingerprints so I’ll probably get the Space Gray 🙂

  32. a new subscriber and I gotta say – so informative and pleasant! 10/10!

  33. So so informative, great work!

  34. This is like my second time watching this! Great video, & great video!💥

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    Women ☕️

  36. Woah hayls this vid has gone on a whole another ur graphics and video effects r gone too much far beyond perfection even if I have watched it after 2 weeks after its uploaded but it's giving me same kick as I am watching it when it is uploaded and yeah I was late on its release sorry for that 😅 and there's no doubt even if I'm an Apple devices hater ur videos makes go "woahhhh what the heck this thing is awesome!!!!"😂😂 Keep up hayls u r nailing it already 🤩🤩💙💙💙

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  40. Is there a 'remove fingerprints' app?

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    Imagine: u can afford a macbook pro m1 or m2 i have a 2014 macbook still and i need a new one. welp

  42. Unfortunately when using one of the iWallpaper moving wallpapers and a flip clock at the same time at full screen, the flip clock gets covered by the wallpaper.

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